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How To Make Love For The Most Exceptional Mutual Satisfaction

Learn the tips to make love for the most exceptional mutual satisfaction. Infuse your life with more satisfying moments in bed, so you can enjoy an amazing sex life!

Dr. Neha Mehta General 11 Sep 2020
How to make love
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Women being more caring and emotional, the lovemaking needs to proceed leisurely. The knack of making love may be termed artistic, like the skills involved in music and painting. Get romantic with a heightened awareness of feelings and emotions. Set the scene carefully, be it in the residential bedroom, or exotic resorts far away from humdrum civilization. Pamper the senses with things the couple likes, be it food and drinks, carpets and curtains, furniture and wall hangings. Ensure privacy and avoid peeping toms. Draw up a plan and how to make love will come naturally. 

Complex partnerships and amorous toys! 

We have come a long way since the traditional missionary style of how to make love. Along with the straight, you have nowadays couples who are gay, queer and lesbian. They would need lovemaking too, and sprucing up married life with sex toys might be found attractive. Check out online shopping, and some would undoubtedly meet personal demands, with the budget and the motivation. Vibrators, anybody? 

Don't confuse lovemaking with sex 

The billion-dollar porn industry and the global sex trade in brothels concentrate mainly upon the penetrative sexual act that lasts briefly. A mighty fuss is made about the anatomy and the private parts that serve advertising purposes in potent dimensions.

Lovemaking comes as a delightful prelude to sex and may be considered a warming up as practiced in freezing climates. You don't need heaters, though. The human body maintains warmth. Sex toys are not required since the authorities in heterosexual acts possess all the necessary original equipment. The magical and mysterious breasts and the two sets of genitals provide ample stimulation and end in the frenzy of orgasm.  

Physically fit, showered, and perfumed 

Lovemaking is physical despite the mystical dimensions. Feeling good after busy schedules with a shower and perfumes would be useful. Wear freshly laundered dresses and look and feel your best. Get rid of hairy private parts. Hair often gets in the way. Shave them to ensure a clean experience. What time of day or night is it? Lovemaking requires energy though it replenishes sagging spirits and works as a tonic to revive good moods. Expect the impossible to happen, the stuff of dreams. 

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You need to know the anatomy

Depending upon the extent of the lovemaking experience, you might know how to proceed. For a beginning teenage or newly married couple, exploring the bodies would help better understanding. Undressing wholly or partly, dim lighting or the dark, both need to agree. On the bed or the floor, and what happens afterward?

Touching, caressing, kissing  help makes a beginning, but don't rush it. Start with the face, hair, and neck and move outwards to the hands and feet. The touch of the aromatic skin and the rippling muscles beneath the surface act as stimulants, and pleasure is gradually building up. 

How long will you spend on foreplay? 

Men, especially and some women too, seem to be too passionate about the squirting. And the bodily fluids that end in a climax and satisfaction. Research indicates that more time should be dedicated to ardent lovemaking. Open up your heart and soul. Get to know the intimacies and the hidden bodily corners beside the most prestigious erotic zones. Read between the lines. 

Speaking may be difficult amidst all that bonanza of passions. Express doubts to intensify the experience. If something urgent is remembered like switching off the stove, do it now. Get down to the how to make love theme in all earnestness. Light-hearted banter may help in getting rid of the stresses of the day if it is a restless night. 

Along with the mouth, use finger and tongue 

Exceptional gifts of the creator, intensify feelings and emotions by reaching into the private places with the finger and tongue too. It does feel like a gentle massage on both sides until it gets too hot to touch. She reaches for his back while he delves into the breasts. She licks his chest while he feels for the vagina.

The procedure will not work without genital stimulation on both sides. Fatigue and stress after work or travel numb the senses, and arousal require extended effort. At this point, it is clear that a world of hidden treasure exists. Both sides know what is what about the other. 

Concentrate on rousing the genitalia 

Much later in the agenda, after perhaps 20 minutes are spent playing the fool, knead and rub the surroundings of the vagina and the penis delicately. Hair should not be getting in the way. A little triangle could remain to remind of the lush growth. The area around the penis and testicles, along with the adjacent parts of the vagina and thighs, require stroking. Pubic regions being highly susceptible to sexual arousal, work on them gently as if you have all the time in the world. Time does stand still for a moment; does it not? 

Cunnilingus or blow job? 

Most couples except the sex freaks do what comes naturally to them. If they need to adopt certain sex positions or techniques, they would research it and agree upon the details. Choose from 200 or more sex techniques and positions, scattered all over the online world. Cowboy or cowgirl, doggy, or the X position, how far are the two willing to go.

Conservatives or those involved in group sex parties, using toys, the climax is the same. Do you need to get so wild with role plays and sex toys? Good old sex should do as long as the couple cares?

After the arousal is successfully done and the two cannot wait any longer, get ready for the boomerang. Maybe the task of sucking the vagina has been exhilaration enough, or the caressing and oral stimulation of the penis has whipped up a massive passion. Don't forget the labia and clitoris licking too. 

Ejaculation on both ends 

Penetration and the forever grinding should end successfully on either side. Women orgasm lesser times than men do. Arrange the act as a treat for both with the moment of eternity stretching out in the distance. Relaxed satisfaction waits until the next time around with a fuller experience, perhaps, and new tricks. How to make love is a question with a variety of answers. Start discovering them.

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