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I want help for My Child Mental Health || Time to Get Child Counseling

Is your child’s behaviour unusual? Is he struggling with his daily life? Is he reluctant to go to school daily? Has he become annoying?

If yes, then, it is high time to go for child counselling from My Fit Brain experts. While most of the times, you seek support from family and friends in such matters, it is not always helpful. Imagine how scary it is for adults to show their weaknesses to others and to ask for help. Likewise, it is too hard for children to express their inability to understand something or to cope up with stress. Get one of the best child counselling by the expert psychologists of My Fit Brain.

At My Fit Brain Online clinic for child counselling, we provide expert solutions for the personal, social, behavioural, academic and career development of children.

When is The Time to Get Child Counselling?

Counselling for children becomes essential if your child has some mental health problems like emotional or behaviour problems. But how will you identify that your child needs counselling for mental health? Look below to see the symptoms that indicate that your child is suffering from mental health problems.

  • Eating Disorder
  • Unwilling to go to school
  • Cut-off from family
  • Avoiding communication
  • Scoring low marks in spite of studying properly
  • Lack of confidence
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Sudden change in behaviour and the alike

Reasons for Change in Your Child’s Behaviour

The sudden change in your child’s habits or behaviour may be a result of any of the following reasons.

  • Parents’ Divorce
  • Shifting to a new house
  • Death of a family member
  • Change of school
  • Bullying
  • Sexual Harassment
  • A new sibling

For those problems we recommend you to take a child counselling.

Benefits of Child Counselling

My Fit Brain child counselling experts track the reasons for child issues and then, provide suggestions to improve your child’s behaviour. The process of child counselling includes the following:

  • Stress management in Children
  • Self-awareness
  • Better communication skills
  • Better inter-personal skills
  • Better coping with peer pressure
  • Maintaining a balance between studies and leisure
  • Recognition of true potential
  • Identification of career goals
  • Coping with exam stress
  • Coping with child depression
  • Boosting self-confidence

After child counselling by My Fit Brain experts, your child will be a better individual. We make children believe in themselves. They are assured that someone is there to listen to their feelings and to support them without any judgement. My Fit Brain child psychologists provide a safe environment for your child where they can speak out their fears and thoughts to a caring and professional child counsellor.

In a nutshell, if you want to see your child happy and active again by improving his mental health, then, Please Contact My Fit Brain by visiting our website or you are free to email us at


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