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School Life Problems | Child Psychologist | My Fit Brain

Does your child's performance degraded? School problems can show up as poor academic performance, lack of motivation for school, loss of interest in schoolwork, or poor relationships with peers or teachers. A good relationship with your child’s school and teachers can help you head off problems. Meet our Experts.

Isha Sokhal Child Behaviour 16 Jan 2018
School Life Problems | Child Psychologist | My Fit Brain
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When we were in school, we always had a problem with our school life, but when we passed out, We still miss those days. Some children love school a lot but some children are the opposite.

In this post, we will only talk about the Problems in school faced by teenagers. Now I am going to tell you about Common signs of School Problems.

Common Signs When Teenagers face School Life Problems 

Going to school can cause a lot of problems for some teenagers, such as if a child is of shy type, then if something is going wrong in the school with him, he will not share with you. By wrong I mean that sometimes the teacher gets very strict with a child but you don't know anything about it and inside there is a kind of fear in the child's mind.

Some common signs that children do before going to school:

Some common signs that children do before going to school

  • Whenever it is time to go to school, then your child starts making excuses and he/she can bunk school without parents' permission.
  • If there is someone talking about school in the house at any time, then the child starts ignoring them or if anyone asks related to the school, he/she can feel uncomfortable.
  • Sometimes it seems that the child does not have an interest in the regular activities of the school and his/her school friends are also not special.
  • He/She does not have much interest in completing daily homework they get, and it is possible that the teacher may also be able to get a Complain because of his behavior.
  • Even fewer marks are available than before. 

If you ever feel that one of these signs is showing in your child, then you should talk about it with him. And he should also understand with love so that the fear of his mind is over.

Causes of school problems with Teenagers:

There can be a lot of reasons for school life problems with teenagers, mostly these problems start only after the 9th class,

There can be different reasons behind it, which we can divide into 2 parts, personal reasons and school reasons.

Heavy Workload: Well, It is possible that if the workload is too high due to the work of the child, then the child may come to stress due to this, if we talk about school days, then the workload starts to burden the child and distracts from the study because of too much pressure. 

Upcoming tests: Due to the tests that are conducted on a regular basis in the school, the child can also fear the test, because sometimes the teacher gives more punishments to the students who have failed the test, due to which the fear of the test in the mind of the children is disturbed. 

Too much Homework: In today's time, so much Burden is put on the child in the school life itself, as much Burden of HomeWork, and if Next Day HomeWork is not completed then Burden of its Punishment. 

Poor Sleep Schedule: You also have to keep in mind that even if your child is not able to sleep properly, he/she may have problems in school. In school life, the child is required to sleep for 8 to 10 hours so that the child will feel fresh in school and will be able to feel good in his study. 

Participating in Class: It can be difficult for a lot of children to perform in class or participate in any function. because they feel afraid of performing in front of their classmates, They feel that if they get stuck while speaking or say something wrong, then everyone will laugh at them and make fun of them.

Lack of Support: As a parent, you must know that the child needs support in his/her life, if the child does not get that support, then he/she starts feeling weak. Maybe he should not be able to get the teacher's support in the school, because of this, the child can get stressed. 

Too little “downtime”: Sometimes the burden of studies on the child is so much that's why the conscious mind becomes busy and does not find time to be free. If any person is busier in his work then his/her Stress will increase day by day.

Getting help with school problems

Getting help with school problems

If you feel that your child is disturbed for a few days, then you should help him/her, maybe there is a personal reason. Until you do not talk, they will not be able to share with you.

It is possible that your children feel a bit scared from School or make different excuses before going to school, then you should either sit near them and talk with love or if he does not tell you then you should go to school and talk with them a teacher.

Why is it important to pick up school problems early?

Well, If there is a problem with your child in school life, then it is very important for a parent to recognize it quickly.

If that problem is not solved in the beginning, then it can become a problem for your child till lifetime, because it may be that he does not want to study more or skip his school life. School problems can easily spoil their future, then they will always feel that School life is very critical for them, due to which they can have a problem in the future.

But if his school problem gets solved with time, then the child slowly understands that studying is better for his future, so understanding school life problems on time are very important for you.

Children with special needs

It is not necessary that the problem starts only after entering everyone in School life, there are some children who are a little emotional and mentally weak from childhood, they need special treatment. It means that some children who have problems with anxiety, Chronicle illness or aggressive behavior, have more difficulty adjusting to school life. You need to talk with their teachers and Principal before their admissions. 

Some children miss their school life due to these problems, but when they return to school after recovering a bit, they feel even more anxious, they start thinking about what everyone will be thinking about them. For example, if I talk about our normal life, when we go to our jobs after a long time, then how we feel.

Therefore, it is important to understand parents as well as teachers, only then will those children get moral support.

Final Words:

If your child is facing too much of a problem, then you can take the help of the child counselor as they recognize the psychology of the children well, so the counselor will be able to treat them well. In the teenage, they need more support from parents.

First of all, you need to build a strong relationship with your children. If you become friends with your children from childhood, you will not have to face many problems in the future.

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