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Problem Faced By Single Mothers | Parenting Tips

It is said that GOD is especially present on this earth as our “MOTHER”, from understanding our untold story to become part of the latent and unknown sensations. In some cases even after experiencing many up’s and down’s in life. They are weak but rather firmly stand for her children.

Single Parents and their child can also be flourished and there are plenty of examples to prove it. Single motherhood comes with a unique set of emotional challenges that can at times feel overwhelming. A single mother taking care of her child is much more powerful. She always tries to give the best to their kids. Single mothers are the women living with their kids, who can be divorced, widowed or unmarried. Being a Single Mother is not an easy task, it is one of the toughest jobs in the world. It requires lots of work, dedication, strong sense of determination & confidence and most crucially love.

Single mothers have to face a set of difficult problems for which nobody ever prepares them, yet they manage to do impressive things just by following their heart and intuition. According to Psychologists, being a single mother is twice the stress and twice the tears but at another hand, it’s also twice the hugs, twice the love and twice the pride, as she has to fulfil the jobs of two people and have to do twice more work. Single mothers having no one with whom she could share the burden of the stressful moments. MY FIT BRAIN provides a platform to reduce the stress level in single mothers.

There are bright sides of single mother parenting, such as single mother gets all love and attention for her child. Being a single mother is not something that any woman would never wish, but unfortunately, it happens. Dr Neha helps single mother to maintain balance between the needs of a woman and a mother, also help them to become a fulfilled and happy woman.

In July 2015, the Supreme Court stipulated that in its historic decision, the unmarried mother of her child is the natural guardian of her child. It is not necessary to mention the names of the fathers of their children to such women. Single Mothers are superheroes to their children they are best friend and the mentor of their kids. Every mother especially single mother has an impressive inner confidence that is contagious. They never give up in any situation, no matters how rough the time is.

It is a great concern of every mother is making sure that her child is safe and happy. There are not many differences between a single mom or any other mom except for the fact that single moms share the heavy responsibility of knowing that their child relies 100% on them.

Problems faced by Single Mother

According to research by an Expert Team of Psychologists, a single mother has to face more difficulties as compared to a single father. A single mother cannot afford to be selfish when they know that their child is depending entirely on them. Although being a single mother can be extremely rewarding, nobody can neglect that it is one of the most stressful position that on individual ever face. A single mother takes a lot of mental and physical strength.

Here are some common problems faced by a Single Mother.

Financial Problems:

Single mother families often face lots of stress due to financial issues. She has to pay for all expenses of running the house, raising the child and educational expenses all alone. Kids of the single mother often complain that they don’t get all the extras that their friends getting, who have two parents. They might also feel ashamed or abandoned.  Financial problems are perhaps one of the biggest challenges faced by a single mother.

Juggling between Work & Family:

Single parents have a hard time in trying to juggle between their professional and personal life. They have fulfilled the responsibilities of both parents. They must do house chores, help children with assignments and spend quality time with them also single parent might have to work long hours in order to earn enough which further reduces the time available to interact with their children. Due to this parent also overreact on petty things making kids feel miserable.

Hard to Find Reliable Babysitters:

No matter whom you trust, mothers are always worried about their child’s safety and well being. You are in constant mental distress about whether your child has eaten properly or not. They always wonder if the person babysitting your child will take proper care of them. After all, it is always hard to find someone dedicated who will stay with your child.

Unwanted Proposals of Marriage & Indecisive State of Mind:

You heard it right single mothers keep getting proposals to get married. However, they are always in a quag if they should accept the proposal or not. The thing that always keeps them on the edge is finding a trustworthy life partner. They are not sure if the person who wants to marry them will take care of their child or not.

Less Quality Time to Spend with their Child:

A parent needs to spend quality time with their child as it is a crucial factor in upbringing. However, they keep struggling to find quality time to spend with their child. The unavailability of time keeps the parents worried if their child “Will become a confident individual or not?” “Will their child is able to face challenges of the real world?” Similarly, they always feel guilty of not giving enough time for their child.

Filling of Legal Documents:

Many legal documents in India require the name of the child’s father. It typically difficult for a single mother, who needs to come up with all sorts of excuses to get the documents submitted.

Judged by Society:

Single mother is being judged quickly by our society which is the most difficult part in a woman’s life who is parenting her child alone. Our societies judge them without even trying to figure out how she got stuck in such situation. Especially the unmarried single mothers, people start judging her character which makes their morale and self-esteem low, also she can get stuck into depression, which may are lead to suicidal thoughts.

Parenting Tips for Single Mother

  • Always remember that you are doing a fantastic job. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.
  • Find some way to relieve your stress. Go swimming, bake bread, and sing paint a wall yells at a chair. Clear out a cupboard or talk to someone you trust.
  • Maintain your boundaries and house rules. Be consistent set rules and stick with them. Chose your battle wisely.
  • Be honest and apologies when you get it wrong. Children learn by our example by our actions rather than our words.
  • Don’t make your children feel guilty about going to see their parents and don’t criticize the other parents in front of your children.
  • Recognize your needs consider them important and find ways to fulfil them. Don’t afraid to admit your feelings, especially when you are feeling low.
  • Try something new like losing weight or having a new hairstyle can work wonders for your self-confidence (and take off you).
  • Don’t blame yourself or spoil your child make up for being a single parent.
  • Always praise yourself and your child. Give him or her unconditional love and support. Set aside time each day to play read or simply sits with your child.
  • It’s OK, to be honest with your child. If you are having a difficult time, but remind him or her that things will get better.
  • Stay positive! It is completely okay to be honest with your child if you’re having a difficult time but also remind him or her that things will get better. Give your child an age-appropriate level of responsibility.
  • Maintain a daily routine; try to schedule meals, chores, bedtime and other family function at regular hours so that your child knows exactly what to expect each day.

If you are also a Single Mother and going through such problems. Feel free to get connected to our Expert Team of Psychologist online as well as clinically. Login to or call us on 9050232637


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