Open Your Home To Their Friends

Open Your Home To Their Friends

Are you unhappy that your child spends lots of time going out for Parties and get together at his friend’s place?

He/she feels comfortable going to other friend house and indulged in bad activity. It created communication gap between you both?

Here is the best remedies and tip by  Neha Mehta, Child psychologist (My Fit Brain).

When you teen look for place to hang out, be a good sport about it. Prepare snacks for them. Let them play their own music, eat and drink what they want. Moreover make yourself available when they need.

Trust me you will be surprised that how they will starts connecting to you.

Children need someone to listen to them sometimes and your strict attitude can turn them to go outside and party. However this doesn’t make your child decent and change their habits. But it makes them feel that you trust them and respect their thinking. If this makes you uncomfortable you can put some restrictions as it’s your house and you have rights to enforce your rules.

Open community is always a better approach.

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