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Problems Faced by Single Parents

Being a single parent is not at all an easy task. You have to go through various issues and face the challenges all alone. Let’s discuss the solution here.

Ruchika Chhabra Parenting 13 Feb 2022
Problems Faced by Single Parents
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Being a single parent is not at all an easy task. You have to go through various issues and face the challenges all alone.  Not only parents but single parenting can cause various types of problems to children as well as they may suffer from psychological disorders, depression, anxiety, and various other health-related issues.

Single Parenting is stressful for both the child and the parent as there is a missing factor that the single parent tries to fulfill by taking up all the responsibilities. There are so many reasons which can lead to single parenting like the death of another parent, divorce, etc. Regardless of whatever may be the cause behind single parenting, there's one thing we as a society could do that changes our perspectives towards them and support them in this journey so that problems faced by single parents decrease.

So if you are a single parent then this article must be helpful for you to understand the challenges and other issues faced by you or any other single parent you know.

Let us now know about the problems faced by single parents they are as follows - 

Problems Faced by Single Parents

1. Lack of Financial Support

Financial problems are one of the major challenges faced by single parents, especially single mothers. They have to look after household chores and then work out to pay their expenses. No financial support is available to them, they have to manage everything on their own and at the same, they have to look after their children and their needs.

2. No Social Support

In this society, single parents are always considered weaker and the one who needs sympathy. Especially women, there are so many problems single mothers face in society. And what they need is Social support which is not provided to them. They have to be there for themselves without expecting it from someone else

3. Being Pressurised to Get Remarried

Yes, single parents have to suffer through this social pressure i.e to get married. They keep on getting proposals and are being forced by their relatives to accept them and live their life comfortably. This is a problem faced by single-parent families. They have to keep listening to an unending list of reasons for getting married all the time. And the fact that always triggers them is should they think again over all that advice? Will remarriage be a good option?


4. Popping Up of Proposals And in a Balanced State of Mind

Being a single parent you will often be getting so many proposals for remarriage. And you are always in an indecisive state of mind where you will be stuck between numerous thoughts coming to your mind like should they accept the proposal or not?

5. Lack of Spending Quality Time With Your Child

This is a very major challenge faced by single parents i.e lack of spending quality time with their children. They always live in this guilt as they have so many responsibilities on their head to deal with. Time plays a very precious role in their life and often end up struggling to spend some quality time with their children's. And this makes parents worried about the thoughts like will their child be confident enough? Or their child is strong enough to deal with the chaos of this society? Will they be able to withstand and cope in the race of this society?

6. Handling Legal Documents

Being a single parent, especially a mother you have to face a lot of difficulties in Handling the legal documents of their children. Just like in India in many legal documents names of the father, their details are often required and they often have to go through so many extra-legal formalities to submit the documents their favor, being a single parent they always face difficulties when it comes to handling legal documents. Handling legal documents is one of the most difficult challenges faced by single mothers'.


7. Stereotypical Society to Deal With

Society always judges single parents very easily especially when it comes to woman's they have to go through a lot of problems living in a society full of stereotypes. Single parents are never being treated just like other parents. Society instead of understanding their difficulties/problems creates more problems for them like not behaving properly, always making them feel weak and what not. But, despite the challenges faced by single mothers. They are very strong. They have chosen a path to go through which is not at all easy. They are superwomen who deal with their issues all alone and society must change their perspective towards single mothers and need to understand the problems they are facing

8. Children's Suffering From Psychological Problems

Single parenting not only affects parents negatively but also creates problems for children as well. Children with single parents often face a lot of psychological problems like depression, anxiety, lack of confidence, fear of dealing with people, loneliness and so many other health-related problems. You should consult for child counseling for your children. And it is often being noticed that children with single parents often stay alone they do not mix up with other children's and they also lack confidence and always live in anxiety of being questioned regarding their other parent and it

9. Children's Getting Engaged in Wrong Activities

There are so many responsibilities a single parent has to deal with due which they are not able to look after their children and there's a very higher probability that lack of spending time with their children can lead to children getting engaged in wrong Activities like consuming drugs, alcohol, etc. And it is also being observed that many of these children either they are not good at studies or they leave their schooling in the middle itself.  A child counselor will help you to get out of your wrong habits.


10. Difficulty in Trusting People

As being single parents they have to deal with household chores as well as work out to manage their expenses and this results in leaving their child with someone else. And this society is full of bad people. There are so many people who pretend to be nice but on the back, they have some different perspectives. So, it becomes difficult for parents to trust people. This is the major issue single parents face

So these were the issues single parents face and now let us now know about how to cope with these issues and lead a peaceful and happy life -

1. Not to Find Their Missing Partner in The Child

This is very important as it will make them as well as the kid emotionally weak and create a sense of loneliness. So, single parents should always try to avoid thinking about their missing partners.

2. Try to Maintain a Close Bond With Children

Single parents should always try to maintain a close relationship with their children and often make plans to spend quality time with them and have fun together. But, at the same time, it is very necessary to be strict with them. Being strict parents will help you to keep them in track.


3. Increase Encouragement Among Their Children

Encouraging your children to complete their studies and participating in various extracurricular activities is very important. This helps children to live happy lives and cope with the sense of loneliness.

4. Enquire About How Their Children Spent Their Day

Single parents should always focus on enquiring out to their children by asking questions like how was their day spent? What all things happen at their school? Are they facing any difficulty or any kind of stress? As your children may face some problems in school. So, being the only parent it is your responsibility to enquire about their school life problems.


In this article, you got to know about issues single parents face in their day-to-day life and the ways how to deal with those problems on their own. A single parent can be considered a weighing scale constantly trying to balance a variety of tasks so with this article we just want you to conclude by saying that we all should change our perspectives towards single parents and make it a little easy for them to live in this society.

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