Keep Your Child Safe Online | Parenting Tips

Ruchika Chhabra

28 Nov 2020
Keep Your Child Safe Online | Parenting Tips

Being a parent, we generally do everything we can to keep our kids safe and well. Children are using computer technology and internet-connected devices at very younger ages nowadays. Sadly, the internet is becoming a dangerous place to hang out, especially for children. Cyber Stalkers, Child Molesters, Inappropriate Content, Cyber Bullies and much more waiting for an opportunity to teach your child. Such an experience could possibly damage a child for the rest of their life.

Parents should need to understand that this is an era of social media where parents need to take extra care of their child especially in terms of mental health. This is the need that all parents must feel. So, to keep your child safe online, parents or if you are a sibling, then it is your duty to take care of your child in a better way.

Tips For How You Can Keep Your Child Safe Online

Some tips for how you can keep your child safe online. Here are some tips on how you can keep your child safe online.

  • Having the correct information about an issue is extremely important. The media reports on this issue do not make it clear that the role of this game/challenge in the recent cases of suicide has not been verified yet. Your child probably knows about the Blue Whale Challenge because of the media frenzy around this issue.
  • Having said that, due to the uncertainty around this issue, there is a need to take certain measures to inform children and interact with them to avoid any mishaps.
  • Make sure that your child has access to age-appropriate online sites that do not promote unethical behavior or violence.
  • Always ensure that your child accesses the internet from a computer placed in the family space.
  • Talk to your child more often. Explore the online world together and engage in interesting activities demonstrating ethical and safe online behavior.
  • Use parental controls on all the devices used by your child. Monitor the screen time and keep an eye on his/her online activities.
  • Be a role model for your child. Be conscious of your own online activities.
  • Talk to other parents, share concerns if any, and discuss the best ways to help your children.
  • Keep yourself updated with recent internet phenomena.
  • Observe your child’s behavior closely. Be alert to any unusual changes like moodiness, less or no communication, lack of interest in studies, and falling grades. If you notice any such changes, closely monitor his/her online activities, talk to school authorities, or consult a child psychologist.
  • If you find out that your child is already playing the Blue Whale Challenge, immediately stop him/her from using the internet from any device.
  •  Inform your local police authority about what has happened and seek their advice on the next safety measures.

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