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How To Be A Better Lover And Prove It Time And Again?

People often wonder how to prove to their partners that they are better lovers. Here are some ways you can improve your love making skills and get more appreciation from your partner.

Adyasha Mahanti General 13 Sep 2020
how to be a better lover
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The gentle art of lovemaking makes us more human, and marriage or togetherness is fulfilling. By getting into the essence of each other no matter the nature of heterosexual or gay relationships, warmth descends like none other. Yet, live-ins and marriages last long. Many are novices in the game of love when it all happens so suddenly. Like everything else, it is assumed that you will improve in a friendly match, but how? How to be a better lover is a universal question since nobody reaches perfection. There are no rules either, but there should be. Isn't love yet another form of sport?

One leads to the other eventually 

Spread-eagle or leapfrog, is animalistic tendencies that remind of wild sex and its aftermath. Sex can be violent, passionate, and gratifying, but it lasts mere minutes. Should you be getting carried away by visions of breasts and genitals? Slow and steady like drinking fine wine should bring a mellow taste and leave no bitter taste. More than the two or more bodies and their intimate secrets and the toys and the lubes, it is the mind that loves.

Perfecting your elaborate, slow foreplay 

Maybe it is a rush to find penetrative orgasmic joys initially. Gradually, the passions are in greater control, and savoring every moment of the adventure between the sheets would bring artistic delights. Suddenly, after clothes are progressively shed, and flesh stares lusciously like forbidden fruit, become tactile. The mutual exploration takes quite a while as a prelude like the appetizers at the restaurant. 

Are you both enjoying love very much? 

Maybe the hubby is an airline accountant and the wife a salesgirl at a boutique. Otherwise, worlds apart, conjugal duties brought them together. Furiously busy all day long, they commute many miles to be together again. Even when nocturnal opportunities arise, one or both are too fatigued to do anything spectacular except a quickie.
If both are delighted with each fantasy lovemaking spree, there is not much to ask for. Why not talk it over in a little more detail, like preferences for positions or toys, colors, or restaurants. Hard, in the beginning, overcome hesitations soon and help make love even more significant. 

Improving the personality and grooming better 

Speech and communication, dress and manners, confidence, and awareness make up the person. Along with style visible to the world, work on the underclothing. Cleanliness and hygiene have won many battles. 'Look, feel, and smell better' is the opinion of many researchers to be attractive to the opposite sex. Not merely for those weekly sessions, but life, in general, brings many improvements that way.

Work on better speech and communication, manners, and behavior. Plenty of online multimedia materials show the way. Spend a little more on dress and perfumes. Keep up with the times in trendy styles. A few experiments bring a world of accomplishment to both, some succeeding while others peter out. How to be a better lover? Watching porn together would be fine, but they insist on sex act in gruesome ways and hardly anything more! 

Feed your minds with love literature 

A little research may be needed on a subject that would keep the couple busy all lifelong! If you thought that life was all about copulation for procreation, much fuss has been made about the love subject. The art of lovemaking is dealt with in the Kamasutra exotic literature. Would you be interested in tantric sex or aphrodisiacs? What do indigenous cultures think and feel about sex? How do the women of the developed world show everything while Asian cultures hide behind veils for women? 

Express feelings with appropriate gifts 

Express feelings with appropriate gifts 

Token gifts may sometimes suffice to communicate a momentary thought. Whether it is orchids or a tea set, a microwave, or a book, online shopping and secret gifts are easy if disappointment is the problem. Make it a regular part of life together with numerous occasions surfacing each year. Liven up those dreary days, and you don't have to spend a fortune either. 

Are you getting at all the sensitive body areas? 

A woman doesn't like to be treated as sex objects meant to be banged and forced upon in the face of excuses. Along with the erotic zones, go over the touching, kissing, and licking process with remote areas of the body. The tingling never ends, and the hairs are standing on end. Play with the tresses and the earlobes, lips and mouth, neck, and shoulders before descending. 

Getting booby and titty is fine, but miles of skin surround them. Be they pearly white or glistening black. They mean quite the same to the dedicated lover. Hips and thighs provide further treats with sumptuous weight compared to the seemingly fragile upper regions.

Each session cannot follow the same routine though they sometimes do. Venues could change and the ambiance, too, according to the mood. Lighting via candles, lanterns or muted colors set the scene differently each time. Don't allow the mind to dwell on the secrecies with so much to do each day. 

Where have you reached thus far? 

Like mountaineering in stages with all the training and the equipment, maybe there is still a long way to go. Shall we compare the thrilling climb with the joys of delicate sex? Essentially nubile and fragile, sex sometimes feels robust and eerie. Having learned the basics and observing safety procedures, using lubes when required, the base camp seems to be reached. Multimedia experiences of sex like in porn do improve comprehension. Filming yourselves through the magical action and looking at the footage will bring revelations too. Make sure that it doesn't fall into the wrong hands.

How to be a better lover does have its intimate answers and will bring rich rewards. Being satisfied with sex equals a blissful life. If impediments occur like loss of motivation and lack of interest, consult the family physician. Meanwhile, look it up online. Many answers will be forthcoming. Such problems usually occur in later life, but you never know.

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