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How To Stop Worrying And Start Living

The more we worry the less productive we are and the worse it gets. Take a few minutes to read this article on how to stop worrying and start living!

Dr. Neha Mehta General 01 Jul 2021
stop worrying start living
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When Will You Really Start Living? 

Small things make up the big picture we call life! Whether it is the jewelry or the currencies, the electronics and the love letters, being examples of small dimensions, they do make a great difference. Air and water, sunshine, and food also are essentials that appear small but have a larger significance. Amidst all the complexities of life in the 21st century, humans feel quite lost and often miserable. How to make sense and meaning of life in a seemingly absurd materialistic universe? How to Stop Worrying and Start Living in the Significant sense? 

A life lived amidst mental turmoil

The present lifestyle experiences excessive stress. Surrounded by tensions concerning jobs and incomes, education and travel, money and property, forever competing to fulfill personal and business targets? Psychological stress causes health complications. The experts believe that some common ailments like heart disease and diabetes, arthritis and stomach ulcers along with high blood pressure result from excessive worry. Can you believe that? Yes, we do, used as we are to a world of bewildering confusions where nothing seems to make sense. 

Those mega settlements are called urban dwellings to make up the scene of this mental devastation. As many as 20 million people may live shoulder to shoulder. Certainly, the peaceful village communities in desert and forest remote regions do not suffer like that. The vivid dreams of the bygone century lifestyles have not vanished. Get away from the city and witness them firsthand some miles away. 

People do not take to simple solutions like fighting covid19 with steam inhalations and saline gargling. Since we are creatures enslaved by the mind and passion too, greed and desire, vanity and spite, why not give the mind a break. A week-long meditation retreat puts you in good shape with an incredible relaxation experience and euphoric release of mental stress. We do so much for the body and the hair at the spa and the salon. Don’t you think the mind deserves lots of attention too?

The Genius called Dale Carnegie  

When Dale Carnegie published the bestselling book How to Stop Worrying and Start Living in 1948, society was so much different. The mighty population of today did not exist nor did the rise of big business and the software revolution. Still, life was difficult after the two world wars and the Great Depression of serious economic woes like no jobs. 

Think Positive thoughts and Love yourself

How To Stop Worrying And Start Living

Everybody is busy nowadays chasing after external dreams like cars in the belief that they bring happiness. The pursuit of happiness is all wrong. The center of happiness should not be the car but yourself. Understanding the self and feeling for yourself begins the process of understanding and loving others. Have you ever loved yourself? Start loving now. 

Dale Carnegie said such things:

Our thoughts make us what we are. 
No matter what happens, always be yourself. 
Nothing can bring you peace but yourself.

Regarding positive thoughts, he also said:
Two men looked out from the prison bars,
One saw the mud, the other saw the stars.

What would you rather see if you had the choice? The stars or the mud? You better see the stars.  

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Learn how to get the better of your worries.

How to Stop Worrying and Start Living has some credible answers. We have so much to be grateful for. Don’t we keep expressing that in prayer all the time? Some people may not even find time for ceremonial worship but even repeating a brief prayer in the subconscious mind works wonders. Chants and mantras are methods of disciplining and purifying the mind on the path to salvation. 

In terms of blessings, many exist and that is certain, despite the ocean of troubles that we seem to be surrounded with. Delusional thoughts and imagined worries play important roles in disturbing the mind and emotions. Get the facts of your life clear like a balance sheet presented in the board meeting. At a glance, you know where your stand. Study the SWOTs if they interest you, strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats. 

Peace and courage, good health and hope do better than millions of dollars in promoting a better life. Spread them like the sun spreads the light. If you have not learned to smile, make a beginning. Realize that you are indeed unique with nobody else quite like you. Substitutes are frequently found for almost everything but a human has no perfect clone. Not yet, at least. 

How to Stop Worrying and Start Living does apply to each of us. Living life in the raw is one way of looking at it. Imagine climbing those rugged mountains and almost freezing to death. Struggling with difficult conditions in remoteness? Are you alive and kicking or numbed by urban woes and a weakling struggling to breathe amidst the metro crowds? Maybe an outdoor adventure with the family in a fairy tale vacation will refresh the senses and recharge batteries? That is exactly what vacations are meant to be. Maybe visit the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Weekend getaways from the metropolis will do equally well without having to traverse oceans and continents.  

Live in the Present moment  

How To Stop Worrying And Start Living

After putting that monkey mind in place, it is time to focus on the present. Most are future-centered, perhaps looking forward to promotions and transfers or loan payments for the house to be completed. Things take time and often lots of time. Life does appear to be one huge waiting game. The days will come when the targets are fulfilled. 
Sweet occasions like birthdays and anniversaries, along with memories of sad events, come around each year. Similarly, numerous festivals appear that combine feasting with a hint of guilt. Take them in your stride. 

Though many such occasions remind of the past, avoid being swallowed up by the passage of time. Even if the past was filled with happier and healthier days, the present moment is everything. We truly exist only in the present. Reality points at the present when we have our existence. Shall we call the present a pretty moment of eternity? 

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Regular habits with ample sleep and minimum addictions 

How to Stop Worrying and Start Living? Fighting the severe and often sensational battles of life requires intense physical fitness. No matter the nature of the job and the extent of overtime and night duties, keep physically fit but how? Regular eating and sleep timings with study, work, social media, and family and friend relationships are firmly in place. Don’t waver from the rhythm just like the day and night and the seasons hardly change. Some things cannot change.

Regarding binges and occasional party celebrations, they mean different things across cultures. Avoid getting carried away by intoxicants and the various brews created by the devil. Indulge but avoid crossing the limits of sanity. 

Now that excessive cost-effective and even free materials like e-books are available online, why not begin with them? The information age makes everybody feel learned and savvy but the truth may be different. Avoid getting carried away by impressions alone like fake products and plenty of that abounds. The greatest investment is in yourself! Professionally, uphill battles are best fought through constant updating with an online presence in webinars and local social circles offline. Rather than a few months and years, what about the lifeline across decades. The same life as a never-ending highway runs right through existence. How to Stop Worrying and Start Living will find a worthy route and soon. 

Stare into the mirror for a few moments to explore some truths. Where are the ambiguities? Nothing quite beats reading up on weak areas, professionally or otherwise. The tedium of lonely readings has a plethora of multimedia activities to back up. Whether it is language learning, probing history or curiosity about a second religion, science, business or transport, a vast untraveled world waits. 

Beating loneliness and isolation 

Beating loneliness

If you feel like being in avoid with nothing to do, that is hardly possible nowadays! Everybody remains busy for hours each day with fancy gadgets. Music and movies, hobbies and friends, parties and picnics, work and play. Does that define life? 

Sometimes circumstances do get the better of you and the situation may bring up a wall. Trapped in relationships, they sometimes turn quite bitter. Breakups and arguments, violence and jealousies, loves and hates, they need to happen as they will.

Rise above the toxic environment like the lotus that remains clear of the water though originating in it. Transparent thoughts open up cherished avenues and forge understanding amidst the worst crisis. 

Remain steadfast and find a way you must in justice and fairness. 

Organize work duties and daily routines 

Though it may not be spartan like the military spirit, efficiency at work requires quite a bit of putting things in place. Oscillating between home and workplace, set up a cozy little corner in both, according to the need and situation. Keeping up with the digital times, computers and gadgets are everywhere. Whatever the nature of the official duties and the family conditions, you have a role to play and there is little change across the years and sometimes decades. Identify what does not change and what aspects require constant adjustments. 

Get rid of mental clutter and liven up the surroundings  

The truth is that we are constantly investing. A shopping culture, shall we call it? After getting rid of mental obstacles, it is time to work on the physical surroundings. Invest in a vibrant living and work environment, whether it refers to desks and sofa sets, walls, and carpets. Spend some money to update, splash some colors and search for online budget deals. Don’t spend large amounts yet. Paintings and art objects, framed photos, and decals do spruce up living areas and workplaces. Indoor plants bring the magic of nature indoors but require some caring. 

Delegate responsibility and prioritize work 

How to Stop Worrying and Start Living? Avoid excessive burdens. Share duties and entrust work. Write down a list of duties according to the order of importance. Just like shopping lists, write down problems real and imagined. Go about finding solutions, the sooner the better. 

Don’t hesitate about taking responsibility and decision-making. Nobody is alone, not even those world leaders appearing on television all the time. A spouse shows the way in the family matters and assistants work in the office. Consult whenever the occasion arises rather than take decisions alone. Lapses are shared just like awards become a joint credit. 

Gain credibility through writing a book 

writing a book

Through professional and cultural goals differ, the media dominates the world. An online media presence is becoming essential to survive amidst the competition. Whether fictional or deeply technical, erudite and professional, pursue the dream of writing a book. 

It need not be a blockbuster and the easy self-publishing process in soft or hard copies or both does not take up too much time, effort, or expense. it is bound to attract lots of attention. It is serious proof that you are capable of achieving a project on your own. 

The process of finding a theme and gradually accumulating content may take ages. Some do it in weeks or months. Avoid excessive involvement. Some research and professional help would speed up the process. 

Passive income could be one of the attractive reasons for book publishing but profit need not be the motivating factor. Essentially, it is a sharing of experiences and could be motivational too if some nightmarish experiences happened. How to rise above life could be the theme. 

A life of action and stop-loss! 

An action-based lifestyle forever active with charitable and humanitarian work besides professional pursuits would finally become a life well-lived. Don’t we all wish to leave behind charming memories? 

List the dedications and how individuals contribute to society and the nation. Productivity works at many levels and there is no sitting back. At your level, make the best use of opportunities to work and serve to the utmost. 

Like the stop-loss feature in trading, let there be limits. Don’t proceed beyond your personal ability. Don’t step into excessive dangers like the traders need to watch out for losses and put a stop to it through automation. 

How to Stop Worrying and Start Living? The answers are coming up gradually with happy surprises.

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