It is Essential To Understand How Do You Know You Love Someone?

Neha Mehta

27 Nov 2020
How do you know you love someone

Peace in real can be felt if you start to feel the feeling of love.

Our entire life, instead, our whole life journey, strives for peace always. Anyhow, we want to avail of peace. We are ready to pay any cost for that. But the most important thing is that we do not know how peace can be achieved in life.
We ignore the fact that peace is not a thing to be achieved; instead, it is to be felt. That is why we are left with nothing but impatience and anxiety when we look for the formula of peace like we do so for every other thing in life.

Love is the only process which can bring the eternal tranquility in you. That is where the question arises: How do you know you love someone?

When do you realize you love someone?

It is the most asked and most complex question which comes in our mind whenever we talk about love.

How to know if you love someone truly? As we all know, love is a feeling, not a material. In these days we are behaving and living our life as we are not human but machines. We forget that we have emotions, and we can feel.

So at first, we have to recollect our emotions which make us soft and generous.

Then we start to become sensitive to the things happening around us. That is how we begin to feel and have one step forward to love.

Now how to know if you are in love? It is the time when you start to feel that you want to see someone in particular very often. The person brings you a feeling of joy.

Whenever you are with that particular person, you feel that you are alive, and this life is not miserable anymore. It is beautiful, indeed.

Whenever you see or hear something about that person, you feel interested, and when you come close by him or her, you can feel your heartbeats are going so fast. Your breathing goes deep then. These are also physical signs of love.

You always want to put your best performance in front of that person. And even though you become nervous, you still want to act smart in front of that person.

The most important thing is that you want to share your best feelings, achievements, memories with him or her always. You keep saving everything best happening to you only to shear with him or her. Until you shear, you find yourself restless always.

You do care for that person. And you have a special space in your heart for all these feelings you are having. And you keep reliving all your moments and memories and feelings with that person every day. It gives you a feeling of peace.

These signs you are falling in love with. The shearing of feeling signs a man or a woman is falling in love.
How to know if you still love someone?

Now we are aware of the feeling of love. We got the idea about what are the symptoms of love in girls or boys. But we also hear terms which are like love has come, persistent and love has gone.

When am I falling in love? And when am I not in love anymore? These queries are very frequent, especially at a young age.

As we know, love is feeling. It generates from our emotional memories. This feeling is connected to us, both physically and mentally. So it stays with us forever. It is never gone.

But the thing is if we get separated from the person we love emotionally, then we stop shearing feelings with each other. That is the time when we think that we are not in love anymore.

But that does not prove that those moments that we have spent earlier are not real anymore. Those memories stay with us forever.

Now, if you start to remember those memories now and then and you keep revisiting all the moments you had with that person even if you do not want to, then this is how you know you are still in love with someone.

You may feel happy sometimes. Sometimes you may feel the pain remembering those beautiful moments. You may feel restless being concerned about that person.

You will want to know how he or she is doing. If you get to know, then you feel good else you may feel more restless.

The most exciting thing is that you will have the feeling of peace in all these pain and sorrow. And you will realize if you truly love someone, you have to let them go sometimes.

How to know if you love someone?-quiz

It is fascinating. There are some exciting question sets which may help you to know you are in love or not. It also helps you when you genuinely love someone.

You can go on with those assessments, and these will lead you to the answer to the question: how do you know you love someone?

How do you know you are in love with a guy or him?

Girls are conscientious and sensitive when it comes to love, a guy, or a He. Now, apart from those previous points, there are some questions we should ask ourselves if we are pretty much sensitive.

Do I love him or the idea of him? Do I love him truly, or am I just feeling lonely? Should I stay in a relationship knowing that it will end?

These are the questions a girl should find answers to. Moreover, these questions are valid for sensible men too.

How to know if you love someone test

After all this, the most important thing is we should know how to distinguish between Liking and love. Liking someone too much is not love.

Love is the most passionate feeling in the world.

That is why we should always go by asking several questions to ourselves, testing our feeling of love every day. Thus we will find the answer to how do you know you love someone.

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