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Have You Ever Really Wanted To Understand What Relationship Is?

Have You Ever Really Wanted To Understand What Relationship Is?
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Asees Kaur Marriage & Relationship 02 Apr 2021

We are human beings and usually live in society. Human beings make friends. They have a family, and we care about each other. Thus we make many kinds of relationships in life. That is why we should understand ‘what is a relationship?’

We are connected to many from the day we have born. And as we grow up, we make connections professionally and personally both—the relationships we use to have in our entire life form from these connections. It can be said that there are many formations of relationships. These relationships also set the course of our life.

concept of a relationship

Concept of Relationship

There are many books on relationships such as mating in captivity. The five love languages, Seven principles for making marriage work, Seven levels of intimacy, Hold me tight, Sheet music, More than two, Attached, She comes first, and many more.

These all can help understand the concept of relationship.

The definition of relationship in the Bible states that Marriage and close relationships are all about holding each other up and caring for each other, no matter what you have to go through, you should never leave your loved ones. God will always watch over both of you as you do so. "Therefore, a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh."

The Bible also states that love is patient; love is kind. Love does not make us envy, and love does not boast, love does not boost our ego.

If we believe in love and live with compassion, then God lives with us. You should be completely humble and gentle, and you should be patient, bearing with one another in love. Above all, we should love each other deeply because love can heal scars and free your soul. There has been written in the Bible, “My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.”

So the Bible gives us a clear idea of ‘what is a relationship?’ too.

What are the four types of relationships?

There are four types of relationship which we usually experience in life. The four types of relationships are family relationships, friendships, acquaintanceships, and romantic relationships.

We can also distinguish relationships into two parts - Professional relationship and personal relationship.

The family relationship, friendship, and romantic relationship are personal ones. Acquaintanceship is most of the time professional, but we all know personal relationships are very often formed from the professional relationship too.

Now in all kinds of relationships, the romantic relationship is always the special one in our life.

What is the relationship in love?

Psychologist John M.Gottman says, “Love is the only process which can bring eternal tranquility in you. Love has many forms, but people always look for that special love. Love in a romantic relationship with a compatible partner gives people their expression in life.”

There is another psychologist Katherine Woodward Thomas who said that we always seek deep fulfillment from romantic relationships. She adds care, warmth, protection, stimulation, and social contact require an excellent healthy connection. These make the bond stronger.

There is also a theory of Arthur Aron, which proposes if a healthy relationship is to be maintained, then it requires constant care and communication. Certain traits must be shown to be especially important for fostering healthy relationships. Each individual, especially if they are starters, should feel confident that their partner is willing to devote time and care to the other partner. They both must be committed to accommodating their differences, even as those change as time flies.

Real Relationship Meaning

A real relationship rather than a strong interpersonal relationship is a strong, deep, and close association, a person, shares with another person. They can be friends, family, known from work, school, and institutions. Relationships can form from any social connections.

But a real relationship is always a strong communication system through which people connect and share their feelings.

A relationship can be brief or enduring for a lifetime. But the thing is a real relationship has a strong impact on us always. No matter how short it has lasted.

What is the relationship all about?

When an infant is born, then it starts to communicate with the one who cares for it and gives food to it. That is the first connection an infant makes. Gradually it starts to communicate according to one's relationship with others.

This is where the relationship begins. It is all about caring, loving, feeling the warmth of each other. These soft, generous connections help us to be socialized. And thus we learn to love.

So a relationship is a connection that teaches us how to make love and how to care about our own and other’s emotions.

Definition of being in a relationship

A real relationship finds peace for you. Our entire life, rather, our whole life journey, strives for peace always. Anyhow, we want to avail of peace. We are ready to pay any cost for that. But the most important thing is that we do not know how peace can be achieved in life. We ignore the fact that peace is not a thing to be achieved; instead, it is to be felt. That is why we are left with nothing but impatience and anxiety when we look for the formula of peace like we do so for every other thing in life.

Peace in real can be felt if you start to feel the feeling of love. We all are acts of love. We are loved from the day we have born. So loving own self while being in a relationship is always important.

You should have openness, trust, respect, and, most importantly, passion in a relationship. Every relationship has its purpose, which should be clear to both persons; otherwise, there can be conflicts, stress, and tension. Kindness, patience, understanding, empathy, and compassion define what is a relationship

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