Do you know how to fix a marriage without counseling

Neha Mehta
Marriage & Relationship

15 Jan 2021
Do you know how to fix a marriage without counseling

When you find that your marriage is on the verge of drowning, and you have not yet figured out how to decide marriage without counseling, you are at the right place. In most cases, couples hesitate to seek professional help for several reasons. Sometimes, one of the partners is reluctant to go to a consultant or for various purposes. 


They both may feel that the problems are not too serious to consult with any third party. But the best thing is, you can repair the wedding without professional help. All of you need a lot of patience and enthusiasm to fix the issues.

The following  are some points that  can affect a wedding

  • Sometimes, the discussion becomes very damaging, leaving one partner severely pessimistic, insecure, and neglectful.
  • When any of them or both partners are involved in an extramarital affair.
  • When the couple recognizes that they coexist in similar circumstances without mutually affecting their feelings.
  • If the partner starts thinking that you are not in the same boat.

1. Communication is the key

Communication is the first key to save a relationship. Openness is an important aspect of healthy communication. It instructs you to express your thoughts, suggestions, and desires without hesitation. 

Close affection and love may exist between you, but a lack of healthy communication can spoil all hobbies of creating differences. Accepting your partner in your favor can strengthen the relationship between the two of you and can help you maintain your relationship.

2. Spend time together

You should spend time together to restore your marriage. It sounds conventional, but you need to remodel each other. It is necessary to spend quality time, interact, and do things together and this will help to improve your relationship.

3. Build a new interest in the marriage 

One of the major causes of marital problems is that people lose interest in each other after some time. Therefore you should cultivate a new interest in your spouse. To show this interest you should start doing some things like coming home early, show interest in what your spouse does.

4. Reflect on your marriage vows

One of the major causes of marital problems is a total disregard of vows made to each other at the time of marriage.

So when you notice that your marriage is in trouble, pay attention to your vows. This will help to find a solution to your problems.

5. Picture the kind of marriage you want 

If you want to fix marriage related problems without consulting, then you should vividly picture the kind of marriage you want to live. You should take advantage of positive thinking instead of thinking about negative memories in your mind again and again.

6. The blame game must be stopped

Couples usually involve themselves in a blame game, which leads to a cruel phase of bitterness, anger, and frustration. It is not righteous to hope that the other person will change for you. Conversely, you should assess yourself on behalf of the other partner. It is better to take responsibility for improving the situation and increasing positive reinforcement. Psychologists insist on highlighting the positive qualities and emotional attachments that can help you stay connected.

7. Clearly articulate your needs to your friend

Sometimes it is not easy to guess what your partner needs. So you should clearly tell to your partner about your needs. On the contrary, if you believe that your spouse knows your needs, it will only result in a game of blame. So you should clearly tell about your expectations rather than accusing your partner.

In conclusion, I can say that fixing a marriage is very hard but these problems can be solved without consultation.

Sometimes it becomes very difficult to live with their imperfections, so you should try to fix these problems. 



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