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How to Make your Impression Positive - How to make your first impression good

The famous quote 'First impression is the last impression' says it all. Here's a list of ways to make a good first impression.

Priyanka Vats Personality 14 May 2022
How to Make your Impression Positive - How to make your first impression good
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The famous quote 'First impression is the last impression' says it all. In the time-saving world, we don't have much time to judge people on their behavior, nature, and character so we like to decide within a few seconds by observing people's first impressions. It's not a bad step to think about people, but you have to judge the first impression very carefully. Interviewers always give more marks on first impression as it is the first stage to judge anyone in any field. So it's very important to make your first impression good to go further and it also gives a positive impact on your opposition. If you have any problems or you don't know How to Make your Impression Positive then here's a list of ways to make a good first impression. 

Importance of First Impressions

1. You Can Convince Someone Easily

If you can give your first impression perfectly then you will take too less time to convince anyone. Many people face problems when starting the talk first. This is due to lack of self confidence but if you give your first impression well then people will like to talk with you and you will never face problems like this. In the marketing field, people have to convince different types of customers for their product and many customers didn't want to listen to it at all but if you give your first impression good then they will surely listen to you and you will get a great chance to sell your products. That's why interviewers always give extra credit to those who give a good first impression.

2. You Will Get Advantages Over Others

It is very much obvious that by this ability you will get more chances in your life at every stage. Like if you are giving an interview for a position in which you don't have to interact with customers. You and your friends get the same marks but you give a good first impression so interviewers prefer you over your friend. By giving this example, I want to say that not only for some fields first impression is necessary, you have to give your best for every position.

3. Impress Within Seconds


If you think that a first impression is important in official work only then take a look at this case. No matter if you are a male or female, if you want to impress your partner then here also you have to give a better first impression. When a boy proposes to a girl, it's common that the girl reacts too quickly. If you give a negative impression of your first then the girl will easily reject you as the first impression is the last impression while if you give your first impression good then that girl will also think further about you and you will get a high chance to impress her. If you are going to meet a person for marriage then also first impressions play a major role because we have to decide in a meeting so if you give your first impression good then you will get more chances to select.

4. Center of Attention

If you are in a public place then also your first impression affects you. Like you are doing a stage show so you want to be the center of attention so it very much depends on your first impression. If you start well with full confidence then the people would like to hear you and support you which will help you to give your performance better. If you are giving a seminar in an office then also you will like that people concentrate on you. So by giving your first impression you will get the center of attention too.

5. Easy to Create Relationships


Many people face problems in talking or starting a conversation with an unknown person but if you can give your best first impression then it gets easier for you to start a conversation with anyone and your good first impression will also help the other person to talk with you. With this ability, you will be able to create relations with others in an easy way which will help you to live in unknown places. By knowing the importance of first impressions, you will be able to work on it as you will get more benefits in a relationship too.

How to Make Your First Impression Good?

Do you know how to be effective in your first meeting or How to make your first impression good, here we point out some of the important things to follow- 

1. Start Like a Fresh One

No matter how frustrated you are or how your days go, you have to be fresh to start a conversation with anyone. It's the main rule of a good first impression or you can also say it is a killer way to make a good first impression. You have to be clear with your thoughts because if you are not sure about your words then how the other people will believe in you. Start your conversation with energy like you are excited to meet him. Wish him or her gently and express your words smoother so that person will also like to talk with you and you will be able to give your first impression best.

2. Work on Body Language


People judge you by looks, so you have to look good and confident. Your body language plays a very major role when it comes to the corporate world. The problem with most of the people not getting employed is due to lack of self confidence. If you are suffering from the same, get your corporate counselling done. Your eye Contact should match with the person with whom you are talking. Look at his eyes every 3-4 seconds so they will not feel like you are staring. Your shoulder should be in a confident position and your hands should describe your words. Be positive with your thoughts too, like maybe you have some personal issues or you are not in a good mood but in front of others, you have to hide your all tenses and talk with a light smile. Work on your personality development it is one of the most effective way to make a good first impression.

3. Wear According to The Situation

Always try to wear according to the event like formal is necessary while at a party you are free to wear anything which suits you and also suits the event. Don't copy your friend's or colleagues' looks as everyone is unique so your look should also be unique. Wear what suits you, not what your friends look good in. Many people have their own choice of dressing so you have to dress what you like the most, not by what other people will like because if you wear what you like then it will give you confidence and also you will be comfortable with that. By this, you will be able to give an awesome first impression too as you create your unique style. 

4. Listen to Others and Talk Accordingly


I think listening is more important than speaking. If you listen to others then you will get to know more about them and it helps you to prepare yourself according to them. Everyone likes to tell their story and very few are those who like to listen to others but to give your first impression good you have to be a listener first and according to that, you have to react properly. We all like people who understand our thoughts and give their views so if you listen to others and also give your valuable point of view then it counts in a killer way to make a good first impression.

5. Be Punctual

This is the best way to make a good first impression. As we all know that no one wants to wait for anyone and if you are late then it gives a very bad impression. People will judge you without meeting with you on your punctuality. If you are not on time then people start thinking wrong about you and before the meeting, your impression will go negatively. And this will also result in problems like personality disorder, depression,rtx For example, if you finalize a specific time to meet someone but you are not able to reach him on time then he surely thinks that you are not time conscious, and as the time passes he will get frustrated too. Here your impressions are not good before meeting so when you arrive, the person who waits for you will not be able to talk with you in a good mood and it also affects your impression too.


So here, we discuss how important our first impression is and how you give your first impression good. This article will help you to give a good first impression to anyone in any circumstance. Here we also provide you with different situations which will answer your questions about how to make your impression positive.

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