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How to know love is real or not? What is the Difference between Love and Attraction?

How to know love is real or not? Here in this article, we cover all about love and its related terms to understand the difference between love and attraction.

Dr Abhishek Chugh Marriage & Relationship 14 May 2022
How to know love is real or not? What is the Difference between Love and Attraction?
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In Today's world, our youth are too confused about love. Many of us are facing problems being in love or we can say that we aren't able to know what love is. Someone says I love you to you and you will think that he/she loves you but love is more than these three words. So here in this article, we cover all about love and its related terms to understand the difference between love and attraction. 


Love is the purest form of emotion, simply you can't define love because it's an emotion to feel. It's practical things which theories will different from different views. It's a bond between two souls independent of physical contact. It's a feeling that no one can explain in words. It's too difficult to understand without falling in love. In the present world, it's too difficult to trust anyone but if you are in love with someone then you will trust him or her Blindly. You will not be able to listen to anything bad for him or her, you will take a stand for him or her. You will fight for your love, you will be ready to do anything for your loved ones. You can't imagine your life without your partner. The best example of pure love which we all can easily feel is our mom's love.

How do You Know You Love Someone?

As earlier I said that it's not an easy task to do but if you want to then don't do anything just feel. The more you feel the more you understand and the clearer you will be. We are answering your most important questions i.e how do you know you love someone? -

1. Zero Expectation From Your Partner

Love is not a give and take relationship, it's a one-way thing where you only want to do for your loved ones and not expect anything in return. Yeah, theoretically it's too difficult but when you fall in love then you can feel it, you will only want to do everything for him/her. You will do anything for him or her without thinking of your benefits. You will lose yourself in other happiness, you will forget about your own life and always try to do things for your loved ones. 

2. Your Care For Him/Her


You will care for him/her. His/her happiness will keep you happy and if your partner will be sad it affects you too. You will think about his future too. You will try to make everything easier for him/her. You don't want to give any kind of problem to him/her no matter how much you fight or how angry you are with him/her. You always like to support and be with your loved ones and share a possessive bond with your partner.

3. His or Her Present Matters For You

You will like to spend your time with him/her no matter how long your day goes. You will give your time to him/her and want all the moments to be memorable. Time will fly whenever you are with him/her and time will run like a tortoise when you wait for your loved ones. In every happiness or sadness you want him or her to be close to you no matter how many people are with you but if he/she is not there your eyes only want to see him/her.

How to Know Love is Real or Not?

No one can say that your love is real or not accept you as it depends on what you think, what you feel, and your partner's point of view about you. Some of the key points of how to know love is real or not? are 

1. The Emotional Connection Between The Two


This is the most perfect way to judge your love as it comes with true feelings. The Emotion which you feel with your partner will never be wrong because it comes from the soul. You can say wrong, you can abuse, you can do anything bad, you can lie but you know very well what you are doing as your emotions are truly connected with you. People say no one knows you better than you because we all know we may betray others but we can't do it to ourselves. The bond between two should be strong in any relationship. The more you share your thoughts the better your emotions will connect. That's why people say that in any relationship time plays a major role because if you give your partner the required time then you will be able to solve every problem. If you both can connect your emotions then you will be able to say that you both are in real love.

2. Trust Blindly

Maybe it is not so easy to trust anyone but if you are in love then you should have trust in your partner. If your partner trusts you then it shows that he/she believes in you and if you respond the same way then you can say that you are in real love. Trust is something you can't get in a day, you have to spend time with him/her. You have to respect his/her privacy, if your partner respects you as well as your privacy then you can say that he/she trusts you and that means love you. Go for couple therapy sessions to get a better understanding of your relationship.

3. Feeling For Each Other


You can't see love but you can feel it. Love doesn't need words to express, it needs a feeling to express. You may lie but your feelings will not be able to hide. To understand whether your love is real or not you have to ask yourself rather than asking your friend or family. If you have feelings for someone like no one else then you can say that you are in love. His/her touch should touch your soul. His presence makes you feel comfortable and strong then you can say that your love is real. You can even go for relationship counselling to know whether your love is real or not. 


An attractive personality may attract you but you will not be able to love him/her by attraction. Attraction may be the first thing but to be in love with someone is not enough. We may like people by this but we can't love by only getting attracted. So here we try to point out the difference between love and attraction, which will help you to understand your love.

Love and Attraction Difference

1. Look Matters in Attraction But Not in Love

A true love does not need any handsome or beautiful look, it only wants support and love from you. The attraction may have an effect at the beginning but to go on deep you need real love. You can't spend your whole life with just a good-looking person but you can live happily with your loved ones. And in attraction there will be a point when you will feel jealous of your partner, but when it comes to love you will never ever be jealous of your partner. we can say that there is a slight difference between love and in love which you should understand. 

2. Body Language May Attract You But Not Make You Feel Love

It's necessary for getting a job or to be confident but it's not the requirement for love or we can say love doesn't require anything, it just happens. Many dull personalities look cute in someone's eyes while a good personality may not be able to make you feel love.

3. Financial Condition May Attract You But Not be Able to Get Love


Your bank balance may attract someone but you can't get someone love by showing your financial condition. If someone says that he/she loves you by seeing your money then his/her intentions are not good. You have to understand love and attraction differences which will help you to find your real love. 

True vs Fake Love

It's an easy process to understand as love is pure. You will not face problems if you use your feelings and emotions to judge whether your partner's love is true or fake. If your partner can connect with you without saying a word then you can say that there is a strong bond between you and it implies there is love. Fake love happens by seeing your income or your body which only attracts people but true love is something that attracts your soul. In love, it is not necessary to be in physical touch but in fake love, your partner wants to use you financially or physically. Many people play wisely in love like they used to say love you as a friend but one should understand the difference between love you and i love you.


Now you can understand what is love and what is attraction. So this article also helps to know true vs fake love. There is a difference between love and in love too, like if you are falling for anyone then it is called you are in love while if you love someone unconditionally then it's called love. If a person loves you then he/she can say I love you while some people keep loving you without expressing their love. So there is a difference between love you and I love you too. Many people should be aware of this love situation as some people are also there who want to use someone by saying that they love you. So you have to be sure about your feelings and emotions and try to avoid getting trapped in love games.

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