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10 Myths In A Relationship- How To Maintain A Good Relationship

Do you want to know what a healthy relationship is or the myths of relationships? Let's know what is a healthy relationship.

Roshni Singh Marriage & Relationship 22 Dec 2021
10 Myths In A Relationship How To Maintain A Good Relationship
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Do you want to know what a healthy relationship is? Or do you wish to look for some of the myths in a relationship? Every relationship has some issues as well as some good side also, even if it is a long-distance relationship or a live-in relationship every relationship has issues. Here we have come up with some of the myths related to relationships and how you can maintain a good relationship. But before that let's know what is a healthy relationship.

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Healthy Relationship: What Is It?

A healthy relationship is one where both the partners are honest and trust each other despite the relationship problems. There is the presence of understanding, care, affection, empathy, love, compromise, and efforts from both partners. Here the partners respect each other's privacy, space, and independence. They have confidence in each other and have the strength to point out each other's mistakes and accept each other as they are without any changes. You have mutual understanding and openness. In short, there should be no myths in a relationship.

Healthy Relationship

10 Myths in a Relationship

Are you aware of some of the common myths which are deeply rooted in the minds of every couple? These myths in a relationship make it weak and they are reasons why many relationships don't last long. Let's look at the top 10 myths of relationships.

1. Conflicts Are Not a Part of a Relationship

One of the greatest myths related to relationships is that conflicts are not a part of a healthy relationship or conflict only ruins relationships. Conflicts suggest that partners have the courage and confidence to keep their points of view before each other. Where two different personalities live together conflicts are prone to occur. Relationship problems like conflicts or arguments can occur at any point, any statement or thought. It happens in every relationship and with every couple.

2. Relationships Are All About Love

Another very popular myth in a relationship is that a relationship only requires love. Just like a plant needs water, sunlight, fertilizer, and care to grow. Relationships also require trust, care, and understanding to grow and form a strong bond. These are the foundation of any relationship and they all are required in a balance along with love to have a long-term relationship. Understanding, trust, care, and love are the four wheels that keep two people together and share a beautiful bond and solve common relationship issues.

3. A Relationship is a Fairy Tale

Movies, stories, tales, etc all show a very different aspect of a relationship. The present is the beautiful side of a relationship just like a fairytale with everything going very smoothly and having no ups and downs. This is another method that is related to a relationship. Often people think when they will come into a relationship they will not have any tears or sadness around them. Everything around them will be very beautiful and magical. But this is not the truth, relationships will have ups and downs.

Relationship is a Fairy Tale

4. Jealousy And Possessiveness is an Important Factor in a Relationship

Yet another method that is very popular and related to relationships is that people think jealousy and possessiveness is a very important part of any relationship. The counterpart is that the relationship is only ruined by jealousy and possessiveness. A healthy relationship does not have jealousy and possessiveness as the partner's trust and understand each other. If your relationship has jealousy and possessiveness, try seeking the help of a counsellor to understand your partners and your relationship.

5. A Healthy Relationship Means You Have to Forget Your Friends

A healthy relationship does not mean that you have to forget your friends and avoid social gatherings. Many times your partner may restrict you and expect you to stop visiting your friends and go to social gatherings just because you are with a partner. A healthy relationship does not stop you from living your own life. 

6. Partners Should Have a Common Interest

One of the common myths related to relationships is that both the partners should have a common interest. Having common interests is very good but you don't have to force yourself to love or to do what you don't want to. Both the partners can have different interests and hobbies and both should be free to follow their passion and pursue their dreams. You should respect your partner's interest. It shows that you have a very good understanding. Having common interests can solve common relationship issues.

7. There Has to Always be a Spark and Passion

Spark and passion are always expected to be in a relationship. This is another myth that is followed by many people. Couples think if their love life has lost passion, spark and excitement then they don't love each other anymore. Having excitement, fun, and passion is very common when you are in a new relationship but it is possible that with time your love becomes very strong and deep and may have some less excitement. All you can do is once again fill your relationship with the same passion.

Spark and Passion

8. You Expect Your Partner to Fulfill Your Needs

Another myth that is deep-rooted in the mind and hearts of people is that the partners must fulfill each other's needs. Most partners expect that the other one is obliged to fulfill all the needs. But all you need to understand is that a partner is not the one that can fulfill all your needs. There are some of the needs that you need to fulfill by yourself as well. 

9. Efforts Are Not Required if Your Relationship is Going Well

Many couples think that if a relationship is going well they don't have to put in any extra effort or do hard work or they don't need good relation tips. Even a healthy and a good-going relationship requires hard work from both sides. Both partners should make efforts to give each other small surprises and bring smiles to each other's faces. You can even visit a counsellor when your relationship is going well just in case to know some loopholes or develop a better understanding.

10. You and Your Partner Should be Able to Read Each Other's Minds

Among all the common and good relation tips, this tip suggests that you and your partner should be able to read each other's minds. After the period of a relationship, you may be able to understand how your partner reacts and what they can think about but you cannot know every time how they feel or what is going on in their mind. Hence you must communicate with each other to know about each other's feelings.

How Can You Maintain a Good Relationship?

Now when you know the myths in a relationship, we will tell you how you can maintain a good relationship. Many people try different methods like taking relationship counseling, speaking to their friends, and sometimes taking a break as well. Here are some of the tips to maintain a good relationship.

1. You Should Always be Honest

Being honest is very important while you are in a relationship. Both the partners should be honest to each other, this builds trust and understanding and also leads to a long-term relationship.

Always be Honest

2. Keep The String of Communication Going

Communication is very essential to keep a relationship going. A healthy relationship has a healthy and deep conversation. Moreover, communication helps in clearing up misunderstandings and also knowing each other along with building trust.

3. Trust Plays a Vital Role

Trust is one of the founding stones that make a relationship strong and deep. If there is no trust between partners there is no meaning of the relationship as well. Hence both the partners should trust each other. Trust is equally important just the way love is. Don't carry any myths about love if there are trust issues.


4. Always Respect The Other One

Respect is yet another point both the partners should keep in mind to maintain a good relationship. No matter how bad the situation is, you should always respect your partner. Along with this you must respect the privacy and give them free space.

5. Try to Understand Each Other

Understanding is yet another founding stone that builds the empire of relationships. To keep a relationship going and a healthy understanding of each other is a crucial step. This may take time but to achieve this you must listen to each other and spend time together.

6. Visit a Counsellor or Therapist

Many feel that visiting a therapist is only necessary when your relationship is on the verge of ending. But this is not true. You can visit a relationship counselor at any stage of a relationship to clear myths about love to have a better understanding of a partner and relationship. Couple therapy helps couples to make the relationship stronger.

Laughter and Smiles

7. Gift Laughter and Smiles to Each Other

Another important factor that can help you in maintaining a good relationship is giving your partner smiles and laughter. You can do this by giving them small surprises or spending a good time with them.


A healthy relationship is very necessary, and to make a relationship healthy and good, you must have four things that are trust, understanding, communication, and love. Some therapists help couples to make their relationship strong and find out the gaps that are present in their relationship so that you and your partner can work over it. My fit brain provides relationship therapy that can help you and your partner to develop a strong relationship.

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