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How to Become Emotionally Intelligent? How to Increase Your EQ?

If you have identified with and are able to relate with the signs then tips on how to increase emotional intelligence will help to build a strong foundation

Tushar Vimala Balakrishna Personality 24 Jul 2022
How to Become Emotionally Intelligent
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Ever felt a plethora of emotions overburdening you? Do you see no end to the chain of stressing emotions that cross the passage of your mind and thoughts stopping at the stations of overthinking, anxiety, lost hopes, and irritation? 

There are different emotions you would feel daily from happiness to anger to sadness. There will be times when you will realize that the sun has set and all you have done is a struggle with your emotions. But through this article, we would like you to know that the chain of hope does not end in the tunnel of emotional struggle but there is new light at its end. 

What is EQ or Emotional Intelligence?

The ability with which you are able to use your emotions effectively is called Emotional Quotient or Emotional Intelligence. It is your skills with which you are able to acknowledge your emotions, understand their strengths and weaknesses, positively use them towards your development, manage its ups and downs and handle it effectively. 

It is similar to how you use your different abilities to enhance yourself, just the difference lies that here you control your control and make them work in the way you want them to work. Emotional intelligence or Emotional Quotient is achieved when you can achieve the balance in your emotions and do not let your emotions hamper or hurt your mental health.

Signs You Have Weak EQ


Have you caught yourself red-handed when you are overthinking, afraid of confrontation, letting your emotions rule you, always blaming yourself, or being harsh on yourself? These are some prevalent signs of weak EQ. These little ignites can lead up to a huge fire, that is, these small issues can later take the form of mental issues like anxiety disorder or depression. Emotional burnout can even lead to physical burnout. Apart from the above-mentioned signs here are some other signs of weak EQ.

1. Irrational Anger

Irrational anger means you get angry over things that are not worth your anger. If you find yourself getting angry over irrelevant issues then it is a sign of weak emotional intelligence.

2. Self-doubt


There are moments when we are not confident enough and doubt ourselves. Weak EQ leads us to lose our self-confidence and leads us to question our abilities. 

3. Irritability

It is human nature to get irritated over things but do you encounter yourself being irritated for a whole day or frequently. It shows that it is time to work on your EQ. Getting irritated and always being irked even if someone talks to you nicely shows that you are on the edge where you need to improve your EQ. 

4. Lack of Motivation


Another sign of weak emotional intelligence is lack of motivation. Weak emotional intelligence leads you to experience emotional tiredness and eventually makes you lose your productivity or motivation.

5. Gets Upset Over Little Things

An emotionally weak person or one with less EQ tends to get upset over little things easily. They take everything personally and blame themselves even for things or mistakes they have not done.

How Can You Increase Your EQ?

There's always one way out of any situation. The same applies here as well. If you have identified with and are able to relate with the signs then tips on how to increase emotional intelligence will help to build a strong foundation and fix it from ground level. Even if you don't relate to the signs, these tips will help you fill up loopholes that may be hidden and help you have high emotional intelligence. Making some changes in your thought process and action can make great changes.

1. Don't Take Things Personally

The first thing to give up is to stop taking everything personally. Don't assume that people are always talking about you or laughing at you until you have heard it yourself. This frees you from a huge load of overthinking that will follow. You need to focus on how you take yourself rather than what others talk about. Try eliminating such thoughts as they come and focus on something else. This strategy will reduce half of your emotional stress.

2. Become Aware of And Tune Into Your Own Emotions


Acknowledging your emotions can be difficult but it is very important to face your emotions and recognize them. Stop being harsh on yourself as it will only add up to your emotional burden and push you down. Know that IT IS OKAY TO FEEL DIFFERENT EMOTIONS. Understand that emotions would come but you don't have to stick to them. 

3. Leave The Person Who Leaves You

It is the human tendency to stick to things or people who have left them. You should never stick to things or people who have left especially when you are not at fault. If the other person is not ready to hear you or understand you and wants to leave, let them go, you should learn how to love yourself. Clear it all up and do not try to contact until the other one does not try to contact you. If the other person does not contact you for three months then delete them from your life.

4. Let People Know Their Feelings And be Responsible For Them


Everyone has their mood and their own emotions that they experience. The reasons to experience different emotions are different and you cannot do anything to change how people feel emotionally. Yes, you can help them by staying with them, hearing them, and giving advice but you can't change how the other person feels. You should not think that I am not able to make him happy. Let people be responsible for their feelings. You need to focus on your emotional health first.

5. Don't Blame Yourself Because of Others

Don't blame yourself because of others and their feelings, it will affect on your mental helath. If a person is unhappy the reason is not always you. Emotionally weak people often tend to think of themselves as the reason for others' unhappiness. To increase your EQ you need to understand you are not always the reason for others' stress. 

6. Practice Emotional Management

Practicing emotional management helps a lot in boosting EQ. It helps you balance out your emotions and stay happy. Try practicing yoga and meditation as it helps you to relax and recognize your thoughts. If you are unable to balance out your emotions, take the help of a therapist or mindfulness counseling. Do not try to depend on others as others might not always be available and you never know what they might be facing. Hence, learn to rely on yourself.


It won't be too much to think about your emotional health and work on boosting your Emotional Quotient. Everyone has the right to treat their emotional health equally as important as you treat your physical health. If you find yourself having weak EQ it is still not too late to work on it and look for a therapist if you need to boost it up. Working on your emotions with the guidance and help of a therapist will help you look over the loopholes which you might have avoided as well as help you unburden yourself and talk freely about things that you were not able to talk about before. Neglecting your EQ will not only harm but will also affect your relationships. Hence, it becomes important that you work on your emotional intelligence. You can seek self-confidence counseling as well. It helps you learn how to love yourself and prioritize your emotional health.


1. What are some of the impacts of improved Emotional Intelligence?

An emotionally intelligent person knows how to control their emotions and therefore is also aware that they tend to change. It creates empathy and builds self-awareness. It also lets you think when you react in the burst of your emotions.

2. Does being emotionally intelligent help me in understanding others well?

A person with high EQ is able to understand others' emotions well as well as they are also able to balance out their emotions. They tend to become a more understanding person later in their life. 

3. Can high EQ lead to good performance?

Few studies suggest that it helps in performance but there is no scientific claim found. Hence, it is difficult to come to any conclusion about whether EQ leads to good performance or not

4. Are emotionally intelligent people more successful?

Emotionally Intelligent people can access their emotions and thoughts clearly and also of others. Hence they build better relationships and also achieve success.

5. What is emotional burnout?

Emotional burnout is the condition where you feel emotionally tired and worn out may be due to stress, workload, unhappy relationships, etc. You feel lost and dried with no cheerfulness.

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