Over Protective Parents

Tanishka Pathak

28 Nov 2020
Over Protective Parents

Are you an overprotective parent?

Overprotective parents are those kind parents who want to protect their children from every situation. They run behind for forgotten lunch, school homework notebook, getting dress the kids wear. They always pull their kid out of jams. Not a day goes when they are not protecting kids from their own experience. They always feel worry and experience some kind of anxiety when they think about the present and future of their child.

Signs that you are an overprotective parent

Do you want to protect your child from emotional pain?

Do you always think about your child activities?

Do you try to just protect your child from any kind of problem in this world?

Do you think the world can harm your child?

Do you complete your child’s homework or project even they can easily do that?

Do you want to know who are his friends and what kind of conversation they do?

Do you get overly involved in his school?

Do you ask about your child’s performance from his teacher every other day?

Then the above are the signs which show that you are an overprotecting parent

Parents need to understand that being an overprotective parent will not be able to help your child in any way. If you don’t let your child explore he might have generated a kind of fear in his mind. He will never feel confident and his self-esteem will always below. A child might feel that his parents don’t have trust or confidence in him to perform a particular task.

If you perform their task/ activity then your this action can easily discourage your child to do or try something new. Responsibility is a good thing as it increases self-confidence also. If you try to hide the reality of this world and always manage to become a shield in their life then how will he able to know the harsh realities of life? Let him take his decisions with his wisdom and later on implement that. If he do some mistakes then let him failed. Failure is not a bad thing. Don’t try to make him guilty. It’s a part of life.

Some parents over console their child. Consolation is good and needed but it is needed by you at a certain level. Some parents develop vague fears about their children. If you always think excessively about your child’s future then you might experience anxiety issues. Concentrate on the present time to be positive and have faith in your child.

If you feel difficulty separating from your child, then how will he become an independent child? Later on in his life, he would want to pursue his higher studies in any other state or any other country? Then how will you cope up in this situation? If you don’t send your child to a good college or school which is far away from your home, then you will be playing with his future. Therefore, it is suggested to keep aside your negative thinking and try to be a positive parent.

It is appreciable if you keep tracking his studies and attend the Parent-Teacher Meeting every month but if you try to keep track of his every activity in his school or college and ask frequently his teacher that how he is doing in his class, in his tests, in other activities then you are trying to over-indulge in his life which is not a good thing.

Always revolving around your children, will not help your child to sustain a better and good life. If you rescue your child whenever the trouble comes, then how will he come to know his power to come out from a bad and unwanted situation? Problems always test the patience of a person. Let your child know his inner strength.

Every child deserves an experience which can be useful for them for a sound development. The children of overprotective parents find difficult to adjust in groups when they become adult and find problems in college life because their learning skills are stolen from them in “name of love.” On a very serious note, parents should understand this thing that their child has the right to live fearlessly and independently.

 Be practical, it is impossible to track your child’s every activity. It is not advisable to intrude in your child’s life in every situation. If you continuously behave like a helicopter parent, this will create a gap between you and your child. Your child will start feeling irritated with you. You should make him feel confident and give him a charge for his life but this doesn’t mean you have no right to say anything about his life. You should guide him in every part of his life but the ultimate decision will be taken by him only. Life is a combination of hard work, smart work, and destiny so it is useless to always think about the future. So, don’t feel anxious and panic thinking about your child’s future.

Give your child some household responsibilities like – do the dusting, help mummy in the kitchen, welcoming the guests. These small things will help him to build confidence and he will be happy that his parents believe him and give him responsibilities proudly and happily!

The overprotective parents are failing to prepare their child from kind of outer world and the irony is these parents are often called as model parents by others. We hope you are this kind of parent and if you are then try to change your mind as soon as possible as it is highly beneficial for your child. So, be happy and positive by reading some good books on parenting and do breathing exercises as it will help you to achieve positive thoughts and minds. You will feel calmer and better than earlier.

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