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How Lifestyle Affect Your Mental Health?

People that want to improve their mental health are often advised to try different treatments or pills, but in fact, what usually affects our state of mind the most is OUR LIFESTYLE.

How to Live a Positive Lifestyle?
Considering mental health is partly responsible for how you perceive everything. So starting with your ability to handle stress, how you build relationships and the way you overcome challenges, your mood will dictate your actions. Here's are some things you can do to feel more energetic and have a positive attitude!

1. Get Out of the House as Much as You Can

Spending too much time by yourself can easily lead to depression or a state of lethargy that is hard to overcome. Use any opportunity you get to leave the house and mingle with other people.
Socializing is the best way to interact with other individuals and boost your mood!

2. Adopt a Diet Rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Besides eating healthier foods, fruits, and vegetables, you also have to make sure that your body is receiving enough omega-3 fats. These substances will increase the DHA levels and improve the brain's ability to handle emotions.
An optimal DHA level will offer a better state of mind and protect you from mental decline.

3. Stay Outdoors and Enjoy the Sun

Don't underestimate the power of staying in the middle of nature. Take a walk in a park or even a forest. All that oxygen will be healthy not for just your body, but also for your brain.
A high oxygen level will give you a better mental focus and clarity, besides allowing you to relax and reconnect with yourself.

4. Learn How to Manage Stress

Especially when we're not feeling well, we tend to avoid situations that make us nervous or anxious. The problem is that life is full of minor disputes and things that will get on our nerves or make us feel bad.
Use various techniques, such as yoga, that will allow you to process negative emotions easier.

5. Find the Activities that Give Your Life Purpose

Don't settle for simply living your life and going through everyday tasks. Strive to find the things that keep you going, that give you a purpose, that make you smile.
If you haven't found a hobby that you love, take different courses and see what makes you tick!

6. Let Your Brain Recharge Its Batteries

We can't function at full capacity if our brain is tired. We'll lack concentration, energy and the will to do different things.
Make sure you sleep for 7 to 9 hours a night. During these hours, your brain will begin to recharge its batteries, so that you'll meet a new day with a smile on your face.

7. Build-up an Exercise Routine

There are a number of experts fitness motivation tips that you can find online about how to start working out daily, which exercises have the best results and also which combination is adequate for your lifestyle.
According to your goal, whether it is to lose weight, get in shape or stay healthy, there's also a way of getting there.

8. Plan Your Life According to Your Goals

This is a bit harder to do, but you'll be amazed of the benefits that come from getting some perspective. Think about everything that you want to accomplish and make a list. Then figure out what you have to do to achieve those goals.
This is a long-term plan, so don't expect to check everything off your list in a year. Still, realizing what you want to accomplish is going to give you a purpose.

9. Take Care of Yourself

"Take care" is a common phrase that people use, but it actually holds a lot of truth. Taking care of yourself doesn't mean only to watch what you eat, what type of exercise you do and dressing nicely, but also to pay attention to your body's needs.
If you feel tired, take a break, if you have a headache, go for a walk, if something hurts, go for a check-up. Don’t ignore your needs!

10. Reward and Congratulate Yourself

This doesn't mean you should throw a party for yourself whenever you solve a task or handle a problem well, but it means that you should acknowledge the good parts.
For example, if you've cleaned the house, reward yourself with a good movie. If you've had a tough week at work, have a night out with your friends. A reward system will also boost your self-esteem, so why not adopt one?
Try to get out of your comfort zone as much as possible. Also, remember that just because not everything goes according to your plan, it doesn't mean that it can't lead to something great!

To guide you better on lifestyle modification in need, counsellors at My Fit Brain are always available to help you.


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