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Learning in the era of social media and internet

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Asees Kaur General 01 Feb 2021
learning in the era of social media marketing and internet

Social media and the internet have gained incredible popularity over the years as open-source information and knowledge sharing platforms. Educational institutions are using social media channels to interact with students. We are seeing teachers taking the advantage of social media technologies to enhance the overall teaching-learning process. We can't ignore the increasing role of social media in the teaching-learning process. It not only provides useful information to students but also connects them with learning groups and other educational systems to make their overall learning process more interesting and engaging. 
Almost everyone is using social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter,  Linked In, YouTube, and Instagram. These channels collaborate, share, and create knowledge and content that is very important in the field of education.

a young girl using social media and her grandmother is teaching her
Benefits of social media in teaching and learning:

Revolutionary changes in technology have opened up many opportunities for students to enhance teaching along with learning experiences.  Since the internet and smartphone came into existence, the world of education has completely changed. Educational institutions have now realized that social media is capable of improving collaboration and active learning. Social media is leading the way for a new era of learning that is personal and adapted to the needs of every learner. Professional networks and connections have become very important to one's success and future development in this increasingly connected world.

Some educational approaches and benefits of social media to improve the academic performance of students are:

1. Communication And Collaboration

Better communication is the biggest advantage of social media because students can connect through Messenger or WhatsApp. These platforms can be used through their smartphones, tablets, or computers, and learners can exchange questions, make phone calls, and video calls also. They can always communicate with their friends or tutors if a student is stuck at any point in their homework.

Some teachers connect with students by providing support through Google Docs and some also connect through Facebook Live.

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2. Finding Concrete Information Online

Many websites and social media networks are providing a lot of information that can be helpful for students. Students can find informative and relevant websites to follow through social media news feeds so that it can be kept in the loop. Sites such as Tumblr and Pinterest can help students to find answers to their questions that can inspire children for practical problem-solving.

3. Parental Involvement

Social media helps parents to be involved in the child's learning. They remain updated on school-related activities, projects, and happenings through the school's Twitter or Facebook. The school teachers get in touch with parents for information about school matters, learning, and education through social networks such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Skype, etc. 

Parents can learn about, share, and follow their children's educational and personal progress at school through these social media channels.

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4. Improved Literacy, Communication, And Reading Skills

It has been commonly observed that students are bored with reading and writing, however, the internet and social media provide a lot of information including eye-catching animations that incline students to read. Children eventually develop strong reading habits and improve their writing abilities through such online activities. Social media sites are the most interactive channels to keep the students connected.

5. Distance Learning Opportunities

Distance learning opportunities are the major advantage of social media in education. There are many students who are not able to attend regular classes and to get a formal education in an educational institution. Modern teachers are able to attract students through distance learning programs with the help of social media as well as various online tools. 

Nowadays, live classes are being taken on Skype, and webinars are hosted on WebinarJam to provide education to the students who are in remote areas.

6. Helps to Foster Research

Social media is one of the best platforms for extracting secondary data and it provides many opportunities to promote research initiatives. A survey pool can be conducted to collect samples and get opinions from general people and other experts on a particular topic. These channels can also be helpful for academic researchers on collaborative assignments and projects to compile and create useful content.

7. Students Learn from Social Networking

Social media provides excellent learning opportunities through social networking and these help students to network for professional help in their careers. Similarly, professors can also connect with students and help them to find relevant connections to their future profession and identify appropriate job openings.

8. Conclusion:

Finally, I can say that as social media networks are advancing in education systems, beneficial tools are emerging to make learning a more enriching experience. These social media sites provide many opportunities for communication between students and teachers.

Teachers can improve their student’s participation in study and education, provide a greater sense of collaboration in the classroom, improve technical ability, and build good communication skills for students.

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