Do You Know How Deep is Your Love?

Neha Mehta

27 Nov 2020
How Deep is Your Love

An intense feeling of affection is the common-sense meaning of love, though true love may be rare to find! Attachment and commitment, romantic fervor, or erotic passion, such terms often communicate what the love emotion feels like. Love for persons and feelings for objects and places, works of art, books, buildings, etc.

Isn't it true that life brings together a wide variety of passions and choices is necessary? The same applies to the shopping online experience with too many possibilities on offer. It is a question worth pondering: How deep is your love?

Infinite and universal, love is like nature itself

Bound by nature's laws, humans are a cosmic part of that magical universe that surrounds. How shall we most appropriately describe ourselves? Stardust, some would say. Children of God. Products of evolution. Flesh, blood, and bones, created by god.

Love binds humanity together, along with the fundamental needs of food, shelter and clothing, light, air, and water. Included are the houses, land and money, pets, and domesticated animals that generate profit.

Born and growing up surrounded by mystical love bonds, we have never known its absence. Love may transform into different shapes and colors, but intrinsically love remains until we perish and beyond. If love is infinite, can it be permanent? Some philosophies say that everything around us is an illusion and thus unreal. Is love a dream too?

Plumbing the depths of love

Searching like the internet browser, we would have thousands of answers, but do we need so many? Beginning with the seven types of love, have you heard?

* Philautia or love of the self
* Philia is an affectionate love
* Eros or love of the body
* Storge – a love of the child
* Ludus means playful love
* Pragma means a long-lasting love
* Agape is a selfless love

We realize the overlapping nature of the seven love instincts. Suffice it is to say that love is a colorful butterfly that attracts attention wherever it flies. The dainty little creature has a tremendous power fairy-like, and vibrant colors and translucence set it apart. Maybe love may be compared to a red rose with the supernatural appeal. Lotus flower perhaps is more apt because of the mud upon which the flower grows and remains separate from the elements that nourished it.

Can we separate the mud?

Though lost in dreams to understand how deep is your love, that is merely the visionary surface. If love is to be measured through effort, sacrifice, fame and wealth, power, and splendor, history is replete with towering examples!

Consider the present areas of conflict, hunger and starvation, immigration problems, and even the pandemic in impoverished countries; don't they indicate the absence of love? How can love and hate exist side by side? Who is fostering the evils?

When will social and economic inequality end? History shows that colonialism and slavery did end though they flourished for centuries. Though social ills exist and human trafficking, drugs, arms smuggling too, and animal poaching, war is always in progress to put them down.

Give love a thumbs up forever!

Trying to fathom the depths of love, vast and deep like the oceans of space, does give an inkling. A mighty mystery that flourishes in secrecy, love has no equal. Love is life, and its absence means death. Every aspect of nature comes alive with love like the leaf, breeze, and mountain.

An abundance of love and heart overflows. A gift granted by god among so many others that sustain life, love is the elixir or health tonic of life.

Finding meanings in deep love

Researching how deep is your love came up with some subtle answers.

* Why or how deep love happens is hard to know. Though baffling, we recognize it when we encounter it. A child with a parent, a worshipper prone in the temple, a worker with a machine.

* A desire to improve the condition of the world reflects deep love. Feeling for the weak and helping them or at least desiring to will make a difference.

* Deep love commences with you. Unless you think for yourself, positive emotions for others may not be useful. Not only should we love the self but convince others that they are worthy of love.

* The arms of deep love extend across the world in an embrace that never let's go. Weak and lost, helpless, and miserable, but true love finds a way to help. Caring comes naturally in such situations.

* Like comedies in television serials and commercials, don't you agree that love gets silly? Laughing and dancing weirdly as if under the influence of lots of narcotics and alcohol combined! Maybe they abused no substances at all. It is the quaint ecstasy of love.

* True love is exploration and discovery, physical maybe and spiritual too. Your hopes and dreams mean so much that the interest never fades, perhaps all lifelong. Reveal your core being and hear the others do likewise, no secrets remaining.

* Frustrations do come and arguments and fights too, hopefully without violence and addictions. Yet, ending with a healthy dose of inspiration should take care of all that.

Explore miracles in online dating sites!

If you are lost in your search for true love, the internet is where all the action happens these days! Can you love a sketch or a photograph of the person, an outline, or a poster? Living up with the digital times would require personal adjustments. A variety of filters bring colors to soften the features. Photoshopped effects can stun, but the reality when you meet the social media mate may be different.

Yet, you need to love deep in the heart. Let hesitations be. What people will say, you might wonder. Stand across the valley and shout your sweet words of love right across the river expanse. Is the depth of your love as mighty as that yonder mountain that is strong enough to carry forests on its back? Besides, don't love dainty or manly members of the different sex alone. Gays love their sex equally, too.

Love the country and the culture, religion, and people. Feel how deep is your love—many fathoms deep, for sure, and as tall as the church spire.

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