Impacts of Social Media on Mental Health of Child | Child Psychology

Tamanna Sachdeva
Child Behaviour

28 Nov 2020
Impacts of Social Media on Mental Health of Child | Child Psychology

In today’s world, social media surrounds us. This is central to our lives. It helps us to stay in touch with our friends, family, and all the dear ones. Also, nowadays this is beneficial in networking, connecting with people, following the latest news & other latest stuff is also there. People of different age groups use it differently. While there is nothing wrong with these things but social media can be a dangerous place for young people. Most teens are on their phones all the time- in school, in bedtime at night, when they are going to the bathroom, while someone is trying to talk to them, and also when they are doing their homework. They don’t even listen to people.

If you have kids and they can’t imagine their life without social media that’s a sign that they’ve become a victim to evil power and the impact of social networking. It also means that there is a negative impact of social media on their life. While social media can have a positive impact too, but that doesn’t mean that it has all hearts and flowers. It is very important to take steps to protect their online safety and before knowing how they can be made safe, let’s have a watch on what are the reasons that they are so much driven towards social media platforms.

Why Teens and Kids are Getting so Much Addicted to Social Media?

Our Child Expert tells that child may get addicted to social media for any of the following reasons: The teenagers may feel curious, angry, anxious, or even depressed about something and may decide to go online to kill time. The reason may be that teens may feel disconnected from family or friends. It could be because they might feel like a misfit in the peer group. If a teen is overly shy he may find it difficult to connect to the people, may feel discomfort approaching them in a real setting and social media can give them the perfect platform to meet people & making friends. Another fear may be why our generations getting addicted is probably because of the fear of missing out (FOMO), this is one of the main reasons why many teenagers feel the compulsive need to spend a decent chunk of time on social media to make sure they are up to date with all the happenings in order to fit in. Also, An Expert Team of Psychologists states that ‘likes’ on social media sites, such as Instagram, give you a psychological high. A lot of teenagers delete posts if they don’t get enough liked on their post that they desire because getting a low number of likes can create a status of ridicule in a teenager’s mind.

Teenager's Mental Health Affected By Social Media

How Teenager’s Mental Health and Behavior Can Get Affected with Social Media?

Depression and Anxiety: Spending too much time on social media can be adversely affecting our mood. It generates more chances that one can develop poor mental health such as anxiety & depression. Therefore, the parents must set the time limits, and within that, the children should be allowed to use social media.

Cyberbullying: Cyberbullying is not affecting teenagers but adults also, these online attacks often leave mental scars on people’s minds and that may lead to suicidal too. Cyberbullying is a crime.

Fear of missing out: The more one uses social media more one comes to know that someone is having more fun than you are at now and that’s exactly what causes FOMO. We must know everybody’s life is different so we should focus on ourselves only.   

 Unrealistic Expectations:  Due to the social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram people get connected with each other and expect them to be their way if this doesn’t get fulfilled, expectations get hurt, and that may leave them feeling hurt, creating anger and so on.

  Negative body image:  Body image is the most concerning issue for teenagers, they follow people on Instagram, Facebook, and desire to be that perfect as these celebrities are and when they don’t become able to copy them in a perfect way that may lead to the creation of negative emotions. Body shame is a bad thing but people are the victims of body shame and because of this, they feel embarrassed.   

  Unhealthy sleep pattern -  By spending a lot of time on social media, our sleep gets disturbed. That is why we should limit our use.                                                                                          

Behavioral signs observed

Children may start losing interest in meeting people in reality. Constantly being irritated, angry. Prefer time alone on social media in their own company. Frequent fallings short on following schedules and time tables. Being aggressive frequently when someone makes fun of his online habits.

Physical signs observed

Signs of Frequent headaches can be observed. Discomfort in the eyes may occur. Fluctuations in weight (may gain or lose too) can make the situation even worse. Staying up late or falling asleep at any time also a sign of discomfort.

What can be done to help these teenagers?

Parents should start talking to your child about social media safety. Set rules and make a time table for your child to mention the appropriate study hours and also social media time. Discussion about the repercussions of social media can also help. Children should be given the right amount of privacy. Making them aware of the consequences of excessive use of the internet and social media can be beneficial too.

Get benefits from our team of counselors

Sometimes behavioral issues become a really big problem due to excessive use of social media, in that case, one should go for experts’ advice and treatments. Please feel free to connect to us for resolution of such issues here at MYFITBRAIN here we have experienced psychologists to help children relieve these problems.

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