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Pillars of Self Esteem | The Practice of Self Esteem

Learn about self-esteem and the practices that can help you to develop it. This article covers all aspects from body image to emotional intelligence, perfectionism, and more!

Tanishka Pathak Image Enhancement 27 Jul 2017
Pillars of Self Esteem
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Do You want to Know about Pillars of Self Esteem? Do You want to improve your Self- Esteem? And Why is Self-Esteem Important in your life?

You all know that self-esteem has a lot of importance in your life. If you have a lack of self-esteem, then you may face trouble in growing your career too. It is very important to understand Self- Esteem in your life, because if you do not understand it quickly, then this can be a problem in both your personal and professional life in the future.

Now I am going to tell you that “What is Self- Esteem”?

What is Self Esteem?

The simple meaning of self-esteem is to have respect yourself. If you know that you are lacking in self-esteem, then you will automatically see the right way where you can improve your self-esteem.

But if you really don’t care about your respect, then there are low chances to reach your destination because Everyone wants a good person having a lot of Self respect And Confidence.

If I talk in the language of psychology, then self-esteem only shows your personal value or importance. Getting frequent criticisms, usually by our family, friends, and society removes our feelings of self-worth. Our low self-esteem reduces the self-confidence of taking any small decision in us. 

However, such feelings do not have to last forever. Your self-esteem increases your confidence and is also the first step towards happiness and a better life.

Now I am going to tell You about the Importance of Self - Esteem in your life.

Why Self-Esteem is important in your life

Why Self-Esteem is important in your life

Self-esteem has so much importance in your life that it awakens the feeling of motivation in you, as well as helping the person to be successful. There will be some people in your life who do not have the slightest desire for their own response but think of one thing and see If a person cannot respect himself, what will he do for someone else?

You must also understand the importance of self-esteem in your life. If you work hard in the office, then you should take care of it for yourself. You are paid a salary for work, but you should know your special importance. Some of you wait that the person in front will appreciate you, but first of all, it is necessary to have respect for ourselves.

In the next part, I will tell you Some tips for improving Self- esteem in your life.

Signs of a Low Self- Esteem:

There are some symptoms of the self-esteem flame, by whose help you can identify that you lack self-esteem. These points are following:

  • You always have your life and have a negative outlook.
  • You always have to struggle in your life in terms of confidence.
  • You notice your weaknesses more than your skills.
  • You are always afraid of failure.
  • Having problems with talking to someone openly.
  • If you have symptoms of lack of self-esteem, then you are used to saying sorry for every small thing.
  • You feel the need for others more than you.
  • Sometimes you start buying gifts for unnecessary people.

Apart from these, there are some signs of low Esteem, due to which a lot of problems can come in your life. 

Some Signs of a Healthy Self -Esteem:

There are some such systems that will tell you that you have healthy self-esteem, as I talk about some positive lifestyle that reflects your healthy self-esteem.

There are the following points of healthy Self- Esteem:

healthy Self- Esteem

  • No means no. It means that if you do not feel like doing any work then you will not be there for that work.
  • You always have a positive mindset and a positive outlook towards your life.
  • You always feel confident in Every Situation.
  • You like to live in the present more than in the past.

There are some people who only pay attention to their weaknesses, but if you have healthy self-esteem, then you always carry both your weaknesses and strengths together.

How to Improve Self-Esteem? Some tips to Increase Self- Esteem

How to Improve Self-Esteem

There should never be a lack of self-esteem in a human being, because if you want to be successful in life and want to move forward, then you need Pillars of Self Esteem or confidence in every field.

Pillars of Self Esteem is a very important part of your life because If you don't have your own values then You will not be successful.

Now I am going to tell you about Some of the ways in which You can improve your self-esteem.

Always be nice to Yourself:

In life, you should always behave well because if you do not treat yourself well, what good will you do with someone else? Always try to do well with yourself, try to keep your thoughts positive. In the starting days, it will be difficult for you to behave well with yourself, but you have to do this not for others but only for yourself, because until you do, how you will find the idea of that thing.

Try to Improve Yourself: 

You should always compete with yourself and try to improve yourself instead of doing competition with others. But at the same time remember one thing that no human is perfect in this world.

Everyone makes mistakes: 

One thing you must always remember is that a mistake can be made by any human being, If you make any kind of mistake, instead of feeling disappointed at it, you should learn something from that mistake.

Focus on What You Can Change: 

There are some things that you cannot do to change, so focus on the things that are in your hands, that is, it is useless to think about the things on which you are not settled for hours.

Do what makes you happy:

In life, you should always do the work that you are happy to do, that is, if you are doing something forcefully or you are not happy to do that work then you should not do that work. If you are feeling happy doing your work, then You should do that work. If you are doing the work that you are happy to do, then your life starts getting interested.

Celebrate the Small Things: 

You should always enjoy small happiness in life because every moment is important for us, but there are some people who sit with their problems instead of happiness, but you should enjoy every little happiness.

Final Words:

At last, I am going to say that it is necessary to love yourself and try to improve your self-esteem. I hope it will help you in the future. You have to accept that Self- esteem is most important for your career. If You need any help then you can visit My Fit Brain and talk with our professional consultant. 

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