How Reiki Healing Works?

Parul Jain

28 Nov 2020
Reiki Healing

Reiki is the powerful technique and mindfulness is a synonym of it. It deals with every person with their daily rituals. Belief on something is very important, without belief we cannot achieve any goal. Reiki gives or I must say improves our belief and trust and settle us positive to overcome with problems.
A lady approached me whose husband had died twelve years back. She had been in much trouble for so many years. Her husband was in a government job, which after him was to be transfer to her. But she was being delayed. She asked me to give healing to the job and as I predicted after three months, she got that job. We thanked to Reiki energy who made it possible.

Now she realizes and started meditation and believe that how our life is based on our vibrations.
Another day a lady around 75 years old was diagnosed with a heart disease and doctors suggested for bypass surgery because reports claimed that she had 80% of her arteries blocked. She was so much tensed and was crying and came to us because she did not want to go through the surgery. With the Reiki healing of three four days, she went to all tests. Her reports were normal and she was free from all blockages and now living a normal life.

How it happened, only because of mindfulness which move us to Reiki. Now anyone can follow this mindfulness technique, how? Read below and try to follow. MIRACLES HAPPENS.

Mindfulness is when a person becomes not only mindful from inner soul but also from outside. For example, if you want to spread smile and happiness outside in this world or expect same from other people, then you also have to be same from your inner soul. This is the moolmantra of mindfulness. Although it is a little difficult but not impossible. Like earning for daily bread and butter is also not such an easy task, and if I get magic stick then nothing is impossible. So, REIKI is that magic stick which GOD has given to all of us but we are not aware of it.

Before going for any meeting or any important work I practice REIKI and I am always successful. Reiki is not any religious practice. A learner can be of any religion, any community, any gender, any age. And top most thing is after having masters in Reiki you can teach others and can earn a good amount of money because this is its right to practice. So first comes the practice of MINDFULNESS and then practice REIKI.

MINDFULNESS: Mindfulness means sort of meditation where you are mindful of thoughts and Mindful of your breath. Buddhists call it VIPASANA, being mindful of your breath. Now, breath is there with us from birth to death, and it is important for our survival. A person can live without food and water for a number of days not without breath. The moment we give attention to our breath you become mindful. You are using technique of inhaling and exhaling and your mind becomes completely connected to your breath. That state kind is mindfulness.
Now, if we want to move forward spiritually, we should follow internal mindfulness and that is being mindful of outside world, i.e. what we speak, what we do, and how we treat people. Whatever is inside always reflects outside. So, is with mindfulness. Therefore, to learn mindfulness there are some rules and regulations. One should follow them.

Now, let us have a look on outer mindfulness. How we create problems just through words? We should be very careful while speaking to anyone. Words can cause a great deal of problem.

Sometime you hit somebody or you slap somebody, it may get forgotten in a day or two, but if you say words which hurt the person, he or she may carry it for life. So, be careful while speaking. This is very important in spiritual life. It is not just sitting and meditating. In spiritual life, you are higher in every aspect and whatever you speak or think becomes real.

80% of the problems in the world, which are connected to internal problems, can be avoided by following three principles of mindfulness.

FIRSTLY, think, weigh your words and then speak. SECONDLY, whom am I going to say it to? THIRDLY, is this the right situation to say?

Therefore, to live mindful life we have to integrate inner and outer mindfulness.

Multiplicity between us and others starts since childhood. This happens because mind is split or cracked. There are conflicts and confusions.

A new strategy comes in our view that mind is one. But we do its pieces, we do divisions of mind by regret, anger, violence, etc. But if we become calm and quiet and aware of what a person is trying to say, according to their point of view, then our outer and inner mind would be mindful even our breath will also be mindful.

There is another aspect that our mind is one, but generally we say that mind is different. Let us see how much it is true.

I might be jealous of something and you might be jealous of something else. I am afraid of something and you might be afraid of something else. You love someone, the person may feel differently or love someone else. Now, these may not be the same things for every person but what is the common factor? Common factors are fear, anger, jealousy, love. The factors are same.

So, now objects are different but factors are same or can say common. In this way we can say that our mind is same. We all have one or the other same emotions. So, if you want to change the world you have to change yourself first. If you want peace outside, you have to be non-violent from inside of yourself. Therefore, if you want mindful outside you should be mindful from inside first.

At last but not least, once a person follows these rules of mindfulness can enter to REIKI very easily. It becomes easy to learn DHARANA, DHAYANA AND SAMADHI IN SPIRITUALITY which makes the person perfect. This means “A PRACTICE OF BREATHING STREAM CONSTANTLY AND CONTINUOUSLY FOR A LONG PERIOD OF TIME IS CALLED MEDITATION”. After this regular practice all becomes one. To reach to a certain stage in meditation, patience and one pointed attention is required.

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