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Forms of Love

There is no specific definition of emotion, feelings and love but we will also discuss how many forms of love language are and their effects on relationships.

Neha Mehta General 15 May 2022
Forms of Love
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There is no specific definition but we can say that the purest form of emotion and feelings is defined as love. In life there are many different forms of love in a relationship which you have to understand, so we are here discussing different forms of love from which you will be able to categorize your love and it will be helpful for your love life too. We will also discuss how many forms of love language are and their effects on relationships.

Know Your Love

You must get to know which person loves you and which not because it's not necessary that the person who is a relative of you, loves you or all the people in your family love you. Love will happen with anyone and at any time, there is no boundary of any type of things like caste, color, relation, known, unknown, etc. If anyone shows their love by seeing your position or financial condition or look then it will not go for long because it is not love. There are different types of love showcased in a relationship, some of them may be pure, and some of them may want to use you. You have to observe who loves you and who does not. If you understand who loves you and who does not then it will be easy for you to know which type of love is this and then focus on making your relationship stronger

Different Forms of Love

1. Self-love


It is the most important type of love in the world because no one is more important to you than you. Everyone may leave you in any situation but you will find yourself with you every time. The people who know how important they are to themselves are happier than others as no one will be able to help them all the time but they will be there for themselves. So try to care about yourself, try to love yourself as you are important to yourself too. We all think about others but no one has time to think about themselves. A mother cares about her child, a child cares about the mother but both of them will surely not take care of themselves. Try to give importance to yourself as you give importance to your loved ones. Many people think that a mother knows their child more than him/her, yes, I agree but is it possible that a mother will be available with you all the time as you are with you all the time. So try to love yourself, it is the most important thing to do nowadays as the term love psychology will also not be able to play their role in self-love.

2. Parents love

You can say that love is also a give and take relationship but what about moms love and what about dads love. No one can understand the mom's love, it does not demand anything from the other one i.e child. In every relationship, there is a chance that one way may collapse but here in parents' love, one is still more powerful than the other two ways of bonding. It never needs a relationship counselor i.e in this form of love no one needs to give and take advice. A sacrifice of the physical and mental condition of parents during 9 months of their child before birth also doesn't accept anything from their child. So you can say that it is the purest form of love. Every Good Parent tries their level best to strengthen their relationship with kids.

3. Love in Friendship


Love between Friends is better than any form of love in a relationship. They are hidden, they don't need to convey, they don't need to show, they never accept but yes they will always take a stand for you in any situation. Friends are those who push you in bad times and pull you in good times, so if you are facing tough phases then your true friend will help you to solve the issue and support you while in your bad times your best friend will tease you and pull your leg and will enjoy with you and also they will forget their problem in your happiness. 

4. The Love Between Couples

Yes, this time you are right, most people's views about love are this. The love between couples like girlfriend boyfriend, husband-wife are a form of love, and their love is not hidden. Everyone knows that they are in love, that's why they are with each other. They have their choice to choose their desired life partner, many people like to go with their family decision so they love after marriage. They like to marry first and then fall in love with each other and spend their whole life together. In this form of love, you may need the help of a relationship counselor as this is a give and take relationship, your partner will accept something from you and vice versa. If you are not able to handle it then you also need to understand the term love psychology, it will also help couples to live in a healthy relationship otherwise go for couples therapy.

5. Some Other Types of Love


Life is full of love but you have to understand it. Brother sister love, love between the entire family, love attraction with same sex, etc are also a type of love which you have to enjoy. Love is not only for couples who want to stay with each other for a lifetime, love is also there, where no kind of bond is present. The Type of love showcased in a relationship is the love that we all know but there are many places where we can't see love but there is a love between two people.

Different Forms of Love Language

Like love, there are forms of love language too. As couples like to talk about their code language in public, not only couples but friends have their language too. Of the different forms of love language, the mother's child's love language has its importance you see when a child is born no one will be able to get what a baby wants but a mother knows all about what their child needs, that's why we always say mother love is the purest form of love. 


Here we discussed the different types of love and different forms of love language from which you can understand that love is not only defined as a couple's relationship. It has its importance in every relationship, but you have to understand what types of love are this, if this is pure, or if this love is only for using purpose.

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