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6 Tips to Make Your Relationship Strong in 2021

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Neha Mehta Marriage & Relationship 01 Feb 2021
how to make your relationship strong

Do you love someone? Are you married and wish to strengthen your bond? Do you want to make your relationship healthy?

Or, you are in a live-in relationship? You can fabricate your connection more beautifully to solve any problem and it becomes more understandable for both of you. Everybody wants a well-built relationship along with strong bonding.

Now the question is How to make your relationship strong?  You may want to turn that live-in relationship into marriage.

As a Consultant Psychologist at MFB, Dr. Neha Mehta shares six tips to make your bonding strong.

6 Tips to make your relationship strong:



Communication is a significant point for any relationship. Especially in a love relationship, communication is critical to make your bonding strong. "Lack of it may destroy your relationship. Lack of communication is the major cause of mental distance. This type of connection is called a dead relationship”, says Dr. Neha Mehta.

Discuss any topic freely with your partner. Do not hide anything from him or her. You may think you will tell your partner later considering that it might be painful for him/her, but hiding is not a solution. This may be a simple thing.  But always remember, that simple things can be dangerous for your relationship.

/couples spending quality time in relationship


It is an essential tip for your relationship. Spend quality time with your lover. Studies prove that you should spend six hours of quality time in a week. These six hours could be an outing, sitting with each other and talking.

It may be related to your future, jobs, planning. But it should be mutual. This will give your relationship more shine. But it should come from ‘you’. Make sure that you are not pushing yourself for that time.

Dont take things guranteed in relationship


You are in love, having a healthy and beautiful relationship. If the relationship is not working the way you wanted it to, don’t worry; Everything will be fine!

But do not take the relationship for granted. If you are doing so, you will make many mistakes automatically; those mistakes can destroy your healthy relationship. “You should value that person. Don’t  think, just because your partner cannot break the relationship; it doesn't mean you are allowed to do everything.” Says Dr Neha Mehta.

You should notice small things that make your partner happy, do it honestly and happily, and it should come from 'you'.

stop  Quarreling in relationship

Stop Quarreling:

If you are trying to build a strong relationship with your partner, you have to reduce the quarrels that happen between you. Constant quarrels can easily reduce the strength of relationships.

So the next time you do this, try to be calm and find a reason for the fight. Try to avoid a fight in the future and do not feel ashamed to apologize.

Compliment each other in relationship - make your relationship strong


Complimenting is also vital to make your relationship strong. It does not mean that every time you have to do excellent activity for your partner, or always give her or him a great compliment. 

But catch those little things which are pleasing, and which make your partner feel delighted. Appreciate each other for some pursuits or hobbies. Your relationship will become more peaceful and healthy. Compliments can be like; “My life becomes more beautiful with you, you care a lot for family, etc”.

If you cannot tell him or her directly, you can express indirectly, and your partner will understand what you want to say. The performance will be much higher or more significant, with compliments.

/forgive each other in a relationship - make your relationship strong


Everyone makes mistakes. You should learn to forgive your partner for their mistakes. Do not think that your partner has hurt you before; it means he or she will always hurt you.

Maybe your partner is depressed or stressed. Depression and relationship problems are a cyclic term. Stress can create problems in your relationship and vice-versa. You should find the problems.  Try to understand your partner. Solve the matter, forgive your partner, and move towards strengthening your relationship in a better way.

Now the point comes, some people say that, why should I always sacrifice, why not my partner? Look, both of you should forgive your partner. You both must come in a single point. If everyone is happy, no matter what the point is.


Lastly, love is the most pleasurable feeling you ever feel. Adaptability is part of life.  You can build a Strong Relationship with Your partner. I hope this post helps you a lot & you can improve your relationship with these tips.

If you want to know more about How to Make Your Relationship Strong or If You have any problem in your relationship then You can share with me in the comment section or also on my Instagram account. I will help you to build a strong relationship with your partner.

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