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Importance of Pre Marriage Counselling

Are you getting married soon and have been wondering about the importance of pre-marriage counselling? If yes, then read this article for more information.

Ms Joshna Akula Marriage & Relationship 22 Jun 2022
Importance of Pre Marriage Counselling
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Are you getting married soon and have been wondering about the importance of pre-marriage counselling? If yes, then it is time for some good news. The pre-marriage counselling plays a significant role in influencing your attitude towards the social customs, religious beliefs and practices closely related to marriage. The importance of pre-marriage counselling cannot be emphasized enough as even today there are couples who do not get the desired results because they do not follow any such counselling.

What is Pre Marriage Counselling? 

Pre-marriage counselling is a process through which you can determine whether you are ready to marry. The purpose of pre-marriage counselling is to help the couple understand each other, listen to each other and learn how to communicate with each other. It will help you to understand your partner's personality, values and beliefs. It also helps you identify any problems that may exist in your relationship or family background that might be holding your partner back from being able to love and commit to you.

The pre-marriage counselling focuses on identifying strengths and weaknesses, strengths that can be used as a foundation for building a strong relationship together. You will also identify what it is about yourself that you would like to change or improve upon before marriage so that the two of you can start on the right foot together from day one! Let us know a few of the importance of Pre Marriage Counselling now.

Importance of Pre-Marriage Counselling

Pre-marriage counselling can help you:

1. Identify Your Relationship Goals

The most important role of pre-marriage counselling is that it helps you to identify your relationship goals. It helps you to understand your partner’s needs and expectations for your future together. The role of the counsellor is to help you identify these goals and make sure that they are realistic and achievable. 

Generally, there are three main types of goals of pre-marriage counselling - 

A. Communication Goals

These are about being able to communicate effectively with each other so that your needs are understood and met. For example, you may want to start talking more often or going on dates together occasionally without being overly romantic or creating an obligation for each other;

B. Relationship Goals


These are about having a close relationship with each other where there is mutual respect and trust between the two of you. You can even go for recruiting relationship counselling sessions to understand relationship goals in a better way.

C. Family Goals

These relate to how much time you want to spend with your family before marriage and what type of family life will be provided by your future spouse.

2. Learn About Yourself

Learning about yourself and your partner is a major role of pre-marriage counselling. Your goal is to find a person who will make you happy, not someone who will make you miserable. Having an open dialogue with a counsellor can help you identify your relationship goals and understand what they are looking for in a partner. It also helps you learn more about yourself, so you can make informed decisions about your future. Learning about yourself before getting married is very important because first impression is the last impression. As pre-marriage counselling will help you to understand the ways of creating a good impression on somebody. 

3. Understand Your Partner’s Needs


The main purpose of premarital counselling is to understand what your partner wants in a partner and what he/she expects out of a relationship. It is important to have a clear understanding of these expectations so that both partners are on the same page when it comes to planning for the future. You may have some expectations that need to be adjusted depending on whether or not you are marrying within your faith or religion.

4. Discuss Expectations For Your Future Together

The purpose of pre-marriage counselling is to help to clarify the goals and objectives of both parties and allows them to discuss these goals and objectives with each other, allowing them to work together towards achieving them. It also provides an opportunity for each party to get a better understanding of each other, which will ultimately lead to greater communication during their marriage as well as after their marriage has been finalized.

5. Learn Techniques to Communicate Effectively

You may have difficulty communicating with your partner, especially if you have been married for a while. Pre-marital counsellors can help you learn the skills necessary to plan a wedding and get married. They can also help you identify areas where there may be stress in the relationship and how to deal with it. Learning techniques to communicate effectively is one of the major purposes of premarital counselling.

6. Identify Areas Where There May be Stress in The Relationship


Pre-marital counselling is one of the best ways for couples to identify problem areas in their relationship and make changes before getting married. For example - Disburbances caused by in-laws interference, misunderstandings between both partners, etc. So, pre-marriage counselling will help you to build on your strengths rather than just focusing on your weaknesses. 

7. Determine How Best to Communicate With Each Other

This is important so that you and your partner can develop a level of trust and intimacy before you start being intimate with each other. This will allow for the development of a deeper bond between you, which will also help you to learn how to stop fighting in a relationship

8. Identify Any Issues That Need Resolving Before Getting Married


If there are some problems in your relationship, such as one of you cheating on the other or one of you have an addiction, then these must be resolved before you get married. These issues could affect your lives after marriage if they are not properly resolved beforehand. So, identifying all the issues before getting married is a very important role of pre-marital counselling.

9. Learn About Healthy Relationships (Both Within Marriage And Outside of It)

Learning about healthy relationships is a very important role of pre-marital counselling. You need to know what your partner’s expectations are from a relationship before you get married. This will help you set up a good foundation for any future marriage. 


Marriage is a commitment that needs to be undertaken with care and understanding. With the proper support and guidance, married life will have smooth sailing. It just takes a little effort to make it work for your partner. Pre-marriage counselling can help you in eliminating many negative emotions and also help you understand each other better.

It's not just couples getting hitched in a swirl of infatuation, but even those who have been partners for several years before tying the knot. Some choose to perform counselling before marriage to evaluate their relationship potential and the impact it will have on their lives. It is a wise move as it takes away doubts if your partner is the right one or not. I hope now you are clear about what is pre-marriage counselling and its importance. You can even go for marriage counselling sessions to get expert guidance on your pre-marriage counselling.

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