Tanishka Pathak

28 Nov 2020

Moral values are a set of principles guiding us to evaluate what is right or wrong. Moral values help shape the character and personality of individuals. Children are taught about it through moral stories. As the saying goes, “ If you will not give a toy to your child he might cry for sometime but if you will not give values to your child he will surely cry for a lifetime”.

Moral values play a very important role in all stages of life and its base is developed during childhood and early adolescence and it all starts from home. It’s our duty to guide our kids and inculcate values in them from time to time. Moral values such as integrity, determination, loyalty, truthfulness, honesty, giving respect to each other, etc, should be inherited by every individual. As stated earlier moral values help us distinguish between what is right and wrong, good or bad for you as well as society. So, as a result, your decision making power improves naturally.

Moral Values Includes:

  • Respecting Elders
  • Respecting All the Religions
  • Caring, Sharing
  • Honesty
  • Loving Animals and Other Creatures
  • Not Hurting or Abusing Anyone
  • Physically, Mentally, Socially Helping Those in Need
  • Being Polite
  • Greeting People’s
  • Cleanliness of Surroundings
  • Sense of Responsibility
  • Gratitude
  • Non-Violence
  • Preserving & Protecting Our National Heritages.

Importance of Moral Values:

  • It helps children to lead a disciplined life.
  • It helps in the overall development of the child.
  • Values help them to grow better in a social environment.
  • It helps kids grow into sensible and responsible adults.
  • It helps to build the character of a child.
  • It’s said that a person with moral values can make a generation better.

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How to Inculcate Moral Values in Children During Early Years:

  • Summers are going on, we can ask our kids to water plants daily and put some water in an earthen bowl for birds. This will inculcate the moral value of love for other living beings.
  • We should always ask our kids to greet elders whenever someone comes to our house, we go somewhere or we see anyone. We know outside our home, this will aware of them to respect for elders.
  • We should motivate them to help someone in need; they should not tell lies and always speak the truth, to share their things with everyone they know.
  • They should not misbehave, indulge in any sort of fighting, should not use abusive or foul language.
  • Make them understand that they are not supposed to discriminate against anyone on the basis of caste, sex, color, or any other physical appearance.
  • Also, the most important thing is to teach them good manners.

Children and young adults are the future of any country, so it’s highly important for them to be educated, hold values as a future nation will be recognized by them. We all must have heard people saying that money, fame, job, success is all temporary. What goes with you in the long run even after deaths are the values which differentiate you from other individuals?

It is often said that education doesn’t mean how many classes or books you have studied or how many degrees you possess rather you aren’t really educated unless you are a person with moral values. Lastly, I would say that it is our responsibility to prepare our kids for their better future by instilling moral values in them and more important is to make them realize its importance and to stand with these values throughout whatever be the situation. They don’t have to lose values at the cost of anything.

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