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Personality Disorder

Personality refers to the way we think and behave. This specific attribute makes of every person makes humans different from each other. Our personality is influenced by our surroundings i.e. environment, our life experiences and the characteristics inherited from our parents. When our thinking, perceptions and behaviour deviate from our normal behaviour and the expectations of culture, it takes a form of a mental disorder known as Personality disorder.

My Fit Brain Therapists say that this Personality disorder affects the functioning of our brain and the impact lasts over a long time. Hence, we strongly recommend online therapy for treatment of Personality disorder.

Recognising Personality disorder

Personality disorder is not a result of a single day’s behaviour or thinking. In fact it involves a pattern of unexpected behaviour or activities or thinking. This pattern subsists for a long time and the disorder becomes inflexible if not treated well in time. The unusual pattern starts in early adulthood and gradually causes problems in functioning of the patient. The pattern can be easily observed in any of the two areas as mentioned below:

  • Emotional response
  • Thinking about others and own self
  • Inability to control own behaviour or actions
  • Way of relating oneself to others
Causes of Personality disorder

Though the exact causes of this mental illness are still unknown, studies say that the condition of mental disorder is a result of many factors that put a deep impact on someone’s way of thinking and gradually it shapes one’s personality to behave in a particular pattern. Some of the causes may be the following:

  • Biological factors i.e. altered functioning of brain
  • Genetical factors i.e. some get it from their family
  • Environmental factors like physical, sexual or emotional assault, past traumatic experience etc.
Treatment of Personality disorders at MFB

MFB Professional Therapists strive hard to provide an expert online counselling treatments and therapies for Personality disorder. Following are the major 10 types of Personality disorders which are categorised into three clusters on the basis of common symptoms:

  1. Cluster A: An odd behaviour or eccentric
  • Paranoid Personality disorder: People suffering from this disorder assume that other people will harm them. They distrust everyone and are always suspicious about others’ motives.
  • Schizoid Personality disorder: Those suffering from this disorder do not form close relationships and choose to stay alone or indulge in solitary activities. They exhibit a pattern of detachment from everyone.
  • Schizotypal Personality disorder: Persons with this disorder have odd behaviour and speech pattern. They also attribute wrong meaning to every event happening around them.
  1. Cluster B: A dramatic or erratic behaviour
  • Borderline Personality disorder: People with this disorder exhibit unstable emotional responses, unstable relationships and self-image. They show intense anger or repeated suicidal behaviour and also try to avoid abandonment at any cost.
  • Anti-social Personality disorder: Patients of this do not adhere to social norms and repeatedly deceive others. Lying becomes a habit. They also act impulsively more often.
  • Histrionic Personality disorder: The patient seeks attention all the time and shows exaggerated emotions when he/she is not paid attention by anyone. They even use physical appearance to draw others’ attention.
  • Narcissistic Personality disorder: The patient has lack of empathy for others. They need constant admiration and assume huge self-importance and also try to take advantage of others.

Cluster C

  • Avoidant Personality disorder: The patient is extremely sensitive to criticism and is always reluctant to involve with people fearing criticism. They consider themselves socially inept and inferior to others.
  • Obsessive Compulsory Disorder: The parsons suffering from this disorder stay preoccupied with perfectionism and orderliness in every single thing they do. They go for details and make schedules for everything. They are inflexible to moral values and also stay away from leisure and friendships.
  • Dependent Personality disorder: The patients display clingy behaviour. They are dependent on others for making decisions and feel helpless when someone is not there to reassure them. They always need someone to take care and thus, show a submissive and over dependent behaviour.
Single step for Treatment at MFB

While you may think it is hard to find treatment for Personality disorder, it begins with a single step. All you need to do is to book your appointment for online counselling for Personality disorder.

Following are the therapies are done to cure Personality disorder

  • Dialectical behaviour Therapy

This therapy is also known as DBT. MFB Therapists focus on teaching the patients to learn their reactions to the situations. What the appropriate reaction should be in a particular situation? They focus on skills like controlling emotions especially the destructive ones. They are also taught about bringing an improvement in inter-personal relationships. A problem-solving approach is adopted. The individual therapy sessions are often combined with group therapy sessions online so that the behaviour of a person in a group can be analysed after a specific period of online training for appropriate behaviour.

  • Mentalization based therapy

This is basically a talk therapy. Here the My Fit Brain Therapists make the patients of Personality disorder understand the feelings of others.

  • Transference focus therapy

In this therapy, the online therapists for Personality disorder help the patient to understand relations in a better way. Patients try to understand their relationship with the therapist for example and identify other inter-personal relations like this.

  • Good Psychiatric Management

This therapy is done by mental health professionals with specific procedures to treat patients suffering with severe Personality disorder.

Advice related to self care activities

The MFB Experts also recommend self-care activities to the patients so that after treatment they are able to take care of their mental health. Such self care activities include:

  • Good sleep
  • Regular exercise
  • Taking healthy diet
  • Stress management techniques

So it would be quite apt to say that My Fit Brain online therapy for treatment of personality disorder can actually transform the life of patients. Contact us immediately and save your loved ones from ruining their lives by getting better with MFB.

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