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I Want To Smile

People think that smiling is just an automatic reaction, linked to situations that make us happy or make us laugh. Few people make a conscious and voluntary choice to smile

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I Want To Smile

A smile is the most important and attractive accessory for a human being. It expresses your happy and positive feelings. People feel comfortable around smiling people and a smile reflects the personality and feelings of a person. Smiling is very powerful and it makes you more attractive. It not only makes your mood good but also the mood good of the people around you. It not only improves the mood but also improves your health.

The benefits of smiling are the following:

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1. Makes us attractive:

We are naturally drawn to those who smile because this is a  factor of attraction linked to it. Negative facial expressions such as frowns scowl work the opposite way and pushing people away. We interpret signals and communication signals constantly from each other as humans. A smile is one of these signs that is then perceived as intelligible, personal, and attractive by other people.

2. Relieves stress:

Stress can wreck our entire existence, and can actually appear on our face. Smiling not only helps to prevent us from getting tired, and overwhelmed but also helps to reduce stress. Smiling can reduce stress even if when you don't feel like smiling and don't know that you are smiling. You should take out the time for a smile when you are stressed and you and the people around you will benefit from it.

3. Improves our mood:

Smiling can help the body to improve your mood because the physical activity of smiling activates the neural message in your brain. It releases endorphins, which help a person feel happier, more positive, and enhances positive thoughts.

4. Boosts your immune system:

Smiling helps to boost overall health because smiling helps to function more effectively in the immune system. It is believed that when you smile, immune function improves as you relax more because of the release of certain neurotransmitters.

5. Lowers your blood pressure:

Heart health is also very important and there is a decrease in your blood pressure when you smile. Smiling helps to lower your blood pressure and it is good news for health. A smile firstly causes an increase in heart rate that is followed by muscle relaxation and then it decreases heart rate which helps to decrease the risk of heart diseases.

6. Makes the relationship better:

People are drawn to smiling people, then the people who don't smile. It makes it easier for them to build and maintain a better relationship with the people who are important for overall health. Negative feeling people have less stable marriage than positive feeling people and so to build a strong relationship you should keep a smile on the face.

Types of Smile:

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To classify a smile according to the objectives and social functions that are served by them. The following are the common types of a smile:

1. Reward smiles

Smiles that are used to motivate ourselves and the other people are called reward smiles because they originate from positive emotions such as satisfaction, approval, or even happiness. At the time of this smile both the cheeks and mouth are activated and it leads to better reinforcement of behaviour as well as increases good feelings.

2. Affiliative smiles

Affiliative smiles act as social connectors and it helps to reassure others,  to communicate trustworthiness, good intentions, and to be polite. During these smiles, there is an upward stretch of the lips and they remain close, and also there is a  trigger dimple in the cheeks.

3. Dominance smiles

Dominance smiles are used to show the superiority of a person, to make others feel less powerful, and to transmit insult. In dominance smiles, there are powerful signs of hatred and anger such as a lip curl and an eyebrow-raising and in this one side of the mouth lifts up and the other side remains downward.

4. Flirtatious smiles

 A flirtatious smile is a kind of smile that is used to flirt with someone so it should be attractive. There are some suggestions for this smile

  • Smile with keeping your lips together, and raise an eyebrow.
  • Smile while tilting your head slightly down. 
  • Smile on your lips with a little whipped cream or a hint of coffee.

5. Embarrassed smiles

Embarrassing smiles often occur with a tilt of the head downward and gaze moving to the left and also you touch your face many a time. In this smile, there is a head movement and people smile with the closed mouths and it doesn't last for a very long time.

6. Polite smiles

A polite smile is spread when people meet someone for the first time,  you are going to give bad news, or you hide a reaction, and believe that no one else will be like that. A polite smile maintains a kind of thoughtful distance between people. While a warm smile drew from genuine feelings makes us closer to others, and this closeness is not always appropriate. 


Finally, I can say that smile makes people feel comfortable, welcomes a friend, and reflects the feelings of a person. If you want to take advantage of a smile, then you should start your day with a smile. This will not only lead you to an extra smile but also to those around you towards an extra smile.

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