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How to be Happy In Life - Ways to be Happy And Positive - How to stop negative thoughts?

The meaning of happiness differs from person to person. Maybe happiness will mean peace to someone or having a good circle of friends who love you unconditionally for another.

Dr. Neha Mehta Happiness 13 Feb 2022
How to be Happy In Life - Ways to be Happy And Positive - How to stop negative thoughts?
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What is Happiness? 
Well, the meaning of happiness differs from person to person. Maybe happiness will mean peace to someone or having a good circle of friends who love you unconditionally for another. Regardless of what happiness is, you need to understand that living a happy life is very important and how to be happy in life.

So let us know about a few importance of happiness in our life. They are as follows:

1. Happy People Find it Easy to Achieve Difficult Milestones

Happiness is the key to success. Being happy does not guarantee success all the time, but staying cheerful while doing difficult tasks and understanding how to live a happy life can lower our burden to some extent. Happy people are mostly selected in interviews and jobs and they perform better everywhere, be it a job, a new project, school activity, or tough exams. Happy people do so by managing their tasks effectively.

2. Happiness Increases Our Life Expectancy

Happiness boosts our health. All sick patients are advised to stay happy during their recovery and told to question themselves how can I find happiness as happiness is the best medicine. In general. Staying in an elevated and happy mood all the time helps to keep our vital organs like the heart, liver, lungs, and kidneys healthy. Happy people live ten years longer than the ones with frowning faces.

3. Happiness Increases Productivity

People run after success but they don’t realize that mindless following a path will help them achieve short-term goals but they can not stay productive for longer if they don’t focus on their happiness. In reality, only happy people can perform well in projects and difficult tasks and they get promoted for their work which again makes them happy. Happiness helps them live a positive life and actively question how to stop negative thoughts so that their mind is not cluttered.

4. Happy People Can Deal With Stressful Situations Easily

Happiness prevents you from getting fed up easily with difficult tasks as you understand how to get rid of negative thoughts. Stressful situations need to be handled with a cool and happy mind. Being stressed can worsen the situation. Happy people can find a way to solve the problem easily as problem-solving skills can be acquired with a happy mind only.

So, now we know the importance of happiness in your life so let us know now about how to be happy in life?

Here are a few ways which will help you understand how to love yourself and be happy in life

1. Try to Find Positive Out of Negative

One should always focus on finding out positive out of the negative which can only be done by changing your perspective toward everything and knowing how to stop negative thoughts and anxiety. whenever you are in a situation where you receive something negative you should first keep calm, relax and think again over it you should try to find the motivation behind it. And analyze it by asking a few questions to yourself like what is the motive behind this? Will this help me to be better than before? And one thing you should always keep in mind is failure is the best teacher you can learn from. So whenever you face negativity deal with it positively. But you should always take the help of a professional if you feel like you need depression counseling and talk everything out rather than keeping it all in and torturing yourself.


2. Be Mindful

A positive person is someone who has never lived so much in the past or the future. One should always focus on the present rather than being stuck up in past and triggering your or wasting time thinking just about your future. Be mindful of your health and that of the people around you. You never know what the other person is going through so always be kind and know how to help a friend in stress
When do you start thinking about today and how to make your present better? You automatically learn to be worry less, tensionless. Whenever you have troubling thoughts always question yourself about how to remove negative thoughts.
When you achieve the goal which you planned today it will surely make you happy.

3. Ignore Criticism

To be happy and positive in your life ignoring criticism and knowing how to avoid negative thoughts is very important. For example -Miss Harsha is a good artist. She was happy with what she was doing. But one day she received a comment with criticism that says that she should rethink her decision of doing artwork because the commentator feels she is not at all good at the artwork. Now she has two ways in which she can react, one is feeling low, depressed, and stop doing what she loves to do just because someone else didn't like her work and the other one taking it positively and continuing what she loves to do and proving the commentator wrong by learning, improving day by day. You should always remember one thing i.e " it is just the way you take it". It completely depends on you how you are going to take something. Taking things positively is very important.

4. Always Look For Helping People

One should always be ready to help others. When you appreciate and help someone it surely makes them feel happy and automatically makes you happy too. It is always said that when you are sad you should learn to be there for others' problems. Not only helping people financially but helping them by giving emotional support is very important. To get out of negativity you should learn to spread positivity. Don't always look for the bad in people and understand how to overcome negative thoughts.


5. Don't React on The Spot

You should never react on the spot. For example - There's a fight going on between Shreya and Anjali due to some misunderstanding that happened between them. So both of them should understand the situation and act calmly. Because when you react on the spot it is because of anger or aggression which will lead to the wrong impact. So whenever something like this takes place you should not react on the spot Relax, Take a deep breath, Refocus and Understand how to stop overthinking and negative thoughts. In this way, you will automatically move to positivity

6. Don't Self Doubt Yourself

One should never self-doubt as it triggers the person a lot and often leads to a lot of negativity and depression. For example - A boat is surrounded by water but it never gets sunk in but when the water comes inside the boat it gets to sink in the same way when you doubt yourself it will surely lead to negativity so you should never judge, doubt yourself. Self-belief is very important. If you don't believe yourself why would someone else? You should learn how to stop negative thoughts from entering your mind and to accept them before you expect them. It always starts with you so believe in yourself and never let self-doubt bother you. If you are still having problems that are a barrier to your happiness then you can also take the help of anxiety disorder counseling. 


So, these were the ways to be happy and positive in life now comes a question i.e how to stop negative thoughts and now we will help you understand how to stop negative thinking that is as follows - 

1. Increase Self-awareness

Self-awareness means knowing the true side of ourselves. We hide our true identity from others as they might judge us. But don’t run away from your true self. Learn the art of self-awareness by acknowledging the bad and good qualities in yourself. This will help you to get rid of negative thoughts. Tell yourself what you would like others to say to you.

2. Pen Down Your Thoughts

Instead of fighting with your negative feelings and overthinking them, try to jot them down in your diary or notebook and keep the diary away from you for some time. Then after relaxing a bit, look at the negative points and work on them after understanding the gravity of the situation.


3. Add Not-so-typical, Creative Activities to Your To-Do List

We can’t overcome our negative feelings easily but some creative ideas and out-of-the-box thinking can take the place of these negative thoughts if we try to do so and work in this novel direction. Clear the clutter of your mind and pick new habits, it can be playing chess, sudoku, painting, problem-solving, painting, etc.

4. Feel Gratitude

Negative feelings come when we don’t feel gratitude towards our parents and society. When we focus only on our problems, we are not able to feel gratitude at all and we end up acquiring negative feelings. Feeling thankful for what we have achieved with the help of others and due to hard work can do wonders.


You should always keep in mind that happiness and positivity are not static, they are dynamic. So it is not like you once you achieve happiness or positivity so it will stay forever but it is necessary to always ask yourself how to live a happy life, am I happy today, etc. You need to gain positivity and happiness every time you are sad, or depressed. As now you are aware of how to be happy and implement them in your daily life and also how to stop negativity so follow the ways and stay happy and positive!

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