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Mental Health During Pregnancy | Talk to Expert

Although Pregnancy has typically been considered a time of emotional well –being. Pregnancy brings a mix of feelings and not all of them are good. It is common for women to experience mental health issues for the first time in pregnancy. They may feel more vulnerable and anxious and some of the  Women’s worry about telling health care professionals how they’re feeling because they fear they ‘ll be judged as a parent for many Women pregnancy can be an isolating experience, there’s not helping the fact you go through major hormonal, emotional and physical changes all by yourself struggling with a mental health issue on the top of these changes can make you even more alone, but it is important to get help from mental health professionals.

Tips to Best for Mental Health During Pregnancy

It is a good idea for all mothers and their partners to monitor their mental health and wellbeing. Keep a look for signs that may need help.

  • You’re left consistently bad, sad or worried for  longer than 2 weeks
  • Negative thoughts and feelings are starting to affect your ability to function normally.
  • Losing interest in activities, feeling of hopelessness or unable to cope.
  • Isn’t feeling happy about being pregnant or is dealing with a lot of stress at work or at home.

What Should Do in Pregnancy?

It is important to treat mental health conceives during pregnancy. Mothers who are depressed, anxious or have other issues talk to a doctor psychologist, therapist and get help right away. The sooner treatment starts, the sooner you’ll feel better.


Talking one on one with a therapist can be a great way to manage stress, deal with depression and ease your anxiety during pregnancy.


Find support groups where you can share your concerns with other mothers who know what you’re going through also help you to overcome. Talking with a social group or counsellor can help you deal with issues over raising a child.


Always talk to a doctor before you start taking any medicines during pregnancy. Don’t start taking it unless your doctor suggests you to


Many women find comfort in activities like yoga, exercise, and meditation. If you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed talking to a friend, family members or faith therapist can help you feel better.

Many moms feel anxious or depressed at some point in their pregnancy and some may even need treatment for it but a mental health problem doesn’t have to be a problem for you or your baby. Get the help you need to feel better; you will be doing the best thing for you both.


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