What is Anxiety - How to Deal with Anxiety Attack and Anxiety?

What is Anxiety? In this article, we will read about what is anxiety attack, what causes anxiety, and its treatment.

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What is Anxiety - Ways to Deal with Anxiety Attack and Anxiety

Anxiety is a term we often hear and have heard about. We all encounter anxiety in our life and that is also more than once. Anxiety is common and not something to be really worried about but if you frequently find yourself in anxiety then you must consider it worthy enough. Long-term anxiety may lead to anxiety disorder. Hence, an anxiety cure is a must to live a healthy life. An anxiety attack is often used interchangeably with a panic attack. In this article, we will read about what is anxiety attacks, what causes anxiety, and their treatment. Let's first know about anxiety and anxiety attacks.

What is Anxiety and Anxiety Attack?

Anxiety is a feeling. Here you feel uneasy, scared, and a bit uncomfortable. Mostly It occurs due to stress and prolonged stress can even lead to anxiety disorder. Anxiety can occur to anyone, at any moment. Like, if you face any difficulty, you have a scared and uneasy feeling. This is being anxious. You can easily recognize anxiety with the help of its symptoms that are later discussed in the article. Also, there are different types of anxiety. But our major concern is anxiety attacks. Anxiety is very normal but if you frequently feel anxious and being stressed can lead to you having an anxiety attack.

What is Anxiety

Anxiety attack is mainly the state where you feel intense fear, and anxiety and have physical symptoms like sweating, trembling, stress, etc. These are mainly caused by certain triggers or having the feeling of threat. You have a feeling of dying and also an increase in heart rate. Though anxiety attacks are not as serious as panic attacks, still they are worth considering. Anxiety attacks can lead to anxiety disorder as well. Now we will see what is anxiety disorder. Anxiety disorder is a disorder where you have feelings of fear, worry, and stress. Every time you feel anxious, you may encounter an anxiety attack. Let's move towards knowing the causes of anxiety attacks.

Causes of An Anxiety Attack

There can be many causes for anxiety attacks to occur. Mainly anxiety attacks occur due to long-term stress or tension. Anxiety attacks also occur due to different types of phobia. Here, we have specifically brought up some of the causes of anxiety attacks. 

1. Certain Health Issues

Certain health issues cause anxiety attacks. Illnesses like cancer, chronic illness trigger us and can cause anxiety attacks. These illnesses can worsen anxiety and also lead to anxiety disorder.

2. Some of The Medications You Might be Taking

Certain medicines also lead to anxiety and even worse anxiety attacks. Sometimes the medicines can make you feel unwell or uncomfortable, along some stress can trigger anxiety attacks.

3. Pessimistic or Negative Approach and Thinking

Always having negative thoughts and negative feelings can also trigger anxiety. The feeling of I can't do it I am not worthy enough and many more can lead to anxiety attacks.

Negative Approach

4. Having a Lot of Stress

Stress is the cause of many diseases or issues which occur in our life, among these one is anxiety. Sometimes exam stress also causes anxiety and people often think of How to Overcome Exam Stress? Long-term stress is one of the major causes of anxiety and this is the only reason an anxiety attack comes. Stress along with other factors contributes to anxiety.

5. Withdrawal or Excessive Use of Drugs and Alcohol

Withdrawal from drugs or alcohol suddenly or excessive doses of the same can also contribute to anxiety attacks. Alcohol and drugs lead to hormonal changes in the body which is one of the causes of anxiety.

Anxiety Attack Symptoms

In this section, we will look at what is anxiety symptom. There are some of the initial symptoms, able to recognize which can help to manage it and also deal with it. Some of the high anxiety symptoms are: 

  • Having prolonged stress
  • Feeling of fatigue 
  • Having nausea
  • Constant worry or tension
  • Having fear 
  • The feeling of being irritated
  • Facing insomnia
  • Feeling dizzy and trembling 
  • Having increased heart rate 
  • The sensation of being choked 
  • Intense sweating 
  • Losing focus or concentration 
  • Feeling restless.

How to deal with anxiety and anxiety attacks? Treatment of anxiety

Now that the causes and symptoms of an anxiety attack are quite clear, looking forward to treating it is not difficult. Anxiety attack or anxiety disorder treatment can help you a lot to live a happy and healthy life. An anxiety attack can be treated easily, all you need is patience and a positive approach. Here are some of the anxiety treatments. You can easily do the anxiety treatment at home and overcome anxiety in simple steps

Doing Exercises

1. Doing Exercises and Meditation

Exercises and meditation prove to be effective ways to treat anxiety. Yoga meditation and some of the exercises help you to calm down and release tension. Doing meditation relaxes the muscles and mind. This is very beneficial in stopping anxiety attacks.

2. Eat Healthy Food and Have a Balanced Diet

Healthy food and a balanced diet have a very important role in helping you to deal with anxiety attacks and release stress. Good food improves mood and keeps the mind normal. Moreover, a balanced diet helps in maintaining good health and also reducing stress. A healthy body keeps the mind healthy as well.

3. Stop Overthinking Things You Can't Change

Overthinking is one of the reasons why stress surrounds anyone. Overthinking is the root cause of unreasonable worry and constant stress. Overthinking things that cannot be changed or on which you can't do anything is just letting yourself doom. Hence, stop overthinking and let things work on their own.

4. Seek Support From Friends and Family

Friends and family are the greatest support you have. Seeking peer support or asking for help from. your family is not a big deal. If something is giving you stress, just speak it out to your family or share your emotions. Just let your emotions flow and seek their advice.

Support From Friends

5. Seek the Help of a Counsellor

If you cannot open up before your peers or family, you can seek the help of a counselor. Seeking the help of a counselor can be beneficial. Anxiety counseling can help you deal with your anxiety and also help you to share your emotions and feelings openly without any fear.

6. Identify Your Triggers

Triggers are one of the causes which lead to anxiety attacks. Identifying triggers can help you stop anxiety attacks. Most of the time certain triggers can cause anxiety attacks like a phobia. So, overcoming these triggers and fears can help you deal with and stop an anxiety attack. 

7. Have Sufficient and Proper Sleep

Having proper and sufficient sleep can help you relax and calm down. Insomnia is one of the major causes of stress and worry in life. Sleep deprivation can also lead to anxiety attacks which later on take the form of anxiety disorder. Hence, having a night of proper and sufficient sleep is very important. 

8. Do Deep Breathing

Deep breathing is the best exercise you can do to deal with anxiety and stop anxiety attacks. You can count the deep breaths and focus on them. Deep breathing reduces stress and helps in reducing tension. This will help you relax your mind and be calm. This is very important to stop anxiety.

Deep Breathing

9. Recognize Your Fear and Don't Run From It

Fear and phobias are other causes that lead to anxiety attacks. Everyone has fear and all you can do is face them. Recognizing the fears and phobia and facing them will help you overcome your triggers and deal with anxiety attacks.

10. Take Counselling for Anxiety Disorder

It is very important to take counseling if you think your anxiety and your attacks are not in control. Anxiety Disorder Counselling will help you to recognize what kind of disorder you have and the cause of your anxiety disorder. The treatment and therapy your counselor will provide will definitely help you to overcome your anxiety disorder.


Now that you are all aware of what is anxiety, anxiety attacks, their causes, their symptoms, and treatment, it is very clear that anxiety is not something to be taken very lightly. Long-term anxiety can lead to anxiety attacks and later anxiety disorders. Ignorance to anxiety thinking of it as a small issue can give you long-term illness. You can google an anxiety therapist near me to find an anxiety therapist near you. Hence you must take the necessary steps. You can consult a counselor to recover from your fears and phobia. Moreover, you must stay positive.

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