How To End A Relationship With Due Respect And Honor?

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Neha Mehta Marriage & Relationship 01 Feb 2021
how to end a relationship

Oscar Wilde defines beauty as truth and truth as beauty. According to the philosopher, there is nothing in the world beyond grace and truth. So, learning how to end a relationship should follow aesthetics so that no one is hurt.

What to say to end a relationship?

The first topic of consideration is what is the kind of relationship you are in. Is it a marriage that you want an end to, or is it an affair?

If you wish to know how to end a marriage, then you should be more logical, cool, and aesthetically correct. Edith Zimmerman says that the divorce rate has been incremented up to 50% in America only. So, it is better to say, "Please don't be anxious and sit once, we want to talk about a few matters. IT IS SERIOUS".

According to Hellen Chen, if the issue is related to the affair, the break-up rate is around 85%. The statistical scenario is kind of bizarre all over the world. In the case of love without a marriage relation, a sensitive way to say, "Make sure of this, whatever we did in the past, we did willingly. Nothing had happened forcefully. So, we need to talk because I think carrying it can be a disaster".

How you end a relationship with someone you love?

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This part is too difficult because the beloved person becomes a habit. Emotion, memory, sense, physicality, security, protection, dependence, and many others are attached to such relations. There must be a reason to end it up.
Do you know how to end a relationship with a married man, if he is not your husband? Law says if you do not indulge that married man through phone calls, SMS, Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, or an ending-relationship letter, then legally, the other person has no claims to make.
In other words, if there is no "provocation" from your side, then you are safe and can end it abruptly without even sharing information.
Another issue is how to end a 5year relationship? If you are strong with your belief and honest on the cause, then you can complete the other tools.

  • Find the right time and spot.
  • Talk very calmly and describe everything that you feel.
  • Always think of your focus to get away from him or her.

How will you end a relationship with a guy?

Ending a relationship with a guy would be very effective if you know how to end a relationship by messages. If a girl sends a break-up message, then the boy's general reaction shall be getting shocked first, angst next, throwing up things, and getting out to hit or kill the lady (unless the lady is not stronger than the boy physically).
The best part is the anger decreases in the journey. So, don't meet him and send another message with a promise to meet later.
NOTE: - every message must not contain any insulting phrase. Clarifying the words to end a relationship is a better answer to how to end a relationship.

How will you end a relationship when you live together?

In long term connections, reasons to end a relationship are significant. There are three vital factors to follow;

  •  Observation
  • Timing
  • Way

Now the question arises, what to say to break up with someone? Robyn Durst wrote in his when to leave a relationship quiz article is if he or she says yes, say ok. The result would come up in a few days.

How to end a relationship over text?

Text is the safest way to end a relationship with a narcissist. A simple, humanly, and the aesthetically perfect quote would be enough for this Termination of the relationship. You can send a text via Reddit, Messenger, or any other application. People often think about ending a relationship on Reddit or how to break up with your boyfriend over text. The websites or application follows their terms and conditions. Any violation of the rights of these sites or apps may bring danger to the violator. So, if you are honest, then you must not back-off.

People are asking recently, 'how to end a relationship during the lockdown.' In that case, the text is the only way. A narcissistic person can't take shocking news usually. Therefore, it is easy to text and explains everything. Thus, both would live safe and healthy.

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How will you end a relationship on good terms?

Timing is crucial in de-bonding two people. When to end a long term relationship and why is the hardest chapter to perceive. Dependence, security, loves, and habit creates by living together for a long time. It is essential and must end (unfortunately, if it comes) in a proper manner. It's a tough quest to answer how to break up with a girlfriend of 3 years. If the relationship comes at a similar final state to The Titanic, then good terms are significant. So, in deciding to leave a link, opt for a way of moving the town or city by saying 'heartbreak makes people wiser.' Imagine as you can, with such spirit.


The article has stepped into using text for break-up methodology. It is sensitive, aesthetically correct, humanly, and less damaging to recover.
So, here are some examples; How to end a relationship messages
Oh, my friend, goodbye. I will remember you for the rest of my life. Stay always in my mind. Whenever the fight would end, we would meet, and when we meet, the fight would need. Probably the imagination betrayed us. It's not you; it's fate.
85% Relationship breaks that start by dating. We probably should know the statistics before spending nights under the silver moon. We could probably get away from the pain. So, use the imagination, feel organic, and use the way of aesthetic and sensitive methods to find your answer to how to end a relationship. Breaking any relationship is painful, but it must be done with respect if necessary.

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