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Have You Ever Really Wanted To Understand What Relationship Is?

My Fit Brain - have you ever really wanted to understand what relationship is? Read this blog.

Dr. Neha Mehta Marriage & Relationship 16 Sep 2020
what is relationship
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The relationship is a connection between two people or groups and the way they feel and behave towards each other. We are human beings and usually live in a society and we care about each other. Thus we make many kinds of relationships in life. Truth is one of the most important things in a relationship and it is really the foundation of the entire union. It is important to know how to build that strong secure bond with your partner.

There are four types of relationships which we usually experience in life. The four types of relationships are

  •  Family relationships
  •  Friendships
  •  Acquaintanceships
  •  Romantic relationships

Family Relationships:


It is our family, or relatives are the people through whom we are connected to some form of kinship, whether through blood (such as with parents, brothers, and sisters), marriage, romantic relationships (such as a girlfriend or boyfriend), or adoption.

The family includes siblings and parents and other relatives such as cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents. There are many types of the family such as nuclear family, joint family, stepfamily, etc. People should build a strong relationship with their families and be able to believe in them and discuss personal things. Bonding with the family can play a very important role in individual wellbeing and the ability to form other types of relationships outside the family unit such as friendships and romantic relationships. 


two girls laying down a car

Friends are people with whom we are not related but choose to interact, trust, respect, and want to spend time together. A good friendship is built on honesty, support, and loyalty.

You find that you may feel more comfortable and capable of friends you know for a long time or who spend more time with. There is no limit of friends to have and everyone has a different number of friends. Some people have many friends, while others have only one or two friends. 

Good friends are mutually supportive and respectful and share general interests and ideas.


Acquaintances are those who are not friends or relatives, but you may encounter regularly. 

It is important to be polite and respectful to acquaintances having a harmonious relationship with the people around you, such as work colleagues, college people, neighbours, etc. is an important way to avoid conflict or stress. In some cases, relationships that begin as acquaintances can develop into friendships over time because you get to know the person better and see them more often.

Romantic Relationships:

a couple enjoying the day, girl is laying down and boy is taking care of her

A romantic relationship is one in which you feel very strongly attracted to the other person, both to the personality and physically. People will see each other very often in romantic relationships and when they are often in contact, for example by phone. Some people live together in romantic relationships. 

This is the closest form of relationship in which they feel a strong connection and bond with each other that they don't feel with anyone else.



What is the relationship all about?

When an infant is born, he begins to communicate with the one who takes care of him and gives him food. When an infant is born, he begins to communicate with the one who takes care of him and gives him food. This is the first connection an infant makes and gradually he starts communicating with others according to his relationship.

It is all to feel, love, feel each other's warmth, and help us socialize. So the relationship teaches us how to love and how to care about ourselves and the feelings of others. 


Relationships can be of varying duration. Some relationships live for many years and some live for a short time. The relationships change over time and sometimes depend on your culture, belief system, and place. 

The exact rules and values of a relationship vary from person to person and relationship to relationship, but respect, trust, and honesty are the main foundations of a relationship.

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