Does Maintaining A Journal Improve Mental Health

Priya Rao

23 Jan 2021
Does maintaing a Journal improve mental health

Can Journaling boost your mental health

Writing helps us make sense of things. It helps us think clearer as we start to pen down and we can feel a little calm. It can free our minds and help focus on other things. Basically, it’s a vent out.  The fears, questions, thoughts, emotion all on paper looks easy to process. We start to observe them and eliminate the unwanted thoughts which we perceived as major concerns bogging us down. It’s a kind of mindfulness, which helps detangle the feelings.

Penning down things can keep you motivated. Can empower you, keep you active. Sometimes it helps come up with creative solutions to the challenging solutions you are facing. Maintain a journal can help identify a pattern in your behavior and help keep a track of how you’re feeling across time and keep things in perspective. Writing down is a way of listening to yourself. Maybe, in the same way, you would talk to somebody. Maintaining a journal can help a professional identify the triggers that are causing anxiety and provide a suitable therapy. People have also expressed they can mention some things they might feel embarrassed to talk about. Penning these emotions can help clear their mind and maintain healthy thoughts.

How does maintain a journal help with therapy?

Maintain a journal is a non-judgemental space for yourself. It’s a therapy in itself. Also, it is a useful addition to seeing their psychologist. When unable to recollect the emotions and thoughts while talking to a psychologist, the journal is a very powerful tool that helps both to come to the point of understanding. So, the purpose of therapy is understood with clarity. Few things to consider while starting a journal. Keep it private. Lock it. Hide it. Do whatever suits you to keep it away from others. It contains your private thoughts and emotions. Some maintain a daily journal page, blocked it, and tear /burn it down after writing and observing them. You can choose to do that, but of seeing a therapist, it might not be helpful. Typing/ computer is not recommended as it is a distraction and there is no free flow of thoughts and emotions.

If you have never done this before, here are some prompts

* What did you want to be when you grew up?
* How might you be able to give yourself a bit of a break today?
* Hobby
* Favorite movie
* What’s one of your biggest regrets?
* Which emotion or emotions do you find most challenging?
* Who or what do you miss?

After some days, you will surely observe some changes in your life. You will feel more confident and focused. It is a really good habit. In this way, for the next day, we have tasks to do and we are clear in our mind on how to complete that task and what should be the next thing that we must start in the morning . Journal helps to organize our life. Writing affects our mental health and positively impacts our life. If our mental health is fine, only then we will be able to achieve something. Good mental health provides a way to live a happy life and the habit of journaling helps a person to achieve a happy, organize, and calm life.

Start guys. It’s a self-care to a healthy mind.

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