I Want To Smile

Yogendra Singh Rathore

28 Nov 2020
I Want To Smile

Many people think that smiling is just an automatic reaction, linked to situations that make us happy or make us laugh. Although this observation is true, few people make a conscious and voluntary choice to smile.
Countless scientific studies have confirmed to us that an authentic smile is perceived as attractive by others. Other studies have also shown that just smiling can improve your mood and that of those around you.
In addition, correlations between health, longevity, and laughter were made. Besides, the simple fact of smiling - that is to say raising the corners of the lips - whether it is authentic or deliberate, both have beneficial effects for you, in the short and long term.

Still not convinced? Here are 6 great reasons why you should smile every day

Smiling Makes You Attractive

According to research, we are naturally attracted to people who smile. You seem more open, and that makes you more accessible to others.
This can help you at work, with friends or strangers, since they will feel more comfortable talking to you and will not be afraid to approach you. Likewise, chatting and interacting with someone smiling is more enjoyable than with a heady person.
Research also shows that you seem more likable, relaxed, and empathetic when you smile. Besides, as incredible as it may seem, your ability to smile can also determine your chances of divorce during your life.

Smiling Reduces Your Stress

Stress is not only mental, but it also encompasses our entire body and can show on our faces. By laughing or exercising, you release endorphins that lower your cortical (stress hormone) level in your body, making you more resistant to pain.

So as a study shows when you smile your blood pressure and heart rate decrease. And that, even if you pretend to smile! So smiling is a good way to relax, and to help those around you to do the same. Think about it the next time you are stressed.
In addition, when you smile you also improve your immune system, by increasing your lymphocyte (immune cell) level. Who says laughter doesn't heal?

Smiling Improves Our Mood

Take this test: smile now. Then try to think of something negative without losing that smile. It's hard, isn't it? We just can't do both at the same time.
This is why, the next time you feel a little depressed, smile. Chances are your mood will improve quickly. The simple act of smiling produces neurotransmitters in your brains, such as dopamine and serotonin.
These two molecules are well known for naturally boosting your mood, as they allow you to feel more motivated and relaxed. Smile, therefore, has the effect of an anti-depressant.
Smiling also makes you feel more comfortable in unfamiliar environments after a study. This allows you to get out of your comfort zone more easily.

Smiling Lets You Live Longer

The more you smile, the more likely you will live a long time, that's what Wayne State University discovered. Baseball players in 1952 who smiled on their photo taken to produce baseball cards lived longer, about 5 to 7 years longer than those who smiled partially or not at all.
Besides, smiling makes you look younger. The muscles we use to laugh also help tone the face, which gives this impression of youth. So instead of ordering a facelift, smile it will rejuvenate you and allow you to relax.
According to recent research, on average, women who smile often seem to be three years younger than their actual age.

Smile Is Contagious

Have you ever noticed how when a person smiles at you, you feel the need to automatically smile at them? Whether it's a friend, a co-worker or even a stranger.
We all have in our brains, which are called mirror neurons. These neurons have the function of imitating a behavior or an action, this is what happens for example when we see someone yawning and we yawn ourselves. Empathy also works on the same principle.
Smile is also a universal language. We all respond to a smile, just by smiling ourselves. Inside, we also mimic the emotions of joy and happiness that appear with smiling.
As a result, as soon as someone smiles at you (for example your co-worker), you automatically feel happier. The smile can really be contagious!

Smiling Increases Your Charisma & Productivity

Notice how servers, vendors, and politicians behave. Imagine how you would react if they looked constantly depressed? People who smile a lot are more likely to win our support (or better tips) than those who provide the same service with a straight face. People who smile regularly give the impression of being more charismatic. They give us that aura of confidence that makes us comfortable. Thus, these people are more likely to be promoted to work. So try to smile more at your job interviews or business meetings, you will see the difference. Your productivity at work depends very much on your state of mind. If you are not happy, then you will be less motivated to work. So don't forget to smile before you start your tasks.

How to learn to smile more day after day?

Be grateful for everything you have in your life. It’s amazing how many positive things we feel when we start to say “Thank you!” asset. Thank you for this gift of life. Thank you for this delicious meal. Thank you for the smile of this man or woman on the street.

But the strangest (and most powerful) change I invite you to make is this: Say thank you to all the negative situations that have happened in your life.
Why? Because they show us how precious life is. They show you that you had the skills and the resources to go back up. You may not even have been afraid to ask for help when you were at your lowest. And when we're at the bottom of the hole, the only direction we can go is up.
So do not reject these experiences that strengthen you, and that makes you discover your hidden potential to manage all these trials of life. They allow you to broaden your awareness and see beyond the events themselves.

Pay attention to the smallest details

Now I look at my cup of red tea with a small smile. She is perfect. This cup is not just red. On closer inspection, you can see endless shades of red on the glaze. It reminds me of the stripes on the canes of barley sugar, and it slightly reflects my little notebook in front of me.

All of this follows the laws of light and shadow, my cup has a vermilion side - the color of a fire truck - exposed to the sun's rays and the other is dark, a kind of dull brown. It’s really a wonderful thing. These little details are accessible to everyone, everywhere, and they show us that there are no two similar things on Earth. Much like two people watching the sunset together, can have two different experiences. Even things that are repugnant to us are opportunities to be grateful, once we appreciate the details. Plastic bottles in the streets or rotting fruit, for example.

They all contain wonderful details, and when you stop and pay attention, you can only smile as a thank you for this special experience you had. Write your benefits Thousands of great things happen to us every day, but we only remember a few. Whereas, on the contrary, we remember the majority of the boring, unhappy or painful things that happen in our lives.

But we can overcome this trend

That’s why it’s useful to keep a notebook to write down all these wonderful things that happen to us every day. Think about it when you feel a little depressed. You will notice that even in your worst days, beautiful things have happened, for you and only you.

Do not forget them!

Look what is, not what is not. Whenever I step back, I think "Wow, I really have a great life."And I don't have a lot of things. But now I live the happiest life imaginable because I look at what I have and not what I don't have. Oftentimes we worry about the future, fuelling our thoughts with negative scenarios.

We think :

"If only I had a little more money to pay my rent, my bills."
"Ah, if I no longer had to worry about these pains."
“If only I could spend more time with my family.”
Your life is not limited to your desires and fantasies that you would like to manifest in your life, this is especially what is happening right now! All the things you are experiencing now.
The smile of your children, your friends, those who matter to you. This is all there for you. And that's what makes me smile.

The smile comes from inside
It is the most subtle of human expressions. The most enigmatic, too. The smile seduces, but, forced or automatic, it causes discomfort. An update on an innate behavior that makes us full humans.

Unlike laughter, which has been the subject of studies for thirty years, the smile has been of recent interest to researchers. Even Le Petit Larousse "dries" on its definition, which it limits to a few facial expressions: "Laughing expression, marked by slight movements of the face and lips. His etymology is ill-defined: from Latin suborder, he would come "before laughing", of which he would be an unfinished and silent avatar, sketched and contained. Is a smile just a laugh, a cheap laugh?

Before laughing, we smiled. The baby smiles from birth when the first laughs begin only between 4 and 8 months. Smiling is an innate behavior, not cultural learning, it would be an instinctive mechanism of survival in the newborn human being, ensuring him the security and the attachment of his close relations". The child smiles "in heaven" when he sleeps, a reflex sign of unintentional physical well-being that is intended only for himself. Until his mother takes him for her, a fundamental act that builds the mother-child relationship. This is the social smile, or response, when the baby really responds to the smile of his mother, then that of his father, and others, and his eyes narrow. Directed and aware, it is often regarded as the first gesture making the child a full-fledged social being. Then, over time, the child learns by imitation to nuance his smiles.

Do smile quotes make you smile?
Whether it is sketched, sketched, sly, shy, or frank and bright, a smile is the window of our emotions. The smile invites discussion, communication, sympathy, a hand extended to one's neighbor, a promise of friendship, or more. A smile never leaves you indifferent and a smile costs nothing! Come and enjoy it, and also consult the quotes on humor that will surely make you smile!

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