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Psychology Career in India - Course to Become a Psychologist in 2022

In this article, we are going to discuss psychology, psychology career in India and all are the courses to become a psychologist in 2022.

Neha Mehta General 13 Feb 2022
Psychology Career in India - Course to Become a Psychologist in 2022
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Do you have an interest in learning the mind behaviors of different people? Are you looking for the right resource for a psychology career in India If yes, then you are at the right place here? In this article, we are going to discuss psychology, psychology career in India and all are the courses to become a psychologist in 2022. psychology is a great career one can go for. According to the statistics, 59.4% of people are suffering from mental health issues like depression, anxiety, stress, etc. So, this field has a very great scope. I know just like every other child even you feel psychology is your thing. As psychology is something full of interest. Let us know about psychology and psychology scope in India. To choose something as a career it is very very important for one to know each aspect of that field.

What is The Science of Psychology?

Psychology is the science of human behavior. It is impossible to understand this science without an open mind and broad perspective in general or otherwise. This question lurks in every corner of the room why is psychology should be focussed upon Without the science of psychology, the human brain and behavior can’t be understood. As the topics like mental health and depression are gaining focus, we need to focus on human psychology. If you are interested in applied psychology then Applied psychology careers in India are also very wide. You can completely select this subject as psychology career options in India are very good. Stay tuned with us till the end to know how to become a psychologist after 12th and different courses to become a psychologist.


Psychology - As a Career

Psychology career options in India, in which a full-time career is being opted for by many students. It has become easier for people to opt for this path as a career and as a result, you can also see a lot of female psychologists around you who are excelling in this field. It is highly paid and is a very rewarding field of study. There is a lot of psychology scope in India. Both scope of clinical psychology in India and applied psychology careers in India are growing. Keeping in mind financial wellness and stability into consideration, there are a plethora of career options in the field of psychology. Aspirants can take up specialization in any one of the branches of psychology when they study for a master's in psychology. In Master's, you have to choose a particular branch to specialize in and then practice it. 

So, psychology career options in India are not limited so, you can go for it best if you have an interest in learning about the mind and human behavior.

Top Psychology Career Options in India

Now, we are going to answer psychology career in India. The scope of clinical psychology in India is wide, as previously mentioned, psychology is a great career choice and there are various counseling jobs/psychology jobs in India available for one. Let us now know about a few top psychology Career Options in India. They are as follows-


1. Psychiatrist

A Psychiatrist is one of the highly paid psychologists. A psychiatrist has to play a very very important role in dealing with the diagnoses according to the evaluations done and they need to check whether their patients have got proper medications. A psychiatrist is the one who deals with the mental health problems at the very last stage. So, being a psychiatrist is a very crucial duty. A psychiatrist is also very well known for a few types of counseling or therapy and one of them is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

2. Clinical Psychologist

Clinical psychology is one of the branches of psychology and aspirants can do specialization in clinical psychology. It is one of the most common branches of psychology. Clinical psychologists work in treating individuals who are suffering from any distress or mental illness. They diagnose and treat individuals in cases of abuse, mental health, trauma, and many more. A Clinical psychologist is considered to be one of the most popular psychologists in the complete field of psychology, and apart from being popular it also provides you with a number of jobs that are very highly paid. And it is estimated that on average a clinical psychologist makes an average of ₹355,326 per year. Let me tell you, the scope of clinical psychology in India is growing day by day.

3. Neuropsychologist

Neuro means brain. So, a neuropsychologist is a field of professionals who deals in detail with the psychological problems of the brain. Neuropsychology deals with the human brain and its relation to human cognitive and behavioral developments. The neuropsychologists in this branch try to understand ailments of the brain or any brain injury. The work involves helping the patients with rehabilitation and also dealing with memory loss that often occurs after any brain damage.  Overall it is a rewarding career, not only in financial terms but it also gives a feeling of satisfaction. neuropsychologists are one of the highest-paid psychologists.


4. Career Counsellor/Psychologist

This field of psychology is growing up so fast day by day. Entering the teaching field is also a great option for psychologists. They usually end up in the line of teaching after graduation or masters according to their interests. These psychologists move toward academics and become lecturers in universities and colleges. They guide students in the subject of psychology and even conduct research programs and published books on various psychological topics. Today, in every school/ college a counselor or psychologist is appointed to give proper guidelines and help them to decide what to choose as a  career. There are different courses to become a psychologist.

5. Counselling Psychologist

The branch of psychology that deals with giving counseling or therapy sessions to patients who find themselves in emotional distress, and suffering from mental trauma are called counseling psychology. Counseling psychologists also give online counseling sessions for career development, better relationships, and many more. Counseling Psychologists are the ones who have expertise in dealing with people and their mental problems. They also provide necessary solutions to their patients and come out of their problems immediately. These psychologists have private personal practices as well as online counseling services where a counseling psychologist can make an average salary of ₹362,758 per year. With today's ever-evolving digitization you can also do online psychology internships in India.


6. Child Psychologist

Child psychology is very similar to clinical psychology and child psychologists work the same as any other clinical psychologist. The difference is that they specialize in assessing the children. The child psychologist analyses if the child is having any mental illness and focuses on their cognitive and behavioral development. They deal with things like emotions, feelings, perceiving things, motivations, language learning, and communication, and check whether the individual has fully developed a cognitive mind or not. As the name indicates this type of psychologist deals with children. There are various problems children have to face in their day-to-day life and sometimes the parents don't know how to deal with these problems and help their child come out of them.

A child Psychologist is the one who knows how to deal with children and help them to overcome the issues they are facing in their day-to-day life. The scope for psychology in India especially in child psychology is the best.

Course to Become Psychologist in 2022

Let us now know about the course on how to become a psychologist and how to become a psychologist after the 12th.

1. Certificate Courses in Psychology

There are various certificate courses available for candidates who are aspiring to make their career in the field of psychology. Many online platforms like Udemy are offering these courses. The certificate courses give a golden opportunity to study with top educators. Students can opt for various specialized courses in Psychology like Applied Psychology, Memory and Cognition, Psychology-Biology and Behaviour, etc. It increases your scope for psychology in India.


2. B.Sc. Psychology

It is a three-year course done at the graduation level. Students after passing their class twelfth examination can take up B.Sc. in college. psychology career in India is also good.


Psychology is the fastest-growing career and the scope for psychology in India is not limited. Both clinical and applied psychology careers in India are good. There are so many possible job opportunities for Psychology students like  Clinical psychologists, Social psychologists, Industrial or Organisational Psychologists, Foren Psychologistsgist, Health psychologists St. Being a psychologist you can even Practice your career online on various sites like My fit brain. This is One of the most popular online counseling platforms.

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