We All Must Understand, What is An Open Relationship?

Find out what an open relationship actually is, why people choose to be in one, and how you can go about setting up your own.

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open relationship

Four types of relationships are there, which we usually have in life. Basically, this includes relationships in general like; family relationships, friendships, acquaintanceships, and romantic relationships. And, The open relationship is a part of a romantic relationship. Here is the open relationship guide.

Let’s jump into the modern world of ”Open Relationships”?

What is an open relationship? 

open relationship

Open relation is such a kind of romantic relationship which includes all types of romances such as dating, hanging out, marriage, and more. The difference is that people staying in an open relationship, unlike in close relationships, mutually agree to some facts. One or both the partners can be romantically or sexually involved with other people outside the relationship. These facts are opposite to the traditional closed relationship.

An open relationship we often termed as a non-exclusive relationship. Partners get intimate. They share emotional bonding too. But sexually, this relationship is mutually accepted as non-monogamous. The term non-monogamous often refers to polyamory. But open relationships and polyamory are not the same. If we talk about ‘open relationship versus polyamory,’ it can be said that the people who practice polyamory do not believe that sexual and relational exclusivity are needed for a romantic bonding.

Is Open relationship the right choice for You?

is open relationship a right choice

Today, living in an open relationship has become a trend. To be in an open relationship means that you are in the first and main relationship of one person, But apart from this, you can also have a relationship with another person. Can you think of sharing your partner with someone else?

If seen, it seems quite easy and full of adventure but in reality, is quite difficult. Today's youth are learning through open relations that freedom and personal time are very important in any relationship. Everyone is talking about the need for an open relationship, but no one wants to talk about the damage that such relationships can cause and the other sides of it.

Now I am going to tell you the advantages and disadvantages of open relationships, through which you will know whether this open relationship is right for you or not.

Advantages of an Open Relationship:

Having an Open relationship gives us very benefits to live our life. Even after being in a relationship, we do not live in any restriction that you should not do this, do not know this, do this. 

There is no such thing in it, you can do anything on your own free will, whatever you do, you have to do it by telling all your partners.

  1. Open Relationship Gives freedom - Open relationship is a relationship in which you are with anyone but no one can force you that you cannot be in a relationship with someone else. After coming into an open relationship, only people keep the condition that whatever we do in our life, we have to be honest with our partner no matter how many people we are in a relationship with.
  2. Loyal Relationship - While everyone hides an extramarital affair from their partner, if two people agree to be in an open relationship, they are honest about all their relationships. There is a mutual understanding of both or all three persons. In this, they are emotional as well as practical.
  3. Freedom to express yourself for two people: There is excitement, thrill in an open relationship that the youth of today want to live. For example, If your partner can meet all your needs or your level of intimacy has decreased, an open relationship allows you to pursue other options. At the same time, you have the same feeling towards your first partner.

Disadvantages of an Open Relationship:

disadvantages of open relationship

Open relationships have more disadvantages than advantages. This causes problems in people's homes. Even these relationships lead people towards depression, suicide and crime. The following are the disadvantages of open relations.

  1. Jealousy is a human tendency - Where there is love, there is jealousy itself. When people living in a relationship have an extramarital affair, they feel jealous of their spouse's relationship with someone else. This burning forces people to commit a crime. Because when someone loves someone, they cannot see their partner forming a relationship with someone else. For this, he commits domestic violence or suicide. Hurt yourself or your partner in some way.
  2. Takes on the path of dishonesty - In this type of relationship, people cheat on their spouse. They are dishonest towards their relationship and their partners. The reason behind this is that they either cannot or cannot be sexually and emotionally determined. Due to which they cheat their partner and ruin the relationship.
  3. Cheating - The behaviour of a cheating partner is most seen in that they use their phones and computers more than before and protect their phones more than before as their lives depend on it. If your partner's phone and the laptop has never had a password before, but now they keep their phone and laptop password protected, this is not a good sign.
  4. Excuses - If your partner does not answer your call, becomes unreachable or does not respond to your text messages, there is an increased chance that he/she is cheating on you. You may also find excuses such as if he was in a meeting or he was driving etc.
  5. Loss of Interest in Sex - Loss of sex in your relationship can be a sign of cheating. Lack of sex in your relationship can also happen because your partner's attention is focused on someone else. Another possible sign of cheating is that you and your partner are not having any emotional involvement in the sex you are having.
  6. Blaming others - If your partner blames you for every mistake, denies your choice or does not describe you as worthy, then all these things indicate that your partner is starting to dislike you. This reason is enough to cheat.

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Remember these things in an Open relationship:

You should remember these things in an Open Relationship.

  • Set boundaries towards sex - This reduces your risk of having sexually transmitted diseases. So decide among yourself how to have sex with. To be honest with both of you.
  • Set your emotional boundaries - Many times we drown in emotion and cause tribulation at home. Which can cause harm to everyone.
  • You must schedule time with both partners. In any way, if you are giving more time to one and less time to the other, then it can cause problems.
  • Apart from this, decide on what things you have to spend money.

Open Relationship Rules You Must keep in Mind:

What is an open relationship

We cannot say that there are some definite rules or formulas for open relationships. Every relationship is formed according to the taste, liking, and the nature of persons who are having the relationship. Still, some guidelines can be stated in general. There is something that you should do and should not when you are in an open relationship.

  1. You should not put your perceptions over your partner. We always fight according to our feelings in relationships, not according to facts.
  2. You should be in a state of conversation at any time, plus should not exaggerate or ignore the facts, the truths to fit your idea of the situation there. Fighting is all about feeling, not facts. So you better talk.
  3. If you are in a state of wanting an open relationship, then you should always be positive to your partner. You should give them space even though you are angry or furious.
  4. You should be very clear about your desires from the relationship, and you should make it clear to your partner too.
  5. You can set boundaries for both of you initially. But you should keep in mind that the same can be changed as the relationship develops and you should be flexible with it.
  6. You should be ready to talk about anything at any time. You should feel free with your partner.
  7. You should respect each other such as you do not label each other, but you do give a name to each other. That gives importance to your partner.
  8. You can never humiliate your partner just because you are jealous.
  9. You should keep in mind that the nature of an open relationship gets changed as the people change.

Open Relationship Facts:

  • People in open relationships share their feelings with each other. They trust each other—moreover, they share mental bonding to some extent.
  • Their non-monogamy is consensual, ethical, and responsible also. These are open to possibilities of life precisely.
  • They agree to the fact that they are having such a kind of relationship where there are possibilities that they get attached to other people at the same time.

The role of social media in an open relationship

Nowadays, we are easily connected with people through social media. Every day we meet new people on these platforms. There are such platforms as Facebook, Instagram, and other dating sites where forming an open relationship is very easy. Like-Minded people can be found easily on these platforms.

What are Open Relationship Problems:

Although these days, people prefer open relationships as they do not want more pressure in life, the open relationship is not always so peaceful and easy-going.

There are problems with an open relationship:

  1. Communication
  2. Honesty
  3. Time
  4. Freedom
  5. Jealousy

There is a solid chance of being infected with a sexually transmitted disease. Sometimes you get confused. You may feel awkward in front of friends. You may lack the feeling of being someone special. It can be repetitive and boring for you.

Open relationship meaning in different languages

The meaning of open relationships in different languages is fun. 

  • In Bengali is ‘Unmukta Samparka’. 
  • Turana Bandham’ in Malayalam and 
  • Khule Rishte’ in Hindi.

Open Relationship Movies

There are numerous movies on an open relationship like:

  • whatever works’ 
  • breaking the news
  •  ‘5 to 7
  • Big Love’ and more.

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