You Should Know The Facts And Figures About How To Fix A Relationship

Neha Mehta
Marriage & Relationship

27 Nov 2020
How To Fix A Relationship

We are all friendly animals. Human beings cannot live alone. In order to lead a life, man needs to form families, friends, and societies. It is through these associations that man gets the urge to live. Sometimes we make mistakes and strain a relationship. Then we must know how to fix a relationship.

There are seven drives through which man forms a pact with the greater world. The seven drives are:

* Basic needs like thirst, hunger, etc.
* Love or affiliation
* Dependence or association
* Sexual urge
* Hatred or dissociation
* Aggression or attack
* Ego or defense

while the first four helps man to make families and friends, the last three are the primary reasons for the estrangement of relations.

Ego is a dangerous thing. As per Sigmund Freud, the ego or the Id tells us that we are superior to all. The ego creates a wall of defense all around us. This wall bars our regular life. The estrangement of relations is due to this ego. We must know how to fix a relationship and manage this ego.

What are the stages of the relationship you ruined and how to fix them?

As per the famous psychoanalysts of modern times, every relationship has the following stages:

* Attraction or meeting
* Infatuation and curiosity or interest.
* Enlightenment or when the relationship solidifies.
* Commitment or getting engaged

These four stages are for love relations between couples and also for any other social ties. There are three stages of psychological changes while a relationship reaches the engagement status.

The famous philosopher and psychoanalyst Gustav Fred Jung had said that the three stages of evolution of a relationship are:

* Naivety: this is the first stage when a boy and a girl or couples fall in relation. They have things among each other, which they like and admire. There are a growing interest and infatuation among them. This admiration and liking give way to the emotional exchange and eventually love.

* Sophistication: in this stage, the partners spend time with each other and get to know among themselves better and more profound. It is a crucial stage concerning the development of the relationship.

* Decadence: this is the stage when the partners stop liking each other, and they often desire to end the relationship, or the strands of the relation are estranged. This stage leads to the end of the relationship, and then one must know how to fix a relationship.

When such a condition occurs, then the first thing you should do is put away with your ego. We must remember the words of the famous painter Salvador Dali who said that the moments we move from the point of relations and look clear, things are different from the way they were.

It is essential to analyze the reasons and the happenings, which led to the estrangement of the relation. Elizabeth Gilbert says that we must not judge the relationships; instead, we must look clear through them.

We must tell ourselves that this particular relation holds an extraordinary place for us and that we must do something to fix it.

How to fix a relationship in trouble or after a fight?

There is a rule of six proposed by the famous psychologist and human behavior analyst, Elizabeth Gilbert. She suggests in her model of human relationships and how to fix them research work six steps to make a relation proper:

* Stepping Away: this is a significant step. If you retain the contemplation anger, then you can never come out of the trauma. Thus forget and forgo. Come out of the thing. Stepping out is essential.

* Calm Yourself And Relax: talking to you at this stage is very important. Do not let the discomfort drown inside. Talk in front of the mirror. Let your soul reach the level of calmness.

* Communicate: This is a crucial stage that shall teach you how to fix a relationship. Talk with the person with whom you have the estrangement. Try to tell your points with logic and reasoning and listen with the big heart.

* Drop It: let the matters resolved. Forgive in some cases and understand the beauty of any relation. Soon enough, you shall be smiling together. Forgiving is the divine thing to do.

You should know how to fix a relationship after fight else small feuds shall result in great sorrow.

How to fix a bond after a breakup?

When we have a breakup, we are almost sure that we shall never be able to return. We forget that we had passed a lot of time in building the relationship that we are breaking up. We forget the saying that it did not take just a day to make the city of Rome.

Thus after a break up leave the opportunity to come back, sit and talk. Communicating and talking in seclusion, having a rumination, and repose is very important.
Most of the time, the break up is due to the lack of proper communication between the couples. So you should sit and try to understand each other

How to fix a relationship that’s falling apart with your girlfriend or your boyfriend

Shakespeare had once said that when the love is in decay and when the freshness of love perishes, then it denudes to a show of enforced ceremony. If this happens between your partner and you, you must sit and talk. Try to understand each other. Outing or going out together is the right solution in such cases.

What happens in a relationship is that we often tend to take the relations for granted. Repeated happenings of neglect and distraught keep the connections under trauma. We all then are on the verge of losing something that we had earned.

It is essential to know how to fix a relationship. There are many ways of doing the same. Preserve the relations, and that shall keep you happy.

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