What Is Natural Family Planning And Its Execution

Neha Mehta

27 Nov 2020
Natural Family Planning

Natural family planning consists of some natural contraception methods by which a woman can monitor her fertility through several indications and thus can minimize their potentiality to make her pregnant. As its name indicates, it doesn't involve pills or equipment, and therefore is devoid of any side effects. But before discussing what natural family planning is, we should take a look at the menstrual cycle and ovulation.

What is the menstrual cycle and ovulation?

The menstrual cycle starts from the first day of one's period and lasts until the next period. Though it differs from women to women, its average length is 28 days. Regardless of the length of the cycle, the ovulation generally occurs around 10 to 15 days before the Menstruation.

During her fertile period, a healthy woman's body releases an egg almost at the same time. The ovaries are the producers of eggs, and the process is called ovulation. The egg comes from the ovaries, passes through the fallopian tubes, and sets out toward the uterus. If not fertilized, the egg can stay in the body for up to twenty-four hours. The unfertilized eggs come out from the body with blood. It is called Menstruation.

During the ovulation,

1. The ovaries produce eggs, and one of them gets released.

2. The lining of the uterus tends to thicken to prepare the pregnancy.

3. The cervix's mucus changes pattern to help the sperms through the gateway of the cervix towards the uterus to unify with the eggs

If the egg escapes fertilization, the uterus sheds lining, and the new menstrual cycles get started. Estrogen and progesterone are the two hormones that are responsible for maintaining the menstrual cycle.

Most women are productive for approximately five to six days each month, specifically before some days of ovulation and the day of ovulation. Natural family planning utilizes various techniques to identify those specific fertility days.

Several ways to control pregnancy following the natural method

What is natural family planning methods? Well,

* The rhythm method is one of the age-old means of natural contraception, and it is established solely on a calendar basis. As mentioned before, a woman's normal menstrual cycle tends to dwell between 28 and 32 days. Ovulation usually occurs around the fourteenth day. So one needs to avoid unprotected sex from 8 days to 19th day because of the fertile period.

* The cervical mucus observation method is the process where you need to follow the nature of the mucus your cervix produces. At the time of ovulation, one's mucus is clear, pliable, and wet, almost like raw and fresh egg whites. You can monitor your mucus and note down how it looks each day to get an idea of your ovulation period.

* The basal body temperature monitoring (BBT) method is another one that tracks the body temperature. It can rise slightly high when one ovulates, but it remains healthy during the rest menstrual period. If you want to take the help of this method, you should monitor your temperature each morning before getting out of bed, before eating and drinking anything. BBT is not a vital strategy to prevent pregnancy because charting your temperature can vaguely give an idea of the period of ovulation only.

Symptothermal method combines various methods, usually monitoring basal body temperature and cervical mucus observation. Employing more than one technique can enhance the system of natural contraception.

Advantages of natural contraception method

* It doesn't have any side effects.
* Natural family planning is acceptable to all societies and cultures.
* Most women can follow it easily.
* Once you can understand the methods, there is no need to consult health professionals.
* Natural family planning may work either to prevent pregnancy or to be pregnant successfully without any medical guidance.
* It doesn't include chemicals or external commodities.
* It can enable you to be well aware of your natural and unusual vaginal secretions to track a possible infection.
* It includes your partner in the procedure, which can boost up the closeness and trust between you.

Disadvantages of natural family method

* Natural family planning can't give you protection against sexually transmitted diseases(like chlamydia or HIV).
* You must avoid sex, or take other contraception policy like condoms during your ovulation time, which is quite awkward.
* Depending on your cycle, you may face many difficulties, including a long gap in your original patterns.
* It can be less beneficial than other techniques of contraception if the instructions aren't obeyed perfectly.
* It is least capable if devoid of responsibility and prolonged practice.
* It can encompass numerous menstrual cycles to observe and identify one's productive time. During this time, one has to use other contraception techniques.
* You must carefully keep a regular record of your fertility indications.
* It's not reasonable for every couple.
* Stress, disease, lifestyle hazards, and hormonal fluctuations can disturb your fertility indications.
* If you need to use the emergency contraceptive pill, you must invariably wait for two full cycles before establishing your natural family planning method again.

Other indications to track ovulation:

* you can monitor the position of your cervix to get an assumption of your fertility period fertile period. The uterus tends to get softer and slightly open compared to the infertile period when the service is quite a farm and intact. But this indication is not reliable.

* One may feel pain in their breast, skin rashes can appear, and mood fluctuation can occur during ovulation. But it is too significant a source to be followed to confirm the ovulation period.

Another Natural Contraception

A completely breastfeeding mother experiences the absence of Menstruation because breastfeeding is the natural trick of contraception. It is called the lactational amenorrhoea method or LAM. This method only works if your baby takes breastfeeding exclusively.

This method works less if

* Your baby is more than six months old.
* You already have a period.

It happens because of your ovulation, which tends to start around two weeks before your period.

How effective it is

The success rate of every family planning depends on one's age, the frequency of sex, and the capability to follow the method correctly. Research shows that the natural family planning method can be 99% effective, depending on the person's willingness to support it. But sadly, the percentage decreases as the user generally deviates from the strict instructions. I hope the discussion provided all the information in terms of the question", what is natural family planning?"

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