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Ten Ways And Means About How To Motivate Yourself

Learn more about how to motivate yourself! These are ten ways and means that you can use today.

Dr. Neha Mehta General 14 Sep 2020
how to motivate myself
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As a famous saying goes, it is you who has real motivation rather than anything else. It is important to know how to motivate yourself. We often get up late in the morning and feel bad. We do not feel the enthusiasm at work and are burdened by the drudgery of the desk hence it feels forsaken and shattered. We know that the energy to do work comes from an inner drive. Someone resides inside you to push you in all stands. That inner motive or inner soul urges you to do work.  Yet sometimes that entity inside is unhappy. The lack of inner push results in work lag and faulty tasks. It may often happen that you might feel less motivated, and thus you should know some ways to motivate me. Here we give you ten of them.

Let’s discuss key points on which you can apply self-motivation in life.

1. The motivation for study:

A girl is studying in full enthusiam on laptop holding her pencil with mouth

One of the chief concerns of motivation is to study. Often you may feel that you cannot study or the burden is too much. You do not feel like studying. What is to be done then?

  1. Get up early from the bed as early rising releases certain hormones that increase energy.
  2. Give yourself small targets.
  3. Grant small rewards every time you fulfil the target.
  4. Take short breaks.
  5. Divide the colossal syllabus into small units and overcome each with ease.

Who does not know the proverb that failures are the pillars to success? If you fail, do not give up. Stand up and speak to yourself. Tell yourself that you can do it the next time. Try to make yourself confident.

2. When you are alone:

A motivated girl laughing and holding purple baloon.

Loneliness is a curse of modern times. Today people are busy and alone. The nature of solitariness kills anyone from inside. When you are alone, talk to yourself. Try to say that you are not alone. Try to find some friends and communicate with them. Writing can be of great help in these times. Write your experiences, if you have none to share, share the same with pen and paper.

3. Make money:

There are some ways to have the motivation to make money.

  1. Tell yourself money is needed.
  2. Make a plan to make money.
  3. Chalk out the necessities to do the task.
  4. Plan the possible ways.
  5. Set goals.
  6. Achieve!!!

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4. How to motivate yourself in language:

This is an essential motivation. The anarchy of language limits our abilities. We might feel a fish out of water in alien lands. The study says that the aggression of expression and the encroachment of linguist perimeters create great depressive mentalities in people.

  1. Talk to yourself in the language that you are working on or learning.
  2. Stand in front of the mirror and tell yourself you can achieve it.
  3. Communicate aloud with yourself.
  4. Make yourself comfortable and calm.
  5. Speak with imaginary characters and gain the motivation to speak in public.

5. Motivate yourself when depressed:

Depression is a huge de-motivating factor. Often you can get up in the morning with a gloomy heart. 

The moment you become sad and pull yourself inside, you lack the energy to attain new goals and do work. Motivating yourself in that situation is very important.

  1. Get up early. It helps.
  2. Make a cup of tea. Try drinking some herbal tea. It rejuvenates the self.
  3. Tie your shoelaces and have a run.
  4. Exercising in the morning excites the brain and releases some energizing hormones.
  5. Read some good books.
  6. Try to find out happiness in everything that you do.`Believe in what you do and work with energy!

6. Motivation dose for daily:

Thomas Jefferson had once said that self-motivation must be done regularly. One must know how to motivate you. 

There are several ways to motivate yourself. You should know how to motivate yourself.

  1. Believe that what you are doing is a vital task.
  2. Talk to yourself aloud.
  3. Try to say that you are doing the correct thing.
  4. Boost yourself up by saying that you really can achieve the target.
  5. Give yourself small treats when you achieve the goal that you had set in front of you.
  6. Smile openly and make the others around happy.

7. How to motivate yourself at work:


Workplace motivation is an essential task. It may often happen that you, unaware of how to motivate yourself, create a gloomy atmosphere around you. This gloom sets inside your soul and does not allow you to work to the fullest. The moment you are not motivated, you lose the energy to work. It can be deadly too. If you are not motivated in your work, then you can lose the job that you have. Thus keeping yourself motivated is of utmost necessity for all and sundry. 

There are some ways to make you motivated at work.

  1. Make a good team. Often the interpersonal relationships with your teammates spoil the workplace environment. Make them your friends rather than competitors.
  2. Have a clean workplace. The cleanliness shall increase your vitality.
  3. Have a pictorial worktop with some good paintings. The art and design shall elevate your emotions.
  4. Make your environment colorful.
  5. Smile with your colleagues, and have a good work time.
  6. Often pass small moments with your friends at work and try to build their confidence.

8. Be more productive:    

Telling yourself that you can achieve greatness is essential to make yourself productive. Put small goals in front of you. Set good targets and try to achieve the same. Reward yourself for every hurdle you cross.

9. Get good relations:

a group of friends discussing each other

Relations are something that acts as building blocks of any human being. The society, too, stands in the excellent basement of relations. Thus it is important to make your relationships healthy. Talking and spending time with relations is important for motivating. Try to pass some quality time and surprise the people with small gifts. Spending time and sharing emotions is the best motivation to have good relations.

10. Multitasking Can not be helpful in Motivation:

A mother handling her babe and work at the same time, which opened gates for depression in her mind

Do only one thing at a time. All people have this habit, they like to do all their work at one time. This is not true at all, you have two disadvantages, one will increase the burden of doing that work in your mind and second your focus will start to end. With which you start to be de-motivated about your work. Therefore you should not do multitasking.

Friends, now you must have known how you can always thicken yourself. If you have any questions about this, then do tell us in the comments.

Final Words:

Now I am Going to say that It is important for you to always be motivated in your life. Try to think positively in life every time. The continuation of motivation is an impossible thing. There are many ups and downs on every aspect of our life, which also has an effect on our fat weight.

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