Friends With Benefits, Right or Wrong

There are certain cons to friends with benefits. You cannot expect your partner to be attached to you.Here are some points on friends with benefits, right or wrong.

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friends with benefits right or wrong

Have you ever found yourself running away from drama, emotional attachment, or betrayal? The human tendency to run away from things that cause trouble has always proven its superiority. To avoid the stress involved in relationships and still enjoy sexual pleasures, the new concept of a relationship that is friends with benefits arose. But what are friends with benefits relationship? Is it even right to sexually engage without being in a relationship? In this article, we will look into detail whether friends with benefits, right or wrong or is friends with benefits good. These are some of the questions that will be answered in the article.

What is Friends With Benefits

Before answering whether is friends with benefits good, it is important to understand what friends with benefits are all about. It is a relationship where two people engage together in sexual activities without having any expectations of love or commitment between them. But friends with benefits, is it right? There are many aspects to it which we will unfold in the next section. People always run after good looks but do good looks matter in a relationship? Later it ends with a breakup or marriage. Friends with benefits dodge all these dramatic elements and do not involve space for tension. This is one of the friends with benefits rules. It is more of a relationship where there are no promises of forever, or love but have sexual engagement with someone. Let's have a look at whether it is right or not.

Friends With Benefits, Right or Wrong

In this section, we will discover whether friends with benefits, right or wrong. The concept of friends with benefits relationship has been in use a lot in recent times. Society has been split between the thought of whether is friends with benefits good or not. Whether or not to go with Friends with Benefits, depends on many factors. Any human desire needs its fulfillment be it physical or emotional need. You can crave sexual intimacy without feeling the need for emotional attachment. So, there is nothing wrong with looking for sexual intimacy without any commitment. Here are some of the reasons why friends with benefits are in practice in this era and are even common among youngsters.

1. It Is Transparent


One of the most important friends with benefits rules is that it is transparent. Nothing is hidden and you both are responsible for your decision. Many people question: does sex mean love? Sex does not always mean love. Sexual desires are at times different from love. Friends with Benefits deals with sexual intimacy without commitment or love and it works on transparency where both partners are aware of their needs and do not expect anything in return from the other person. You very well know that there is only a sexual relationship between you two. People ask: is friends with benefits good? Yes as it does not involve any lies and the objectives of each partner are clear.


2. You Are Not Dependent on Each Other Financially

Another reason which leads people to accept yes as an answer to the question friends with benefits is it right is that in friends with benefits, you both are not financially dependent on each other. There is no space for money in this relationship. It is counted both as pros and cons of friends with benefits. However, it is considered a good reason for making the relationship work out as you both do not indulge in any money-related manner and there is no space for greed or timepass. You both spend your money individually on yourself without any expectations from each other. Therefore, it is free from many conflicts that arise out of money matters in relationships.

3. You Both Live Your Life Individually

Live Your Life Individually

Another pros of friends with benefits relationship is that you live your life as an individual. You or the other person cannot interfere in each other's personal life to make any decision on each other's behalf. Like in romantic relationships both partners possess rights to each other and have the power to speak on each other's issues and life also there are certain restrictions that one has to face. However, in Friends with Benefits, you can live your life as you want to and on your terms and rules. No one can boss you around or limit you. This is also one of the reasons why friends with benefits are considered in recent times.

4. There Is No Emotional Drama

No Emotional Drama

There are numerous pros and cons of friends with benefits relationship. One of the major benefits is that the boundaries are set. There is no scope or space for the emotional drama of things like 'you don't give me time', 'you don't love me', 'you don't pay attention to me', etc. These are some things that you won't have to face or deal with if you are friends with benefits. Many couples have to go for breakup counseling because they are unable to handle the tension in the relationship. These are some of the things you may not go through and that too because of friends with benefits rules where it is already known that there is no commitment.

5. If Both People Agree Then It Is Not Wrong

Both People Agree

If you still wonder about friends with benefits, is it right, then you must know that if there is mutual consent then it is not wrong. You must understand what does friends with benefits mean. It is a relationship with mutual consent where both partners agree to sexually engage with each other without any commitments or involvement of love. If the partners are transparent and are clear on their objectives then there is nothing wrong with it. Fulfilling sexual desires without any commitment is not a bad option. Everybody has the right to fulfill their desires, and therefore, it is not wrong to get into any relationship.

Precautions in Friends With Benefits

But many people still wonder: is friends with benefits a bad idea? No, now that you are in a position to decide whether friends with benefits, right or wrong. You need to also know what precautions one must take care of in this relationship. Here are some of them:


1. Practice Safe Sex

There are certain pros and cons of friends with benefits. Though it allows you to live your life as an individual, it can lead to complications if safe sex is not practiced. Many times in Friends with Benefits there are sexual issues. You can go for sex therapy to improve your sexual life and restore it to normal or even more thrilling but you must practice safe sex. Many people contemplate over: is friends with benefits a bad idea. No, it is not if you take proper measures and avoid any complications of sex like transmission of infectious bacteria or pregnancy. Therefore practice safe sex even if you are in a romantic relationship.

2. Don't Cheat or Keep The Person in Falsehood

Do not Cheat

It is one of the basic friends with benefits rules that you both are very clear about the fact that you are not in a romantic relationship or there is no chance of commitment. So, don't keep the other person in falsehood. Many people get into friends with benefits even if they are already in a relationship. This raises a basic yet important question: is a relationship after marriage right? However, cheating is still not allowed. If you are in a relationship you must make it clear to your partner that you are already in a relationship or that you are in friends with benefits relationship. Friends with benefits is the name of transparency, hence, everything should be transparent.



To sum up, now it must be clear whether friends with benefits, right or wrong. There is nothing wrong with friends with benefits. It works on the concept of transparency and consent. If both the people engaged agree to get into a sexual relationship without commitment or love then it is not wrong. You must have also clearly understood what does friends with benefits mean. There can be chances that by time love develops. But it does not mean that you expect the other person to be responsible for you. There are different signs of how to know if a boy loves you which can help you analyze things. So, friends with benefits, is it right? Yes, it is.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    1 What are the wrong things with friends with benefits?

    Some people ponder: is friends with benefits a bad idea? There are certain cons to friends with benefits. You cannot expect your partner to be attached to you only and puppet them out. Friends with benefits do not involve commitment and love. There is no scope for emotional attachment or mental support. You cannot question your partner for not giving you time or giving you attention 24/7. So, this can be an issue if you are someone who looks at everything with a romantic or commitment angle.

    No, paid escorts are not the same as friends with benefits relationships. In paid escorts, though there is no commitment and love they are hired and paid for their services. In Friends with Benefits, the two people are friends. They are sexually engaged but have no romantic element between them, nor any commitment. You don't pay your friends in this case and yet you two can hang out together.

    There are different pros and cons of friends with benefits. If you are single and have friends with benefits then there won't be issues in your personal life as you both will live your life individually without interference but if you are already in a committed relationship and while being committed you are engaging in friends with benefits then it is called cheating. You must know what to do if your girlfriend cheats or if your boyfriend cheats. This state can hamper your life.

    A live-in relationship means that two people live in cohabitation where they have romantic and/or sexual engagement with each other for a long-term tenure or permanently. These couples are not married to each other. They have the full right to interfere with each other's life and it is similar to a normal relationship with just a difference that they live together. Their lives are similar to a married couple without the conditions of marriage. It has gained popularity in recent times.

    When you learn about what does friends with benefits mean you will know that it does not involve commitment. It is a different thing because everything is transparent. However, not committing can be one of the signs you are in a timepass relationship. But if you are not giving commitment and you are very transparent about it to your partner then it is not wrong because keeping your partner in darkness when you are not sure of your feelings and still giving commitment to them, is not considered appropriate manners.

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