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Problem in Relationship After Marriage | Pre-Divorce Counselling

Divorce is not always necessary. Sometimes a little mediation of a pre-divorce counsellor can direct you towards a happy married life once again. Thus, My Fit Brain team offers pre-divorce counselling for those who think that there is marriage is on the verge of break up.

If you think that you can save your marriage from divorce, then, come for online counselling for pre-divorce at My Fit Brain website. We provide excellent pre-divorce consultancy to bring back the lost love and trust in the marriage relationship.

Relationship counsellors at My Fit Brain talk to both individuals and discover the possible problems between each of them. They teach them aspects of self-discovery, self-realisation and self-examination. After thorough counselling, the relationship counsellor provides a realistic solution to the problem. In some cases, the marriage can be workable but in some, it might seem impossible to restore the same.

Process of Pre-Divorce Counselling

The process of online pre-divorce counselling at My Fit Brain is divided into five sessions:

  1. One session where both the spouses are involved
  2. Two different sessions with each of the spouses
  3. One session with child/children, if any
  4. One session with whole family

Online counselling is available on Skype or Voice Chat where our talk therapists listen to the feelings of both husband and wife i.e.

  • What they feel about their marriage and for each other?
  • What are their expectations from the other one?
  • What are the problems in their married life?

Pre-divorce counselling at My Fit Brain is especially ideal for individuals who want an unbiased advice from relationship experts. Our relationship experts seek to figure out the following issues in a married relationship.

  • Whether both spouses are interested in continuing the relationship or not?
  • Whether there is any specific incident that caused indifferences between the spouses?
  • Whether the decision of divorce is being taken by spouses themselves or it is someone else’s advice?
  • Was it a love marriage or arranged?
  • Whether love and trust between the couple still exists or not?
  • What are the possible causes of indifference?
  • Does the couple have any children?
  • Do any of the spouses have an extra-marital affair?

Outcomes of a Pre-Divorce Counselling

After analysing the answers of aforesaid questions, My Fit Brain experts will provide advice related to the following

  • To try once more
  • To stay separated for some time to see how both of them feel
  • To analyse the impact of divorce on children
  • To file for divorce

In a nutshell, it will be apt to say that when divorce seems the only option, online counselling at My Fit Brain may help you to restore your marriage. After all, fights and indifferences happen in every relationship but quitting is not always mandatory. The time, trust, feelings that you once invested in some person should not go in vain until you have tried your best to save your marriage.

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