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How To Become A Counselor in India [2021 Guide]

A counselor is often known as a therapist who provides emotional support to people who experience difficulties in their personal, relationship, career, and lifestyle. Read this article to know about How to become a counselor.

Dr. Neha Mehta General 02 Apr 2021
How To Become A Counselor in India [2021 Guide]
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If you are wondering the right ways to become a counselor but not getting any clue to start with it, then do not worry, you are at the right place. Read this article till the end to know about the steps to become a counselor.

A counselor is often known as a therapist who provides emotional support to people who experience difficulties in their personal, relationship, career, and lifestyle. Read this article to know about How to become a counselor.


Whenever you feel emotional difficulties, you either cope with the problem by yourself or need the attention of a counselor. A professional counselor is responsible for improving the mental health of their clients. They also help clients to define their goals and plan actions accordingly. They provide proper support and act as a facilitator to achieve their goals.



Before pursuing this profession, you must know the different types of counselors. Counselors provide support and guidance to their clients when they experience issues. That can be in any part of their lives. The different types of counselors are discussed below, check out for How to become a counselor.

1. School Counselor

A counselor who works at schools and helps the students to deal with their behavior, academic problems and personal problems is known as a school counselor. Students face many emotional issues at a young age, which is a crucial stage in their lives. So, every school must have counselors who should help the student and guide them to lead a positive experience.

2. Mental Health Counselor

Counselors who help people in dealing with emotional disorders are known as mental health counselors. They implement therapeutic techniques to combat depression, addiction, anxiety, stress, trauma, and low self-esteem.

3. Counselor for Career

High school students and college students face a lot of problem in choosing their career, so career counselors are the one who helps the students to choose the right path and resolve issues related to the job. They help the students to understand education and make decisions accordingly.

4. Rehabilitation Counselor

When a person faces the personal and social effects of disabilities, they need a rehabilitation counselor. Rehabilitation counselor helps people both emotionally and physically as disabilities are caused by disease, illness, and accidents.




Now that you know about the types of counselors and the work of a counselor, you should know about the steps to become a counselor in India. So without discussing further, let's go to the main point about how one can become a counselor after their high school education.

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1. Choose Any Stream with Psychology in Standard 12th

There are no limitations in choosing a stream in standard 12th, but you should keep in mind that psychology must be one of your subjects. But if you have PCB as your stream, it may give you some advantage while dealing with the psychological and neurological fields of psychology.

2. BA and BSc in Psychology for 3 Years

Now you have to pursue undergraduate sessions in the subject. The course is for three years, and you should take psychology as a subject in college. 

General psychology, counseling psychology, personality psychology, and abnormal psychology are some of the areas you need to learn in college, and that is useful for career counseling. Make sure you participate in an internship and do as many as possible, as this will help you get hands-on experience and get a job quickly.

Many colleges offer students pursue BA and BSc in psychology. Some of the well-known colleges are Delhi University, Jamia Millia Islamia, Punjab University, Banaras Hindu University, Christ University, etc. In each of these universities, they have their entrance test, so you must be prepared for the entrance test and score above the cutoff marks to get into these colleges.

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3. MA and MSc in Psychology For 2 Years

Once you have done your graduation, you need to pursue a master's degree. You can easily find a job after you finish your education, but if you want to be a good counselor, you must have your master's degree done from the right college. It will help in adding value to your profession.

In your master's degree, you will be taught about counseling theories, cultural diversities, etc., and will get hands-on experience in research methods. However, admission for a master's degree in various colleges will depend on the marks you have on the entrance exams. After the entrance exam, you might get a call for an interview, so make sure you're prepared to get your master's degree done from the right college.

4. Postgraduate Diploma in Counseling for a Year

There is no end to gain knowledge, and even though a post-graduate diploma in counseling is not mandatory, this will help you add skills to your career. It will double your career counseling skills, but you will also gain practical knowledge while pursuing this course.

But these diploma courses are an excellent choice for people who do not have a master's degree. It is an alternative option for people who do not hold a master's degree in psychology.



Previously when we used to face any problem, our elders helped us with guidance in critical stages of our life. But with the passage of time, lifestyle and society have also changed, and they are facing a constant problem and need proper guidance and support at different stages of their lives. Due to this fact, the demand for counseling is increasing exponentially. And people are looking for How to become a counselor.



I hope you have learned about the steps to get the degree requirements. But besides getting your degree, you must have some personal qualities in you. To become a professional counselor, you should have interpersonal skills, patience, communication skills.

However, you must have a passion for doing good for society and people. All these parameters will help you become a successful counselor if you are wondering How to become a counselor.

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