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Gone are the days when family rules were clear that the father was the bread earners and mother used to stay at home, taking care of children.
Most families nowadays, Has both partners working and that often leaves us with the question on how to balance work and family?
Judging between child-rearing and constant demand for work is a never-ending stress that takes a toll on many Parents personal and professional lives.
Yet many parents feel guilty for not giving good Parenting to their child.
Seema, a bank officer, HISAR even shared that: I loved my work until my child was born. Now due to work stress, I speak too rudely to my kid.
Though I go to the office but neither am I at work (mentally) nor am I with my child. (Physically)
While we all agreed to the ill-effects of having both Parents working there exists a Potential Positives too like going to day-care widens his social skills and broadens his horizons otherwise he would have been confined to simply his Parent’s world.

How to Maintain Balance in Work and Home? Parenting Tips

So, here goes the tips by DR. NEHA MEHTA, that can help you and your child develop better Includes and tell how to maintain balance in work and home.

Time management

It’s very easy to say that do time manage but how it actually works! Is the statement given by conscious parent, Preeti [yes, we often get confused with the demands at home and work] Hence, unable to devote time to both! Thus, it is always advantageous for working Parents to set a time table for themselves and stick to them

Do not carry work home

Often, we carry our work home to ease our work life but it somewhere disturbs your Personal life


Choose flexible work times if possible

Yes, you can opt for flexible timings so that sometimes you will be able to keep your personal works on priority.

Avoid burn-out

Usually, what happens is when we reach home after work we were completely exhausted and these things putt off from giving time to children. In-office break, skip coffee and tea sometimes, opt for a physical workout like walk.

 Barter responsibilities

It’s okay to share your work with your family member you can’t do them alone always. Giving some amount of task related to children to their father is important too.

Spend quality time with your child

Make a schedule, I know Holidays means double works, but try to take time out and indulge in activities physically with your kids.

Spend some ‘me’ time

Try taking time out from your busy schedule of running after money. Your mind-body, muscles, nerves need relaxation too. Pity on them

However, if you still notice some changes in your child behaviour or notice your child being too cranky or throwing more tantrums than before, don’t blame yourself or leave your job, instead speak to a psychologist reach us at My Fit brain
Since there may be some other underlying issues.


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