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Professional school counsellors serve a vital role in maximizing student achievement. Incorporating leadership, advocacy and collaboration, professional school counsellors promote equity and access to opportunities and rigorous educational experiences for all students.

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Role of a School Counselor

School life is an important part of our life where along with mental development, our personality also develops. The same kind of personality is formed when the seeds that are sown in school growing up, but due to the increasing influence of technology, many children are going to waste themselves inadvertently. 

Along with the effects of the same technology, there are many other problems that school-going children face. There is a significant role of a school counselor in a student's life because sometimes it happens that the parents of the child are not very educated, so they do not understand whether the child is going in the right line or not. Sometimes the parents do not have the knowledge and the child chooses such a line of their own, which is difficult to carry along for a lifetime.  

So in the school's important decisions, you can take the help of a counselor, especially after the students will have their higher studies completed, the school counselor will tell you exactly what the child should do next.

Now I am going to tell you about the Benefits of a School Counselor. 

What are the benefits of a school counselor and counseling program?

benefits of a school counselor

In today's time, taking the help of a school counselor after high school education is the right decision for your child’s future, because if we talk about career today, then there are so many choices before children that the child starts getting confused, Some people recommend them to take art, some commerce, some medicine and much more.

So if you want to avoid these confusions then you can take the help of a School Counselor. Here are some benefits of School Counselor:

Preparing for a better future:

The biggest advantage of career counseling is that you can prepare for a better future for the child. Every parent dreams that his child will later become a superior officer. He got a good job. He earns a lot of money and his life is filled with happiness. But all this is not so easy.

Parents understand children's interests:

Some parents are such that they do not want their children. They think that their child will become what they want. And some parents put their dreams on their children. They want to teach the child according to their wish. Some parents think from the birth of children, they will make their children engineers, doctors, teachers, scientists. This thinking is not correct. If You are a parent then You have to understand your Child's Interests.

Get the chance to choose the right stream:

Children should get the opportunity to study as per their interest. Sometimes, It happens that a child does not know about his/her interest, with the help of a counselor he will get to know what he/she wants to become. By doing some tests, it can be found out in which subject the child is interested.

Choosing the right course for many courses:

This is the best benefit of a School counselor that you will never become confused about the child's Career. Nowadays there are hundreds of courses like MBA, Hotel, Management, B.Tech, Medical, B.Ad, D.L.Ed., ITI, Polytechnic. But it is difficult to choose the right one among them. Hence the help of a counselor is taken.

They Can Easily face the Competition:

If the child finds out his/her interest, then the child will be able to face competition in the future. You must also know that today there are fewer jobs in the country, but there are lakhs and crores of people who apply. In this time of hard competition and struggling life, it is not easy to get a government job. Candidates from any graduate degree to higher education like B Tech apply for any small job.

Market trends information:

The great advantage of counseling is that it provides information about market trends. Many students take courses that do not get any job even after doing it. Students keep wandering here and there. They also spend their money. Even then there is no benefit. Counselors advise your child to take a course that benefits from doing so. They will suggest If you are purchasing the wrong course which has no benefit.

What does a school counselor do?

What does a school counselor do

The school counsellor guides the child according to his study level in the future. If you take your child to seek the help of the counselor, then he will be responsible in future for his study decisions.

Along with the child, the counsellor also helps the parents and the teacher, guiding them on how you should treat the child's study. A school counsellor keeps an eye on the changes in everyday trends related to technology, so he has more knowledge than parents or any teacher. So, there is no risk with your child’s future.

What is the role of a counselor?

If you want to take the help of a school counsellor, then the counselor should be such that he should be able to take all these responsibilities:

  • Helping the school staff, the children's classroom, managing behavior, and improving.
  • Personal counselling to every student in case of personal/social/academic problems.
  • Identifying the shortcomings, strengths, and abilities of the student and then giving him career guidance.
  • Understanding violence in school and society and explaining it to children.
  • Understanding and dealing with the special needs of children.

The Importance of the School Counselor

For any Child, Parents or School, a School/Career counsellor should be as important as a principal. Nowadays, Youngsters and Teenagers start taking study as burdens at a small age, due to which their future will be full of stress. And to give stress in everyone's life, their relatives are definitely there, it is not easy for any child to attend a family function.

Comments related to the study of family, friends or relatives make the child demotivated and sometimes the child becomes a victim of depression, stress, anxiety.

All these limits also increase that the child is forced to attempts suicide.

School counselors help students completely and create such an environment around the child that the child is always motivated and at the same time his mindset is positive.

Last Words: A school counsellor has to bear a lot of responses so he understands his responsibilities. At the same time, the school counselor depends on a decision, how the future of many children is dependent, our society is not alert about the work of the school counselor, so people neither understand their work. I hope You will understand the role of a School Counselor in students, parents, and teacher’s life by this Article. Everyone is willing to change others, but counseling means changing oneself. You can consult our School Counselor, by booking an online appointment at myfitbrain.in Feel free to contact us.

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