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My Family doesn't Love Me What can I do? | Factors of Family Problems

My Fit Brain, an online counselling portal, seeks to help the people who suffer from depression due to family issues like daily arguments or fights or family relationships etc. Family is the very first comfort zone of a person. But sometimes it becomes the only reason for making someone depressed. Family problems give depression only to person when someone misbehaves or mishappenings exist continuously. Such depression is not a result of a single factor but a combination of certain incidents that give birth to negative feelings in a person’s mind. In that situation, it is better to take the advice of a psychologist. And My Fit Brain is that type of platforms which consist of a lot of psychologists to solve your problem and helps you to come out from family problems. 

Factors of Family Problems

Over the years, the therapists at My Fit Brain have treated patients who were suffering from depression due to family fights. From this experience, they say that the factors contributing to such depression vary and may include the following:

  • Physical, Emotional or Sexual Abuse

It includes cases where a person is treated badly. It may be physical abuse by husband or parents, emotional abuse by in-laws or sexual abuse by a relative.

  • Disrespect, Bad behaviour, Neglect

This covers cases where a person expects love but gets annoying behaviour or neglect in return. Such a person feels himself/herself unworthy of love.

  • Failure to fulfil expectations of family

It occurs when one fails to fulfill expectations of family whether emotionally or financially. In spite of doing well at the workplace, such a person feels himself as a failure as he does not think himself to be capable of maintaining the balance between his job and family life.

  • Regular conflicts between family members

The conflicts may arise on issues like family partition, property, finances, child issues etc. It is most common in the case of joint families.

  • Communication problems

It occurs when one is unable to express his feelings in a proper manner and others do not seem to understand at all.

  • Role stress after marriage

It occurs in women after marriage when it becomes difficult for them to manage a new role as a wife and a daughter-in-law. Further, it becomes difficult to make decisions to choose career or motherhood or both.

  • Non-cooperation from in-laws after marriage

The working women face such a problem when they are unable to manage office with responsibilities at home and the in-laws constantly criticized for not doing the chores well.

The families which have financial problems are more prone to depression as daily fights arise over one issue or another.

The aforesaid list is inclusive and not exhaustive as the number of causes is innumerable that contributes to depression due to family issues.

Dr Neha Mehta, a well known emotional counselling expert at My Fit Brain says that a patient suffering from depression due to family issues is on high risk as such a person creates a negative boundary around himself and views everyone from a negative perspective. Gradually, his brain starts to make life-threatening decisions like suicide. Hence, such a person needs immediate help like emotional counselling for depression.

At My Fit Brain, we try to understand the perspective of the patient as to how he sees others, what he expects his family to do, why he is not able to voice out his feelings and so on. On the basis of answers, we provide solutions that guarantee a reduction in stress and depression due to family issues.

So, call My Fit Brain experts today to get help for depression due to family issues.

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