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Preventions For Somatic Illness | Symptoms & Medication of Somatic Illness

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Dr Abhishek Chugh Anxiety 28 Nov 2020
Preventions For Somatic Illness | Symptoms & Medication of Somatic Illness

Somatic illness or symptoms occur when a person feels extreme, exaggerated anxiety about physical symptoms. The person who suffers has such intense thoughts, feelings, and behavior related to it. The symptoms, that they can’t do some of the activities of daily causes on or more bodily symptoms, including pain. If you are suffering from somatic illness, you may experience significant emotional and physical distress. Treatment can help ease the symptoms, help you to cope, and improve your quality of life.

Symptoms Of Somatic Illness

  • Specific sensations, such as pain or breathing problems, fatigue, or weakness.
  • The pain or distress would be in mild, moderate, or severe conditions.
  • Constant worry about potential illness.
  • Repeatedly checking your body for abnormalities.
  • Thinking of that physical sensations are threatening or more harmful.
  • Worry of physical activity may cause damage to your body.
  • Fearing that symptoms are serious, even when there is no evidence.
  • Pain is the most common symptom. In additionally having excessive thoughts, feelings, or behavioral changes cause significant problems and make it even more difficult to function our body in a proper manner.

Prevention for somatic illness

How to prevent somatic symptoms, some of these recommendations may help:-


Physical Symptoms can be related to psychological distress also a high level of health anxiety may be the reason, psychotherapies will help to improve the symptoms especially Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) help you to improve your physical symptoms.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) can help you to:

  • Learn how to reduce stress.
  • Learn how to cope with physical symptoms.
  • Improve daily functioning at work in relations or in social situations.
  • Address depression and other mental health disorders.

Participate in activities: 

  • Stay involved in your work and in social or family activities. Don’t wait until you’re to participate. Get physically active.
  • Learning stress management and relaxation techniques, such as progressives muscle relaxation may help to improve physical symptoms or pain.

Medications of Somatic Illness

Antidepressant medication can help to reduce symptoms associated with depression and pain that often occur with somatic illness. The focus of treatment is to improve daily life functioning, stress reduction is often an important part of getting better. Counseling for family and friends may also be useful to recovery even more early seeing your doctor for regular checkups is the most important part of your treatment. It will help you to maintain your health. Somatic illness is a treatable problem. A person must not think that his life is over or he will be suffering whole life if he is suffering from this problem. With proper medication, meditation, exercise, a good lifestyle, and with family love, this problem is treatable. 

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