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3 Golden Tips to Make Friends & Influence People them

Especially in lonely, dull, and depressing situations, we need a valuable friend circle to get boosted financially, psychologically, and physically. It is essential to understand how to make friends.

Neha Mehta General 28 Aug 2020
make friends & influence people
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The Art of making friends, by India’s Best Psychologists; we all need good friends. Especially in lonely, dull, and depressing situations, we need a valuable friend circle to get boosted financially, psychologically, and physically. It is essential to understand how to make friends.

Humans are social animals. Living out of a society does not make a human happy. If a person does not attach to the community and communicate with people, he or she can not learn anything. There are rules of socialization. The norms of the culture, like how to talk and behave, would remain untouched by the non-socialized people.

So, having friends is significant to fit into civilization. Now, you have to know how to make a good friend. Here, the article describes how to make friends and how to be a good friend based on the view of the consultant psychologist Dr. Neha Mehta.

Some Tips on Companionship:

These tips are very useful in making friends. People who face friendlessness problems or know some nearest ones suffering from such issues may refer to it. The awareness would help you and your close ones to get out of their crisis.

1. Be Available:

3 girl friends enjoying the company

Availability is the primary criteria to build-up a big friend circle. If you go out, take the initiatives to call, talk, or meet people, friendship would enhance. Unless you go out and show your availability, you can not get or befriend. It's imperative to stay connected with those platforms where you can be close to the people. If you stay at home without social connections, then nobody would be your friend.

Utilization of a hobby belongs to a top standard Art or making friends. If you have a hobby, like playing football, playing group-based online games, social media handling, etc., then take your first step. Go at the park or ground if you like to play an outdoor sport, spend time in social media handles like Facebook, or be with a group of online gaming. Thus, you can find a friendly community.

2. Smile and be open:

a smiling girl in a beautiful round hat

Smiling is a gesture of interest. So, if you smile while you meet people, it would depict your interest in friendship.  Yet, meeting new people and smiling at them is not ultimate for a long term relationship. So, if you want to extend the relationship for a long, then following up is very important.

How do continue the relationship after the first meet and a little chat?

Let's start a conversation;

"Hi, I am Dr. ….{Your Name}... I am a consultant psychologist. I live in {Your Place}...Take My number and stay connected with me if you wish"...

Now, you send your reply.

These sorts of conversations may help you to continue the association. Many people wait to receive a message from the other side. Who is sending a message first is unimportant? Instead, the conversation is starting or not, that should be the focus. Some formal messages like "good morning,” "goodnight," etc. are suitable for follow-up. Keep in mind that staying connected is necessary for continuing the companionship.

3. Connecting people whom you know:

a girl is centre of attractions means she is influcing all her friends standing and sitting around her on couch

In many cases, people (mostly women) have complained that they do not have friends, but in reality, they have many around. These people do not try to look around them.

For example, you can talk with the parents of your child's classmates. The initial conversation may begin from the school's surroundings. If the relationship goes further, your house, malls, and other places can meet. You can spend a joyful time with these friends anywhere.

You should make a list of people with whom you interact daily. There are three types of friends;

Regular Friends – the people with whom we talk daily. In colleges, schools, offices, or child's schools, coaching centres, and other places, we meet and chat with some people. These people belong to the regular friend category.

Social Friends – few in your life are the best companions. You are attached to those people deeply.

Hi-Bye Friends – this sort of friend is like, and you see some people regularly. While you are going out for work or coming home and you see them on the road. You say hello, hi, how are you sort of words to these people.

The categorization is fundamental to understand with whom you wish to make friends.

1. Appreciations:

Thanks wrote by someone on a white note placed on a table

If you want a long-term relationship, then appreciating the skills of your friend is very important. It will help if you also mentioned the flaws from your point of view, but identifying his or her expertise and understanding is essential. Admiration is vital because the person would talk with you if you have acknowledged his or her skill. So, to Influence People in Hindi, be glad about the works or any unique credibility of your pal. The friendship-making rule says appreciation gives instant results. If you appreciate people, then they would attach it with you immediately.

2. Be a Good Listener:

Two friends in a conversation, one is talking and anohter iss listening him carefully

Being a good listener is an essential rule of making or being a friend. Everyone likes to be with the person who pays attention to him or her peacefully. 

Therefore, you need to have a good listening ability as your friend. Thus a profound and long-term relationship would be obtained. Generally, people rush behind new relationships after a break-up. In this hurry, people always fall into a trap. 

In many cases, the new friend who has been selected in the run turned out to be the wrong one. So, being patient with another connection is very important. Calm down, be intelligent, and apply the rule no 1 (be available) to make the perfect relationship with the ideal person.


The article has provided five particular tips on the Art of making friends. Dr. Neha Mehta requests the readers to share this content with their buddies. Knowing and informing how to make friends and being a good friend is very important in today's life. I hope You will be totally satisfied with this blog. If You want to know more About Psychology then You can visit My Fit Brain.

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