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Yogendra Singh Rathore
Child Behaviour

27 Dec 2020
Open Your Home To Their Friends

For a child's social and mental development he must get love, care, and attention from his parents but for the sound development of your child are these things enough? Your child needs friends as it increases the self-esteem of your child. Your child learns various important life skills. But here the question arises that are you comfortable with your child’s friends?

Are you happy enough to open the doors for them?

Do you feel any kind of negativity when your child and his friends together?

So it is the time to ask yourself why do you feel such kind of emotions?

Let’s be real you can’t trace your child’s activity every time. You need to understand that friendship is also an important part of life. You need to understand your child’s way of thinking especially when he is a teenager. Teenagers at this age try to understand what they want to become. They are trying to shape their personalities and want to know the world.

So, if you intervene in the conversation between your child and his friends, this might harm the relationship with your child. Don’t be unhappy whenever they come to your home. Show some positive attitude to them so that they will not feel uncomfortable in any way.

Here are the best remedies and tips by Dr. Neha Mehta

1) Give them their space

 By ignoring all your negative thinking, give them proper space to play to your home or any kind of other fun activities. It can be either the living room, your small garden, or your balcony. You can easily notice the kids in this way. If they are teenagers they will prefer to chit chat in the room. So give them their happy space. In the meanwhile, you can prepare some meals for them and you can also spend some time with them so that you will know the personality of your child’s friends. In this way, next time you will open the doors for your child’s buddies with less or no worry.

2)  Plan some activities

To know your child’s friends better, you can plan some activities outside the home. Like a small football match, coffee treat in a café. In this, you all have a conversation and you will be able to understand their behavior in a better way.

3) Don’t act like an investigator officer

Don’t behave like an investigator officer every time you talk to your child’s buddies. Ask them in a limit and that to be in an amicable way. They will not feel uncomfortable if you talk in a nice and positive manner.

4) Don’t be harsh on your child

If your child is a teenager, then he is old enough to decide who must be his friend or not. You should trust him but you should still make some rules and regulations that they must follow.

5)  Don’t make assumptions

If you talk to your child’s friend and within a few seconds, you assume that he is a person with good behavior or bad behavior. This type of behavior is wrong. Immediately, you should not prepare the image of a particular person in your mind.

6) Don’t judge them according to their cast, culture or religion

If they are of different cultures like yours, then don’t act like a judgmental person. Don’t think negatively if you have cultural differences with them. Keep asides your personal beliefs before talking to them.

7) Talk to child’s teacher

 If you want to know the friends of your child in a better way, you should ask this from the teacher. In this quality conversation, they will easily tell you what kind of behavior that child shows up in the classroom. This will help you to judge that child easily.

8) Hobbies of your child and his friends

You should know what is the hobby of your child. You must know in what way, your child and his friends spend time. Are they wasting time playing video games or are they doing some productive work?

9) Notice the behavior of your child

Children easily get influenced by their friends so as a parent it is your responsibility to notify the behavior of your child every time he makes new friends? Is he a more confident person than before or is he feeling low or disturbed?

10)  Conversation is necessary

 If you feel that one of the friends of your child who often comes to your home, is spoiling your child in any way, don’t be hesitate to have a word with him and his parents. It is your responsibility to protect your child from the spoiled ones and also your moral responsibility to let his parents know about their child.

11) Let your kids learn from their mistakes

We know all of us love and care for our children, but let them take their decisions independently. Don’t ask about their friends and their life every time because, in this way, they might feel irritated with you. They will make mistakes and learn from this for their better future.

12) Don’t act like  helicopter parents

 Don’t be a helicopter parent, who wants to stay with their children 24/7 and wants to know about the activities of their child and their friends. We should think practically. This can create a suffocation in a relationship between you and your child.

13) Make family on top priority

 As we all know, friendship is very important for a person for a better development. If your child spends a lot of time with his friends but not with a family then this is an alarming situation. It means your family members are not closed enough with each other. You should change this scenario.

Next time, open your home for your child’s friends with positivity and without thinking much. Let your child choose his friends but take care of your child’s behavior and let them learn from their mistakes. Invite them to your home, and you will start feeling that his friends are not as dangerous as you thought.

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