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Tips to Love Yourself And Make A Success of Existence?

My Fit Brain - In this blog you will come to know how to love yourself and make a success of existence.

Neha Mehta Depression 27 Aug 2020
How To Love Yourself
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Do you feel that your life is useless & you cannot do anything about it? Are you hating yourself?

Most of us are busy helping the family, friends, society, and the downtrodden! That is excellent social service and approved by customs and traditions, spirituality, and the constitution. Yet, somewhere along that busy highway called life, we need to look inwards, don't you think? Society is transforming nowadays with little ones holding tablets and smartphones! Why can't they also appreciate the soul's ideas and how to love yourself for a more satisfying life? Now You have to focus on  that  What I am going to tell You“Why is Loving Yourself so Important?”

Why is Loving Yourself so Important?

You must understand the importance of your life. All the people in this world have some special talent. The problem is that people are unable to find their talent inside themselves. Sitting on stupid things at home is not going to help. First of all, understand your talent and take an initiative. Nothing gets confused in life, just the wrong way.

Some Ways to Love Yourself And Make Success of Existence:

a feared girl sitting on floor

Today I am going to tell you some such points that will tell you how to love yourself and how to become successful in life.

1. Remove Your Inner Fear: 

There is a very old saying that one who is scared will die. This thing also applies here. If you place fear in your life, fear will end the happiness and love of your life. Similarly, whenever you feel fear, according to your mind, start thinking about any other memorable thing, this will remove your fear.

2. Convert Your Negative thoughts into Positive:

If you have some negative thoughts or some negative habits, then first try to find them. 

When you will know about those negative things, then think of turning them into positive ones. how? Let's say…For example, let's think you wake up very late in the morning. Seeing this is a negative habit for us. There is laziness in human life due to getting up late and failure due to laziness. 

In such a situation, a person starts hating himself for not completing all his work properly. There is some way to remedy this! The first thing is to find a way to get up early. For example, you can either set an alarm on your watch or ask your mother or wife to wake up early in the morning. Every day in the morning, when your sleep starts slowly, then you will also get up early.

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3. Understand Your Real Face:

Understand and recognize the real face inside you. Stop looking at yourself in the mirror and think about all the qualities and abilities inside you. Know your qualities so that you can fall in love with yourself and move forward.

4. Take Care of Your Health:

It is very important to remain physically healthy for anything. By the way, it is very difficult for all of us to eat well and exercise regularly. Good food is very important for good health so that the body gets the right vitamins and nutrition. If you will always be healthy, then your face will always be bright, mentally strong, you will stay away from many types of diseases and you will always love yourself. So always take care of your health and keep your life happy.

5. Age is only a number that they say

Self-love is certainly not age-dependent, nor should it be. Certain aspects of the personality endure all lifelong. Who we mostly do not change, the inner voice deep within whispers the same haunting messages forever, it seems. Yet, life circumstances, social levels, incomes, and happiness levels would all impact self-love. Thinking of a puritan nature may frown at the idea of loving yourself, but making a mistake.

6. Love yourself for the sake of loving others!

a beautiful moutain landscape and a couple is sitting

Our thoughts and ideas of others around us like the colleagues in the workplace vary according to personal happiness levels. A big fuss is made about the happiness levels worldwide that are judged according to a set of parameters. Health and education, incomes, and occupations matter among the most critical factors. Certain European nations deservedly occupy the highest happiness positions. 

It is sure that those citizens of Norway and Iceland, among others, loved themselves as an indicator of happiness.

7. Feel worthy by avoiding negative thoughts

What you love, like parents and siblings, even pets and favorite toys, are placed on a pedestal and respected and honored. Caught up in the rush and tumble of an action-filled stressful lifestyle, perhaps we neglect ourselves. Extroverted thinking that is getting so common with excessive social media and outward expression takes the attention away from the self. We end up knowing all the guys in the town, their dresses, affairs, hobbies, and cars. What about us?

Besides, in a world of envy, spite, and jealousy, it is easy to be bogged down by negative thoughts. A snide comment and a sneer, humiliating words and actions mean the end of the world. Though hard to believe, such situations can end in psychological problems and suicide in rare instances. If only everybody loved themselves a little more

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8. Turn the spotlight upon yourself

Each of us, like the stars in the sky, is special and unique. Focusing on the self can be a complicated activity for some. Yet, the media turned us all into little celebrities. Those who participated in stage dramas and screen snippets would understand better. Photoshop a few selfies. Make some digital sketches. Print enlargements of your best portraits. Spend some 'me' time and indulge your fancies. Boredom is the greatest killer, but the digital world gives us so much to do. Do things you haven't tried so far. Join social media. Travel. Watch movies. Get a massage. Watch movies in the local cinema hall. Are you getting the idea of how to love yourself?

9. Getting back to a world of innocence

Like sweet childhood and the warmth we feel with kids around, imagine a changed world. A world without hunger and hate, wars, and pandemics. Is such a world possible? Every scripture talks about a paradise of endless happiness. Instead of creating deserts and battlefields, why can't we generate lush green forests? All it requires is agreements between world leaders. Funding will come not to be spent on war equipment but starving babies' food and milk. We have the power to dream, and perhaps one day we will wake, and it will all be right!

10. Mindfulness shows the way

How to love yourself will not appear as such a mystery anymore if you give it a try. Probably, you will practice mindfulness for the rest of your life in principle, at least. The power of contemplation, when directed at you deep within, can be mesmeric. We are, after all, the center of the universe we inhabit. Everything exists because we do and will vanish when death comes. The best way, so peaceful and inexpensive, to understand the realities of existence, mindfulness will bring peace to the soul and a simile to the face. 

Multiply the peace and the smile millions of times, and an image of the ideal world is born.

11. Coping with the negative aspects of life

To be realistic, looking at the other side of the coin is necessary. In my personal life too, drawbacks will come. The collapse will happen. A stoic approach works best. Whether a teenager out to conquer the school or college with songs or a corporate flying the world to attend conferences, something is familiar. We have to make a mark. Adulation and appreciation are needed. Many famous 'rags to riches' lives remind us that anything can be achieved, but you have to pay the price. Learn to put up with defeat as if life is a sporting game.  With the right attitude, living is not hellish, after all. Optimism and positive thinking win most often.

12. Becoming productive citizens

6 people enjoying on the roof in party

If life is achievement, performance, and duty, the family and community, professions, and country demand superhuman effort, bravery, and sacrifice! The infinite complexity of a 21st-century life requires mighty effort, like lifting a mountain. Compare it with the average life lived 500 hundred years ago! More significant challenges are exceptional, and we need to keep up with the times all right.

Finding an identity, a purpose, and meaning in life will get rid of all the hesitations. Like the flowers on the ground and the stars in the sky, each of us occupies a special place and moment in the history of the cosmos. Come to think of it, neither flower nor star nor you and I will live forever. That reality makes the present moment so very special. It is but a spark of a moment amidst infinity. 'Live and let live' would enable happiness and peace to flourish before we call it off and rest in peace. Learn how to love yourself and discover a hidden world of tranquillity and bliss.

Final Words:

At last, I am Going to say that If you come into life by yourself, it means that you can do anything in life, but if your mindset is completely clear only then you can be successful in life. I hope that You will like this Blog and You will Understand that It is very important to love Yourself in life.

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